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Concrete Homes

These modular cabins put a Brutalist spin on prefab

The Gomos System builds adaptable spaces from concrete modules.

This concrete house is growing a mini forest inside its walls

The striking residence has trees spilling out of its windows and balconies.

A no-nonsense concrete beauty with a showstopping pool

The home centers around a cavernous living and dining area with sweeping views out back.

Bunker-like concrete house built around a courtyard pool

The home centers around an almost labyrinthian outdoor space, complete with a shallow pool, narrow walkway, and angled nooks.

Modern concrete house embraces greenery and a dash of yellow

The home stretches into a wedge shape and is surrounded by lush greenery that gives the space a warm, tropical atmosphere.

No-frills Japanese house is an ode to concrete

An architect’s all-concrete home for himself creates a perfectly quiet mood for working or relaxing.

Concrete house appears to float over its base

The Peninsula House in coastal Japan centers around a dramatic cantilever.

Moody concrete house is hiding a lush courtyard

This concrete box of a house in Perth, Australia, looks like a giant cinderblock—and we mean that in a good way.

Like natural light? This concrete home isn’t for you

The "windows" allow just enough light into the house to cast little slivers of sunlight across the stark interior.

Modern concrete house frames the ocean perfectly

Built with floor-to-ceiling windows and an unusually expansive terrace, the home frames the Mediterranean Sea like a James Turrell Skyspace piece.

Concrete house in Bali is a tropical Brutalist dream

The 5,500-square-foot house both embraces and steels itself against Bali’s persistent warm weather.

‘Planter box’ concrete house grows 40 types of edible plants

Situated on a densely packed street, its facade features clusters of oversized concrete boxes brimming with plants.

Modern concrete home is a perfect mix of soft and hard

The home is wrapped in concrete, iron, and steel, but it has a distinctly quiet vibe thanks to a consistent palette of cool, dark colors and an airy, uncluttered design.

Swanky concrete house loves glass too

The 5,000-square-foot home has a striking reflective facade.

Tiny concrete cabin makes a cool off-grid getaway

The simple one-room layout includes a Murphy bed-turned-dining room table, small kitchen, wood burning stove, and seating area with operable windows.

Blocky concrete home hides an airy second level

Here at Curbed, we appreciate a well-designed concrete home, and this Tel Aviv house is no exception.

Peter Zumthor’s new concrete villa available to rent soon

The Secular Retreat is a sturdy slab of a building constructed from stratified blocks of concrete, glimmering glass windows, and limestone floors.

Alejandro Aravena’s Chilean concrete beauty on the market for $1.5M

The Pritzker Prize winner’s design comprises three weathered concrete volumes that stack and lean against each other like building blocks.

Concrete house blends into the woods with black exterior, green roof

The designers used dead trees from the surrounding landscape to imprint the concrete house with a textured pattern. When painted black, the home takes on a shou sugi ban effect.

Greenery camouflages this modern villa in Bali

Vines and leaves drape off of the concrete facade, and floor to ceiling windows create a photo frame view of the surrounding flora.

Recycled concrete and brick home has zero carbon footprint

This modern house has an open floor plan and leaves plenty of room for greenery to liven up the space.

Cool concrete summer home sits among a sea of trees

This summer home situated in a seaside resort south of Buenos Aires, Argentina, blends a clean modernist aesthetic with the surrounding landscape.

This concrete house curves on both sides to form a ‘hug’

The front and side walls are rounded, creating what the architects describe as a gesture of two arms wrapping around each other.

3D-printed concrete housing coming to the Netherlands

TU Eindhoven is designing a small community of 3D-printed concrete homes that look like a modern-day Stonehenge.

Brutalist concrete home intrigues in Mexico

Casa Zicatela reveals itself as an "open-air fortress," and is characterized by a series of staircases, tall walls, courtyards, and patios.

Concrete house hides glass walls and nature views

Depending on your point of view, the concrete and glass home can feel like a fortress against the outside or an invitation to connect with nature.

Black concrete home is made up of nine separate buildings

The residence is comprised of nine buildings that when combined create a single home with a sprawling footprint.

Hillside modern house is all concrete, glass, and views

The house’s basic building structure lends itself to striking moments of simplicity.

Bunker-like concrete house comes with a twist

The outside of the house is built with cinder blocks, giving it a sturdy, yet slightly rough-around-the edges look. But the fortress-like concept serves another purpose.

This 3D-printed concrete house is surprisingly stylish—and sustainable

Its ridged and textured walls were entirely 3D printed on site by a robotic manipulator on a moveable base and constructed in the span of one week

This Tokyo apartment building is a concrete jungle

Designed by Akihisa Hirata, Tree-ness House rises on a narrow site in Tokyo’s Otsuka district, reaching upward and outward toward by way of protruding volumes, staircases, and terraces.

This concrete home was designed as ‘expandable’ low-cost housing

Each comes with what the architects call a "sandwich section," a roof that can be lifted and a foundation that can support up to three additional floors in case there’s a need to expand.

This concrete cliff house is the definition of brutal

Brutal in its aesthetics, the Chilean home features a raw concrete shell sparsely punctuated by windows and skylights, with equally bare interiors.

Modern concrete and wood house was designed around existing trees

Every corner of the home is crafted to avoid interference with the naturally-grown labyrinth of plants.

Cool concrete home just outside NYC asks $2.2M

Designed by Arthur Witthoefft, the Branscombe Residence features a facade of asymmetrical volumes of ribbed split-face architectural block that gives the home a monumental feel.

A cluster of concrete buildings make up this forest home

Designed by Seoul-based JHW IROJE Architects, the property sits amid a private, forested site without intruding too heavily on the natural landscape.

10 concrete homes we loved in 2017

Around the world, architects are turning to concrete for boundary-pushing residential buildings—and not just for laying the foundation.

Brutalist beauty can be yours for $1.2M

Designed by architect Peter Tachelet, the Brutalist abode features simple lines and a minimalist aesthetic that combine to create a home that is far from ordinary.

All-concrete modern home stays cool for the summer

The striking residence near Buenos Aires is an alluring blend of concrete, water, and greenery. But mostly concrete.