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Opening schoolyards to the public after hours boosts park access, says study

The real reason there aren’t more kids in cities

It’s not easy to raise a family in a big American city. But it’s not any easier anywhere else in this country either.

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Coming of age in cohousing

Growing up communally brings exposure to the world of adults—and lessons in interdependence.

Kids in the city

New Lego kit builds a working 3-foot wind turbine

Lego partnered with the renewable energy company Vestas to release a kit for constructing a three-foot working wind turbine.

Stunning $465M park set to transform Tulsa’s riverfront

Set to open on September 8, the Gathering Place is a 66-acre dreamscape of whimsical fun.

10 design-forward kindergartens around the world

Kids today have it good, especially if they get to attend a school with inspiring architecture.

How playground design can build a more inclusive city

Nearly one in five people have a disability in the U.S., yet most playgrounds aren’t built to accommodate them.

Architect’s tiny studio doubles as a hangout for his daughter

Replacing an old tool shed, the 80-square-foot space is set down a wooded path away from the main house.

6 marvelous architectural toys and accessories

From blocks to stamps, these architecture-inspired goods are fun and possibly even useful.

Why do young parents move away? Our cities aren’t designed for kids

Families need right-sized housing, accessible parks, and affordable childcare

Studio Ghibli, maker of ‘Spirited Away’, reveals plans for amusement park

Studio Ghibli, the Japanese animation studio best known for films like Spirited Away and My Neighbor Totoro, just released renderings of its new theme park slated to open in 2022.

Watch toddlers take on city streets in new film series

What happens when kids get to explore cities on their own terms?

Where to buy modern kids’ furniture right now 

We’ve rounded up some of our favorite picks, covering everything from storage and seating to beds and rugs.

The 17 best kids’ books about design and cities

Some of this year’s best books are about famous architects—here’s looking at you, Zaha Hadid—some are about cities, and some are simply about what it means to be home.

The unsupervised kids of 'Stranger Things' would be a nightmare for today's parents

These days, only kids in movies are free to explore.

Construction-themed amusement park is an aspiring builders' dream

Heavy machinery—think excavators, dump trucks, asphalt rollers, and skid-steers—is usually off limits to children, but not at a 14-acre New Jersey attraction.

The 16 best kids' books about design and cities

These new titles will visually delight while teaching kids how to become the next generation of smart thinkers, inventive creators, and model citizens.

Nursery design 101: Tips for creating a kid's room

Aaron Christensen has been creating fun and immersive interiors for children for 20 years. Here are his top five tips for designing a creative space that works for both you and your kid.

The unsupervised kids of 'Stranger Things' would be a nightmare for today's parents

Beyond Trapper Keepers and boomboxes, the show has tapped into a very specific type of nostalgia—leaving viewers reminiscing about a time when kids roamed their neighborhoods on bikes, by themselves, for better or for worse.