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Tiny apartment converted from concrete pipe looks surprisingly nice

Hong Kong architect James Law has an unusual solution for the city’s affordable housing shortage: Converted old water pipes.

Shenzhen now has an all-electric bus fleet

The Chinese city just became the world’s first megacity to electrify its entire bus fleet with over 16,000 electric buses.

Playful modern home created in traditional ‘40s Shanghai house

The overhaul brought in a modular display wall, perforated metal staircase, and playful rear courtyard.

Prefab cultural center comes with tiny detachable ‘Tricycle Houses’

The whole structure was built in just three months.

New Wes Anderson-inspired cafe is peak ‘Instagrammable’  

This new cafe in Chengdu, China, has all of 2017’s design trends in one place.

Traditional Beijing courtyard becomes adorable blue playground

The installation for Beijing Design Week blends personal and public space to encourage interaction between locals and visitors.

An old sugar mill is transformed into a dramatic concrete hotel

Vector Architects has created another enchanting property, this time by converting an old sugar mill in the mountainous region of Yangshuo County, China.

Fantastic indoor park will bring out your inner child

There are five distinct spaces within, all of which are decorated in vibrant hues, patterns, and shapes.

This giant crab will be a Chinese ecology center

China’s latest bonkers building is an enormous crab on the shore of Yangcheng Lake in the Jiangsu Province.

Striking Zaha Hadid building houses a stunning Muay Thai studio to match

The high-design martial arts space is defined by Hadid’s architecture.

Part train, part bus, China’s “rail bus” makes test run

Developed by Beijing-based supplier and manufacturer CCRC, it uses a system of sensors to guide itself along road markings instead of on a track or attached to a cable.

Out-of-this-world library features undulating bookshelves

Rotterdam-based firm MVRDV has unveiled a massive library with out-of-this world glowing, undulating interiors in the Binhai district in Tianjin, China.

Cool working space converted from former hot spring pool

The sunken space where bathers once reveled in a hot spring is now an open communal coworking room.

Already terrifying glass walkway in China adds in glass-cracking special effect

The East Taiheng Glasswalk offers a safe thrill and a great view up until the end.

This modular tiny house is controlled via smart TV

The Beijing home is a modern take on the traditional Chinese hutong.

China unleashes world’s fastest bullet train

It operates at an average speed of 217 mph and can take you from Beijing to Shanghai in four and a half hours.

Striking skyscrapers inspired by mountains and stones rise in Beijing

Does these buildings look like a landscape painting? They were inspired by peaks, valleys, and river stones.

Sleek Shanghai apartment lined with floor-to-ceiling bookshelves

For this sleek apartment in Shanghai, bookshelves line much of the walls, making the entire home feel like a study.

Minimalist ‘tiny houses’ fill up modern Beijing hostel

The compact wooden-framed structures look like enormous birdhouses, or something Muji might cook up for temporary accommodations.

This giant panda? It’s a solar farm in China

China is building panda-shaped solar farms to promote green energy to youth.

Tour a mind-blowing Minecraft replica of Forbidden City

The incredible two-year virtual construction project was led by a 22-year old aspiring architect and covers a grid of 100 million blocks.

Chinese self-driving train runs along painted lines instead of a track

ART—developed by a rail company in the central Chinese city of Zhuzhou, CRRC—can reach speeds of up to 43 miles per hour and accommodates up to 500 riders.

This museum looks like a cross between Soviet ruin and Bond villain lair

Or the lost collaboration of Antoni Gaudí and M.C. Escher. Just what is going here?

World’s largest floating solar farm begins operation in China

For years, the land near Huainan, China, was mined for coal, generating electricity and air pollution. But today, the mining lands are home to a new energy-producing operation: The world’s largest floating solar farm.

Watch the crazy-fast growth of China’s metro systems

These animations show how the country went from having just three metro systems to over 40 in the last 30 years.

World’s largest spokeless Ferris wheel opens in China

Each of the wheel’s 36 carriages can carry up to 10 people and are outfitted with Wi-Fi and television sets.

These smog-sucking bikes clear the air while you cycle

The same air-obsessed Dutch designer who brought a giant smog-sucking tower to Beijing is now designing smaller, more personal smog-sucking devices: Bikes.

Concrete barrel roof creates space and views for seaside house 

Concrete residential architecture soars to new heights in this renovation completed by Beijing-based Vector Architects.

Inside a concrete Buddhist shrine carved into a hill

The concrete program appears to have been carved from a hilly site and is arranged around mature trees found there.

Chinese chapel appears to float above a brick wall

The chapel comprises a wraparound entrance formed by dark gray brick walls arranged like a hedge maze, which leads visitors through the program until they reach the white cube.

Prefab ‘treehouse’ retreat lets you sleep among the mountains

Designed as a tranquil getaway for couples, the structure is raised high up into the treetops, appearing to float right in their midst.

Bamboo biennial explores material's beauty and versatility in design

In newly released photographs, French lensmith Julien Lanoo captures the beauty and versatility of bamboo as it was explored in the inaugural bamboo biennial in 2016.

70 percent of millennials in China own their homes, study finds

A new study surveying over 9,000 people in nine countries finds out where the dream of homeownership is alive for millennials, and where it is deferred.

Striking zig-zag roof tops modern community space in rural China

Though largely inspired by vernacular architecture, the building incorporates modern techniques like a prefab steel skeleton, allowing the interior to be open and column-free.

Why China is building a brand-new city bigger than NYC

For environmental reasons. No, seriously.

This tiny concrete hostel nestles into a historic alley in Beijing

Rooms have floor-to-ceiling windows and protrude into the courtyard at varying angles that optimize light and space, both inside and outside.

NYC subway

By the numbers: the world’s largest subways

Which cities have the oldest, longest, and busiest metro systems?

Spiraling ‘treehouse’ offers 360-degree mountain views

The view from every room is different and the roof of one space easily becomes a balcony adjacent to another space.

Architect builds giant wind-turbine-temple for Shaolin monks

That’s right: The Shaolin Flying Monks Temple in Henan, China, enables the monks to fight in midair.