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This courtyard house does indoor-outdoor living in 473 square feet

The renovated space is a sanctuary from the bustle of Beijing.

Striking terraced house was made for family gatherings

The home embraces the landscape’s natural incline with a layout that steps upward in wide terraces.

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Meditate on this minimalist home converted from a factory

In this serene home belonging to a woodwork enthusiast, it’s all about the subtle mixing of materials.

Bright renovated apartment is all about yellow

How much yellow is too much yellow? According to this Beijing apartment, there’s no such thing.

These A-frame cabins were built with help from kids

The cluster of buildings collectively known as Wiki Tribe embraces DIY architecture as a mode of education and recreation.

Minimalist pastry shop lures you in with curved tile facade

The striking storefront belies a softer dining space tucked inside.

Renovated apartment places multifunctional cube front and center

The 430-square-foot pad puts a bespoke spin on making the most of available space.

Pastel pink coffee shop is designed to be picture perfect

This coffee shop in Beijing is arranged into "moments" that highlight the ritual of drinking coffee.

Zaha Hadid Architects’ new tower shows off world’s tallest atrium

Though the tower’s glassy exterior is plenty dramatic, the real show goes on inside, where an atrium rises over 630 feet high.

Trippy wooden library is like a jungle gym of books

Though the space serves as a library, coffee shop, and cultural hub, its design is focused squarely on the books.

Zaha Hadid Architects’ trippy new Beijing airport is now open

Located 28 miles outside city center, the gleaming new airport was designed with an eye to expansion.

This pastel wonderland is actually a school

The Blossom School is full of whimsical yet on-trend details like curved walls, terrazzo, and soft, round shapes.

This apartment combines modern and tropical vibes

From the geometric stairway to a rattan-filled laundry room, this photo-ready home that balances two distinct styles with ease.

Apartment balcony transformed into a magical Japanese teahouse

Most city dwellers would give and arm and a leg for outdoor space, but not this Beijing couple.

Multigenerational modern home turns wheelchair ramp into a design feature

This house is a great example of how a need for accessibility becomes embedded in the overall design of the residence.

This glowing pink restaurant is an op-art treat

The sushi eatery is a rosy dreamworld filled with pink translucent walls, glowing floors, and cherry blossom decals.

Muji hotel in Tokyo is now taking reservations

Guests can expect plenty of the pared-back aesthetic Muji is known for, including rooms decked out in Muji furniture and accessories.

Curvy 3D-printed concrete bridge debuts in Shanghai

The swooping form was printed in parts by two robotic arms over the course of 450 hours.

Adorable electric car starts under $10K

Ora R1 has a gently curved steel frame and big-eyed headlights that make it look straight out of a Pixar film.

Prefab ‘plug-in houses’ help revitalize dilapidated buildings

These low-cost housing modules make centuries-old structures habitable again without demolition.

Otherworldly new museum is built into a sand dune

Built into the side of a sand dune on a quiet beach, the contemporary art museum is quite literally part of the landscape.

Shanghai luxury hotel is built inside an abandoned quarry

Of the hotel’s 18 floors, just two sit above ground with the rest descending 290 feet below.

These hotel rooms look like trippy M.C. Escher drawings

Studio 10 designed two rooms—"Maze" and "Dream"— for The Other Place hotel in Guilin, China, and they’re a fantastical reimagining of Escher’s work.

Feast your eyes on this next-level indoor park

Built in the atrium of a mall in Hangzhou, China, the Neobio Family Park makes the teeter-totters and merry-go-rounds of the past feel like ancient toys.

Undulating bamboo house looks like it’s wearing a hat

Sometimes a home is a treehouse in spirit, if not exactly in form. Such is the case with this compact mountain dwelling in China.

Drones will help restore the Great Wall of China

Intel is using drones to identify which sections need to be prioritized for restoration.

Traditional courtyard house gets a modern update

The three-bedroom home centers around the gray brick courtyard whose stepped paths lead to a pond.

These prefab ‘boat rooms’ are the ultimate aquatic retreat

Comprising prefabricated elements assembled on site, the 540-square-foot rooms are made from wood and have an arched shape that’s reminiscent of a boat’s bow.

Incredible sea of nets lets you walk among tree branches

The white nets stretch from tree to tree like spider webs, allowing people to play among the tree branches without fear of falling.

Modern city apartment dazzles with colors and curves

The Shanghai show apartment is divided into zones by way of built-ins and clever use of textures like boldly colored geometric rugs.

This tiny apartment was designed for two people, 51 cats

Chinese firm FANAF Architects transformed the 330-square-foot living space for a reality TV show.

Micro apartment for family of 3 doubles as ceramics gallery

Design firm Sim-plex turned the 324-square-foot space into an efficient home with plenty of built-ins.

What that ultra-Instagrammable library in China is really like

A new video tour offers an on-the-ground view of MVRDV’s out-of-this-world design.

Is this the most Instagrammable small apartment ever?

Blush pink walls. Brass mirrored surfaces. Pastel-colored furniture. It’s all delightfully on-trend.

This is the swankiest gym we’ve ever seen

From the outside, you might think it’s an upscale restaurant or modern shrine.

Serpentine Pavilion program gets a Beijing outpost

It’s the first satellite location for the renowned pop-up architecture program in London.

China unveils world’s largest air purifier

In the northwestern Chinese city of Xi’an, the government has built a 328-foot-tall air purifier to help combat air pollution in the area.

Cantilevered concrete and wood lookout frames astounding views

A breathtaking "stage" for admiring the landscape, the striking building can also host meetings, exhibitions, and workshops.

Brilliant renovation fits three generations in 484 square feet

The traditional Beijing courtyard house was completely overhauled into a modern multigenerational home.