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Business of Design

The remaking of Restoration Hardware

In the age of e-commerce, RH brands itself with high-end retail spaces and a membership program.

On-demand warehouses power today’s hip consumer brands

Flexe, the Airbnb of warehouses, is a logistics link for Casper, Hims, and other digitally native, direct-to-consumer companies.

Design your dream home with a new platform that spits out accurate blueprints

Higharc hopes to make custom homes more accessible

New outdoor furniture startup wants to turn your backyard into a showroom

Outer combines the comfortable, stylish, and utilitarian product with a more socially savvy marketing program.

Ikea’s jumping into furniture rentals. Here’s what that might look like

Using furniture rental startup Feather as a proxy shows the premium you pay for flexibility.

Flatpack sofa brands face uphill climb to direct-to-consumer glory

Direct-to-consumer businesses have upended the status quo, but the path for furniture brands is less clear

Can indie design brands thrive in today’s volatile market?

West Elm’s "exclusive retailer" deal with the young design brand Good Thing reflects the realities of an increasingly competitive industry.

The rise of the direct-to-consumer home

The past year, one of the biggest interiors trends wasn’t a color or material—it was a business model.

Kitchenware startups targeting millennial home cooks

Focused on customers "moving from house parties to dinner parties"