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Coverage of today's new take on communal urban living, from a look at the designers and developers bringing co-living spaces to our cities to the cultural and financial impact of the lifestyle.

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What to know about buying a co-op apartment in Seattle

Homebuying in Seattle can be tricky, no matter the housing type. What’s a co-op—and could cooperative living be for you?

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Losing a home you’ve already left

Family dinners, backyard chickens, and unrequited love defined my years at a Brooklyn commune.

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An ode to the punk house

For the right kind of person, the punk house is its own utopia.

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Coming of age in cohousing

Growing up communally brings exposure to the world of adults—and lessons in interdependence.

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Aging in place—with someone else

Can multigenerational home-sharing solve LA’s affordability crisis?

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The sorority in the skyscraper

A 1929 "residence and clubhouse" for young professional women offered affordable housing—and community.

A new use for the spare room

Home-share programs match two generations facing higher rates of loneliness and unaffordable housing costs.

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Living with roommates: An illustrated guide

In 2007, I moved out of my parents’ place to go to university. In the 12 years since, I’ve had 26 roommates.

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I lived in a Tokyo coworking space

Sleeping where I worked blurred my work-life boundaries.