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Curbed Handbook

Curbed Handbook

Everything you need to know about your home, from securing a mortgage to painting your living room.

15 high-risk high-reward paint hues

When, how, and why to take a chance with color.

Home inspections 101: What to look out for

Big ticket problems, like shoddy electrical wiring or an unstable foundation, can affect the livability of a home. Here are 13 things that warrant extra attention during your home inspection.

Is a homeowners' association right for you?

HOAs can provide security and amenities, but they’ll likely dictate things like house color and landscaping. Understanding the intricacies—and fees—involved with living in a planned community is important.

What you need to know before buying homeowners insurance

Not all insurance policies are created equal. We went to the experts to answer all your questions about homeowners insurance.

8 questions to ask before buying your first home

To help first-time homebuyers figure out if they're ready to buy, we queried real estate experts to compile the key questions every potential homeowner should ask before sealing the deal—the most important one may surprise you.

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How much to tip your building staff this holiday season

‘Tis the season New Yorkers unfurl their wallets in the spirit of giving—be it to donate or buy gifts for their loved ones—and while they may be sure-footed in that spending, they stumble when it comes to how much to tip the building staff.

The best apartment rental sites and apps

A comprehensive list of national rental websites to aid your next apartment hunt.

How to shop for plants online

The internet can’t replace a nursery, but it can make plant shopping much easier. Here are some tips to get you started.

How to buy quality outdoor furniture

The outdoor furniture market is booming. These tips will help you navigate the scene.

How to grow a garden: Three important factors to consider before you plant

You need to spend some time thinking about your dirt, and figure out just how committed you can be to a watering routine.

How to design a small urban garden in six steps

The creator of a lush 66-square-foot garden shares her tips and ideas for small green spaces.

6 important things to consider when buying furniture

Ergonomics, size, and construction are a few of the key things to keep in mind when buying furniture.

How to buy a sofa

Designers dish on the most important seat in the house.

How to spot quality furniture at Ikea

Here are a handful of expert tips and tricks for buying high-quality pieces at Ikea. Spoiler: You have to look beyond the particle board.

12 beige paints that aren’t boring at all

The subtle shade—whether it’s called fawn, pale brown, buff, sand, sandy, oatmeal, khaki, ecru—is a soothing and versatile background.

10 best black paints for your home

We asked designers to name their favorite black shades. Included in the mix are the array of "off blacks;" blacks with undertones of brown, blue, and gray.

6 tips for wrapping the perfect present

We’ve rounded up the best tips that will help even novices wrap better presents.

18 renovation apps to know for your next project

Embarking on a home renovation project is no easy feat, but thanks to today's advances in internet technology, there is probably a stellar app out there ready to assist with every part of the process.

Google Home, Amazon Echo, Apple HomePod: Everything you need to know

Smart home hubs are taking over—here’s what you need to know to find the right one for you.

Best smart lighting products for beginners

Smart lighting is an easy way to start building a smart home, and here are the best products for doing just that.

8 tips for renovating a small space

Interior designer Jessica Helgerson, tiny home designer and inhabitant, shares her time-tested strategies.

6 tips for maximizing small-space storage

From taking inventory of your belongings to tricking out the closets, here are six steps to making the most of your space.

Best products to use for a green remodel

We assembled a cheat sheet for purchasing more eco-friendly building materials and finishes.

Looking to renovate? Here’s what to DIY and what to leave to the pros

Taking a renovation into your own hands may seem like a great idea, but is it realistic?

How to choose the best paint color for any room in your house

Choosing the right wall color will make or break your room, and given the thousands of paints on the market, it can be a daunting task. We asked two color experts for help.

Best kitchen accessories under $150 to shop now

A great kitchen upgrade doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg, and can look good while doing important jobs.

How to get things fixed in your rental apartment

Your landlord is responsible for making repairs to essential services, but sometimes it’s not so simple.

How to negotiate a lower rent

By being a smart negotiator and savvy apartment hunter, you can save hundreds of dollars over the course of a lease.

Everything you need to know about renters insurance

TL;DR: If anything damages your personal property and you don’t have renters insurance, you’ve lost it for good.

How to choose a rug for your living room 

Finding a rug that frames your living room perfectly is no easy feat. These tips can help.

Meet your new essential guide to creating a home in the modern age

Welcome to the redesigned Curbed Handbook.

9 ways to brighten a dark room

Try these tips out and watch your room light right up.

Buying art for beginners: 6 things to consider

Industry insiders give us their best tips for purchasing a perfect piece of art for your space.

5 wall decor ideas perfect for renters and DIY lovers

If your idea of a well-appointed home is anything but an empty wall, then good news: The market is brimming with options to dress things up.

Where to buy affordable home essentials

Here’s a brief guide to buying quality home essentials at retailers from Ikea, Target, West Elm, and more.

The hunt for vintage wallpaper: Where to find and how to decorate with it

If you’re in the market to buy antique wallpaper, be prepared to search high and low.

7 ways to use smart home tech in an apartment rental

A San Francisco couple shows how to turn your home into a smart one—in a relatively painless and potentially kind of fun way.

Restoring a historic house: 8 tips and tricks before getting started

Restoring a historic house can be one of the most exciting—and overwhelming—experiences. We spoke with interior designer Steven Gambrel about his must-know tips for taking on any project.

How to maintain a healthy relationship with your tenants

Being communicative and respectful goes a long way.