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Covering Climate Now

Covering Climate Now

Covering Climate Now is a global collaboration of more than 300 news outlets bringing attention to the climate crisis. See more on Twitter at #coveringclimatenow.

101 ways to fight climate change

Earth Day 2020 is going digital. Despite the novel coronavirus, it’s still possible to join the fight against climate change—even if you have to start at home.

As sea level rises, Miami neighborhoods feel rising tide of gentrification

Is development in Little Haiti, future home of a $1 billion innovation district, fueled by a changing climate?

Why some cities are targeting gas stoves to fight climate change

Why building electrification, and removing gas from new and retrofitted homes, has become a movement.

In the supertall era, is the sustainable skyscraper a myth?

The prolific pace of skyscraper construction comes as architects and advocates are increasingly concerned about sustainability.

These maps show how the Green New Deal will look different across America

The 2100 Project shows the urgency of combating climate change for communities across the U.S.

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NYC buildings will soon display letter grades tracking energy efficiency

The new requirement is part of the city’s "Green New Deal" package of laws.

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What would a Green New Deal for NYCHA look like?

Sorely needed maintenance, energy retrofits, climate proofing, and good quality jobs for residents, for starters

Disappearing dome homes are casualty of eroding beaches

The dome homes were built in the 1980s as an experiment in sustainability—today they’re under water.

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Austin signs on to global pledge to reduce air pollution

At the C40 Summit in Copenhagen, 34 city leaders pledge to push aggressive measures to curb dirty air.

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D.C. joins international pledge to reduce air pollution

The city is committing to set "ambitious" targets in the next two years.

Global cities sign Clean Air Cities Declaration, pledging to fight air pollution crisis

At C40 Summit in Copenhagen, local leaders pledge to push aggressive measures to curb dirty air.

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How does extreme heat affect Austin kids?

PARD gets a grant to study the effects of sustained high temperatures due to climate change.

Green New Deal goes global as nearly 100 cities commit to climate action

A coalition of 94 global mayors commits to "turning away from fossil fuels" and meeting Paris Agreement targets.

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Boston wants new city-owned buildings to be carbon-neutral

The Walsh administration’s change—which also calls for new requirements for larger privately owned buildings—is aimed at steering the entire city toward carbon neutrality by 2050.

C40 Climate summit: Cities step up on environmental policy

At this week’s global environmental gathering in Copenhagen, cities aim to set the agenda.

Can better parks fight climate change?

The Climate Positive Design Challenge aims to help landscape architects create green space with global implications.

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Local climate activists want to build on momentum from #ShutDownDC protests

They’re continuing to organize after last month’s major demonstrations.

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What a Hurricane Sandy recovery program can teach cities about resiliency

Rebuild by Design changed the way New York thinks about public works

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Grady High School students staging walkout to raise climate change awareness

Following in the footsteps of climate activist Greta Thunberg, students will rally at Piedmont Park.

In storm-battered Bahamas, solar microgrids hint at a carbon-free future

Why hurricane-hit Caribbean islands may be the testing grounds for the future of renewable power.

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Climate activists paint two-block-long mural on Montgomery Street

"We offer the labyrinth as a tool for climate resiliency and courage," said the artist.

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Climate strikers plan to halt D.C. traffic again this Friday

The week is set to be bookended by climate protests in the city center.

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Atlanta mayor unveils $5M plan to create safer streets, triple protected bike lane network

Officials: Expect safer streets across the city within two years.

UN report forecasts rising seas, temperatures threatening coastal cities

A new UN report on our oceans finds a troubling brew of higher temperatures, melting ice, and more violent storms.

A green new home

A Green New Deal would touch our lives at every level, including at home.

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‘#ShutDownDC’ climate protests block major intersections in city’s core

The disruptive demonstrations are set to last throughout the day.

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Want to support climate action? Stop driving so much, LA

We need to spend 12 percent less time in our cars—about two car-free trips per week—and probably much more.

Climate Strike: Why transportation is key for these student activists

How they’re getting to today’s marches matters.

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Thousands turn out for D.C. climate strike

The District could see a 3.4-foot increase in sea level by 2080.

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Youth-led NYC climate strike will head to Foley Square, Battery Park

The protest is joined by several young climate leaders, including Greta Thunberg.

How federal flood policy is, and isn’t, addressing climate change today

Reformers push for updates to flood insurance, FEMA maps, and rebuilding programs as recent disasters underscore rising costs.

Mayors are fighting the EPA’s emissions rollback. What cities need are fewer cars.

City leaders will make a bigger climate impact by helping people avoid driving in the first place.

How do buildings contribute to climate change?

It involves how we construct buildings, how we use them, and where they’re located.

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Chicago teens will rally for climate action in Friday

The downtown protest is part of Global Climate Strike taking place in more than 150 countries.

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Activists, including youth, will stage major climate protests in D.C. Friday and Monday

The protests are timed to take place around the U.N. Climate Action Summit.

The Green New Deal is really about designing an entirely new world

It involves unbuilding our mistakes—and building an equitable, just, and sustainable future.

Sluggish U.S. flood buyback programs, rising waters, threaten homeowners

U.S. needs better policy for flood zones, says NRDC report, or risks "cycle of flood-rebuild-repeat."

How trees can save us

They are the most effective, efficient, and immediate form of urban climate action —provided they’re planted where people need them most.

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NYC passes its own ‘Green New Deal’ in landmark vote

"You cannot overstate how big a deal this is," said one advocate