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How the novel coronavirus is affecting your home (and your life inside it), your rent or mortgage, your community, the housing market, and more—across the nation and in New York, Los Angeles, Austin, Chicago, San Francisco, Boston, Atlanta, and Detroit.

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Coronavirus and San Francisco: News and updates

How the novel coronavirus is affecting San Francisco housing, transit, and more.

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Boston traffic and transit post-pandemic: Just imagine

The novel coronavirus has so many people sticking close to home that it has highlighted the potential for real change when it comes to transportation. What’d you think will happen?

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Richmond’s rent-freeze plan melts under scrutiny

City gives freeze the cold shoulder.

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Their roommates left NYC during coronavirus. What happens when rent is due?

Some New Yorkers are experiencing newfound solitude—and anxiety over upcoming rent payments—after their roommates left town

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What Bay Area homebuyers need to know during the coronavirus pandemic

"Since the shelter in place was first initiated a couple weeks ago, the market nearly overnight shifted to a buyer’s market."

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New York City sidewalks have failed us. Here’s how we can fix them.

A new map shows how most NYC sidewalks are too narrow for social distancing

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A coronavirus outbreak is growing in Skid Row. Are shelters safe?

A growing number of researchers and advocates are questioning the wisdom of opening new shelters amid a pandemic.

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NYC renters could stave off eviction for up to a year under new Council bill

New York tenants could see relief under a sweeping package of legislation.

Don’t blame dense cities for the spread of coronavirus

The pandemic has challenged my urbanist beliefs, but buildings aren’t responsible for human problems.

How to fight climate change at home

From rethinking how to do laundry to ditching the plastic trash bag, here are 17 tips to reduce your carbon footprint while socially distancing.

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Massachusetts housing inventory tanks amid coronavirus

A new report shows declines in key measures of just how many options buyers have. Meanwhile, sales decline too.

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Boston-area renters and coronavirus: What to know

Can I still move May 1? Will I be evicted? What if my rent goes up? Can my rent go up? Answers to these and other questions as the pandemic upends the region’s real estate.

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Is it okay to move in NYC during the coronavirus pandemic?

If you absolutely need to move out, here’s how to do it safely.

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How to tour NYC museums, parks, and cultural institutions from your own home

Stuck inside? You can still experience some of New York’s best cultural offerings with virtual tours and exhibitions.

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Map: Where SF’s COVID-19 cases are happening

An outbreak doesn’t respect class or geographic boundaries, but it’s affected by them nonetheless.

There is no housing crisis in ‘Animal Crossing’

Between unaffordable rent and a global pandemic, it’s no wonder people are turning to a video-game utopia.

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Massachusetts pauses evictions and foreclosures

The coronavirus-related measure essentially puts a pause on any non-emergency actions against tenants and homeowners.

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Should NYC’s beaches open for the summer?

The city plans to keep them closed, but lawmakers see safety hazards.

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Cities are opening miles of streets to pedestrians. Here’s how NYC can make that happen.

We asked experts how NYC could open streets. Here’s what they had to say.

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Students face housing insecurity after coronavirus-related school closures

Lack of university support and legal protections leave students high and dry.

Cancel rent during coronavirus? Rep. Ilhan Omar says yes

The Rent and Mortgage Cancellation Act would provide national housing relief throughout the crisis

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NYC asks affordable housing developers to house more homeless New Yorkers

Owners of city-funded buildings with income-targeted housing are being asked to set aside apartments for homeless New Yorkers

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Coronavirus and condo sales: What’s going on in Boston

Some neighborhoods saw spikes in the number of trades during the three months ended March 30 despite the pandemic, while others saw steep drop-offs in activity.

Coronavirus stimulus: Where’s the New Deal for a post-pandemic America?

With 22 million-plus out of work, we need jobs and public-works vision for the future.

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NYC beaches and pools may close through summer amid coronavirus

Mayor de Blasio said officials "do not have a plan to open the beaches."

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NYC public hearings go digital during coronavirus pandemic

Various municipal meetings are going virtual due to social distancing

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Downtown Boston prices reach what’s probably a peak

Yes, there were records galore for condo and townhouse trades during the three months ended March 30—but the signs of change are there due to coronavirus.

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Renting vs. buying in the Boston area during coronavirus

It’s not an easy decision in the best of times—now with coronavirus there’s more to consider.

Quarantine economy threatens workers in entertainment capitals

Renters in service industry between "a rock and a hard place" as jobs disappear.

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When will it be over?

It’s not up to the mayor, the governor, or even the president of the United States to decide when Bay Area living will return.

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What Detroit homebuyers need to know during the coronavirus pandemic

Sometimes, life can’t wait. We turned to industry professionals on how the homebuying process has changed during the pandemic.

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What New York City homebuyers need to know during the coronavirus pandemic

As the epicenter of the COVID-19 pandemic in the U.S., New York’s real estate market has ground to a halt.

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What Chicago renters need to know during the coronavirus pandemic

We’ve compiled resources and answers for renters and homeowners most urgent concerns.

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Everything about renting in the Boston area amid coronavirus

Here’s regularly updated news and information for tenants as the pandemic upends an already infamously difficult rental market.

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San Francisco Pride is officially canceled this year

Coronavirus concerns lead to its first-ever cancellation.

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Citi Bike rolls out first upper Manhattan station for healthcare workers battling coronavirus

The station will help those on the frontlines of the pandemic get around more easily

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What’s closed, what you can do in Austin amid coronavirus outbreak

What are you allowed to do, and how are the city and county responding? Here’s a running list.

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Boston-area evictions amid coronavirus: What to know

It’s unlikely there will be many evictions during the pandemic, but that doesn’t mean tenants are off the hook. Here’s the latest as of mid-April.

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Travis County shelter-in-place order extended, masks required

The new decree lasts through May 8