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How the novel coronavirus is affecting your home (and your life inside it), your rent or mortgage, your community, the housing market, and more—across the nation and in New York, Los Angeles, Austin, Chicago, San Francisco, Boston, Atlanta, and Detroit.

I Moved Home When Coronavirus Hit. I Might Never Come Back to New York.

Four women on settling into adult life in their childhood hometowns.

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Everything You Need To Know About NYC’s Reopening

Here’s what you need to know during the novel coronavirus outbreak in New York City, from mass transit provisions to major closures.

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What NYC renters need to know during the coronavirus pandemic

Your questions about renting during the coronavirus pandemic, answered.

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Coronavirus and Extreme Heat Are ‘on a Collision Course’ as NYC Summer Begins

Among the initiatives to combat extreme heat, the de Blasio administration launched a program to provide free air conditioners to vulnerable New Yorkers.

Will a coronavirus-induced recession make it easier to buy a house?

The 2008 recession yielded housing bargains in subsequent years, but during a pandemic, the housing market is simply put on pause.

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Homeless New Yorkers in Shelters Face Higher Coronavirus Death Rate

Thousands of New Yorkers sleeping in shelters face a disproportionately high mortality rate during the pandemic, according to a Coalition for the Homeless report.

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I Miss a Lot About Pre-COVID Life, But Mostly the Bathroom in the Four Seasons Lobby

My No. 1 spot.

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Rent’s due: What to do if you get an eviction notice during the coronavirus outbreak

Good news: You won’t be evicted during the present pandemic. Bad news: You still have to pay your rent—and you could be evicted later.

If the coronavirus has you worried about your mortgage or rent, these tools can help

These four things can help if you’re at risk of missing a payment because of COVID-19.

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NYC parks foresee financial losses at a time when we need them the most

Several New York City parks expect to lose millions of dollars in funding for upkeep and maintenance.

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Everything you need to know about SF’s response to the coronavirus outbreak

What to know during the COVID-19 outbreak in the city, from mass transit provisions to major closures.

Cities suspend evictions as coronavirus spreads

New York, Los Angeles, and San Jose are in various stages of a temporary eviction ban.

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NYC immigrants fear losing their homes during the pandemic

Immigrants live in some of NYC’s worst-hit neighborhoods. Now they’re struggling to pay rent.

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Mimicking Brooklyn, four SF parks adopt social distancing circles

Like parking spots but for humans, these circles are meant to keep people at a safe distance while soaking up some sun.

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Here’s how the coronavirus pandemic is affecting public transit

Plunging ridership, service cuts, and deep cleanings: Here’s what you need to know.

The economy is tanking. So why aren’t home prices dropping?

COVID-19 has caused volatility in seemingly everything but housing.

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When the NYC subway is your home—and you’re evicted every night

Hundreds of homeless individuals are now escorted out of the subways every night, but for many, the shelters offer no respite.

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How to help your NYC neighbors during the coronavirus pandemic

Looking to get involved? Here are NYC organizations in need of volunteers or donations during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Our house was a refuge—until COVID-19 came home

When my kids grow up, I hope they remember watching "Frozen 2," not the pandemic.

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7 ways to optimize your home for staying in with kids

Worried about being stuck at home with your children for the next few weeks—or months? Here are tips for making the most of your space.

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Pedestrian etiquette guide during the coronavirus pandemic

Maintain six feet of buffer space, beware of joggers, don’t pet pups, and more.

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The best Zoom backgrounds for New York City fanatics 

Bring a little New York City to your next video call with these virtual backgrounds.

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New York extends halt on evictions, but tenants still ‘at great risk’

Tenants cannot be legally evicted in New York until August 20.

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Nearly a million New York City apartments could get a rent freeze

In a preliminary vote, the Rent Guidelines Board voted to approve a rent freeze on one-year leases.

Is it possible the housing market is already recovering?

It’s hard to make sense of recent housing market data.

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West Oakland facility designed to feed students pivots to emergency food bank

The $43 million-dollar project extends its services to help people in need during the pandemic.

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When your boss is also your landlord: Rent strike at Columbia University

"We don’t have enough money to stay in New York or to pay rent"

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How to work from home, according to Curbed editors

The remote work experts at Curbed share tips for creating a functional and soothing home office.

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In New York, the rent strike movement takes root

"Having a roof over your head and starving to death makes no sense"

What it’s like to organize renters during a pandemic

"We’ve been living in a crisis forever and now it’s time to bring the crisis to the landlords that caused it," says Joel Feingold.

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San Francisco has 75 billionaires. Most of them aren’t donating to local COVID-19 relief.

Now more than before, it makes the city’s heinous income gap painfully evident.

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Resources for Boston-area renters amid coronavirus

Where can I go for coronavirus-related housing help? Where can I find affordable housing? Answers to these and other questions here.

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New York City to halt 24/7 subway service for daily coronavirus cleanings

The New York City subway will stop running between 1 and 5 a.m. to disinfect trains.

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‘Rent relief has to happen’

In the absence of legislation to help renters, New Yorkers who can’t afford to pay their rent are organizing strikes

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What Boston homebuyers need to know amid coronavirus

Will prices come down? How do I tour a home? Have closings changed? Answers to these questions and more as the virus disrupts the region’s housing market.

Transit is in trouble due to coronavirus. This Green New Deal plan could help.

Zero-emission transportation policy recommendations could provide climate-friendly economic stimulus.

Should you be buying that online right now?

The COVID-19 pandemic reveals the high social cost of internet shopping.

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How a Bay Area rent strike might work

Tenant groups say the time for mass nonpayment is nigh, but landlords balk.

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It’s not over: Bay Area coronavirus shelter orders extended again

"The curve is flat," but so are the odds of a speedy reopening.