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Pair of prefab homes ‘intertwine’ on a single lot

The project is a handsome exercise in bringing a bit more density to tight urban lots.

This modern home is all clean lines and neutrals

This house in Toronto is 8,657 square feet of clean, neutral-loving style.

All-white cabin blends into snowy landscape

Covering a modest 1,200 square feet, the cabin employs a simple layout and palette of materials to keep costs down.

The midcentury home Drake demolished to build his Toronto mansion

The razed house was a 1963 design from a pioneering modernist.

Simple modern home is all about the river views

With cleans lines, white walls, and relatively neutral furnishings throughout, the home does little to take away from its natural surroundings.

Home renovation puts dramatic sage green staircase center stage

The soothing steel structure cuts through the center of the house, stretching all the way up to a skylight.

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Sleek charred wood cabin puts a twist on the A-frame

The inside is entirely clad in plywood, which contrasts with black accents throughout.

Renovated townhouse makes a crisp statement

This revamped Victorian townhouse features a minimal but sophisticated interior that’s all about clean lines and controlled pops of color.

Two modern homes cleverly packed into one narrow lot

The split-level layout manages to create both moments of intimacy and openness.

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Coastal home balances modern and vernacular style

The architects wanted to build the family vacation home in the style of classic Nova Scotian architecture—simple form, gabled roof—but add some modernity with the materials.

Modern loft-style apartments built atop a dentist’s office

The apartments feature huge skylights inside, plus expansive floor-to-ceiling windows toward the rear.

Pharrell Williams is designing buildings now

For the last year, the musician has been working with Canadian developers and architects to plan two new residential towers in Toronto called Untitled.

100-square-foot tiny house designed for indoor-outdoor living

The design effectively doubles the cabin’s livable space with four deck areas.

‘Maker dorm’ in Toronto to offer housing, high-tech manufacturing in same building

A new development under construction in Toronto aims to bring both rental housing and jobs to the city’s growing tech industry.

Here is Sidewalk Labs’s big plan for Toronto’s waterfront

The $1.3 billion development is being billed as "the most innovative district in the entire world."

Cozy compact cabin remixes the classic A-frame

The cedar-clad home has an irregular "A" shape that’s more right triangle than isosceles.

Super modern ski chalet is a wintertime dream

The home’s monochromatic palette is intended to contrast against the green trees and white snow that surround it.

Moshe Safdie’s own unit in Habitat 67 completes renovation

Walls were painted, pale wood floors restored, and the bathroom and kitchen were given a facelift that’s faithful to the architect’s original minimalist specifications.

You can rent these modern geodesic domes nestled in a forest

Each of the domes sits on a wooden terrace equipped with a hot tub and a shed full of wood pre-chopped (obviously) for the indoor fireplace.

Chic black chalet does cabin in the woods right

The prefab cabin is nestled into the woods and takes full advantage of its picturesque surroundings with large windows and a generous deck.

Pale cedar cabin is proof not all facades must be charred

We love a charred timber facade as much as the next person, but let’s just take minute to admire its polar opposite: a beautifully pristine lake house built from pale cedar.

Stunning vacation home blends modern and traditional style

Sometimes you get the best of both worlds.

Gorgeous modern cabin offers airy perch above lake

The stark exterior architecture and cozy, bright interior give it a perfect balance of beauty and practicality.

How a mid-sized Canadian city became the envy of urban planners

Canada’s smartest city isn’t Sidewalk Toronto.

The progressive potential of kid-friendly urban design

For cities seeking to hang on to their young families, Toronto’s new kid-friendly guidelines are an example to keep an eye on.

Sidewalk Labs chooses Toronto for its high-tech urban district 

Announcement burnishes Canadian city’s reputation as growing tech hub

In the Trump era, are Canadian cities poised for success?

The country’s tech scene is in the spotlight, but its urban policy may be key to future success