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Shipping containers become efficient urban farms in Brooklyn

Each container packs two acres worth of farmland in under 320 square feet, producing crops ranging from lettuce to tuscan kale.


The making of magical gold mirrors

Brooklyn-based Callidus Guild turns regular glass into alluring design objets.


See the stunning transformation of a 150-year-old Brooklyn warehouse

A coffee warehouse in Dumbo that was abandoned for 60 years has been transformed into 500,000 square feet of commercial space with stunning views over the East River.

Why urban green roofs aren't just pretty gardens

In the latest installment of Engineered Nature, Karrie Jacobs explores the world's largest rooftop farms in Brooklyn and Chicago and discovers the place where high tech strategies and mother nature meet.


Inside the incredible restoration of the Loew’s Kings Theatre

Abandoned for 40 years, the historic Brooklyn theater got a new lease on life thanks to a $94 million restoration.

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How a Brooklyn Venue Rewrote the Rules for Concert Halls

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Renovation Turns Sad Townhouse Into Charming Family Home

Communal Living is Having a Moment in, Where Else, Brooklyn

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Pixelated Panels Sheath Spacious New Student Film Center