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Curbed Handbook

Curbed Handbook

Everything you need to know about your home, from securing a mortgage to painting your living room.

How to be a good landlord

Being a good landlord requires a solid business plan, knowledge of local laws, smart budgeting, and realistic expectations.

What I wish I’d known before hiring an architect

Here are lessons learned from a bumpy renovation.

6 tips for finding an apartment in a city you don’t live in yet

Renting a home without physically seeing it before you move in is not ideal, but it’s not impossible either. Here are six tips to make it less painful.

How to negotiate the sale price of your dream home

With the right team and a few intelligent strategies, that slightly over-budget property could be yours.

How to assess the earthquake risk of your home

Is your home located in an area with numerous fault lines? Are you situated in a dense locale with lots of people and buildings?

The basics of living in a risk zone

Experts offer tips on protecting your home from natural disasters

A guide to popular window types

From casement to sash to Palladian, this is your ultimate cheat-sheet for fans of fenestration.

Flood protection: Everything you need to know

Experts offer tips on how to prepare and rebuild your home after a natural disaster

How to research your historic house in 7 easy steps

Researching your historic home is an exciting process—follow these basic steps to start digging into the past of the place you call home.

Moving in together: How to find common ground when decorating

Whether you are married or just have roommates, transforming your space into a dream oasis requires compromise.

Historic homes 101: What exactly is a summer kitchen?

Largely found in upstate New York and the Midwest, summer kitchens were used in the late-18th and early-19th centuries to separate kitchen activities from the rest of the house during the warmer months.

Smart TVs 101: Everything you need to know

Unlike conventional television sets, smart TVs let users stream internet content, check social media, and more. Here are the pros and cons you need to know.

How speakers went from statement furniture to unseen tech

Today, small, easily hidden speaker systems are the mainstays of home listening. But how did we get from full cabinetry to speakers not much bigger than a tin can?

A beginner’s guide to smart locks

Smart locks have become some of the most popular home tech products in the United States, but how practical are they, really?

Making your home sound as good as it looks

The field of acoustics leaves most people baffled, but a simple understanding of common sound problems can lead to easy DIY fixes.

How to restore your dream old house: a primer

It’s no secret that historic homes usually need a bit of a renovation. But how do you know when the house—even if it needs a lot of work—is right for you? We decided to find out.

13 of the best blue paints for your home

Traditionally, blue has represented trust, peace, and loyalty. But when it comes to interiors, blue can bring both drama and flexibility to a room.

12 pink hues that aren’t for babies

These days, the rosy hue is all grown up. We take a look at its sophisticated side.

6 easy steps to save more water at home

Experts outline six simple actions you can take to stop your home from being a water hog to save money on utility bills and sustain natural resources.

11 of the best gray paints for your home

Interior designers and architects share their favorite gray paints and explain why the not-so-gloomy color works well in any room.

How to choose the best home security system

We went to the home security experts to understand the differences between systems and key features you should consider before installing.

Mortgage rules explained, from credit scores to income requirements

New programs and updated regulations are changing the lending game. We went to the experts to understand the basic standards for getting a mortgage.

Beyond paint: A guide to wall finishes

Bored with paint? Good news: There’s a whole world of wall finishes to explore, from wallpaper to plaster and more. A wall finishing pro offers advice on the best options and why DIYing is not always the best idea.

The best apartment rental sites and apps

Looking for a new place? Here's our comprehensive list of national rental websites to aid your next apartment hunt.

5 financing options for first-time homebuyers

Finding financing for new homebuyers isn’t quite that complicated. Here are five programs first-time borrowers should know about when shopping for a home.

A guide to paint sheens, from glossy to matte

After much debate you’ve finally settled on a paint color. Now, the merchant wants to know what sheen you want and there are so many choices. We asked artist Mary McMurray to help us sift through the options.

How to choose the perfect kitchen cabinets

There’s a lot to consider when it comes to selecting kitchen cabinets. We turned to interior designer Keita Turner for advice on everything from cabinet construction to how to make open shelving look good.

A guide to the best home painting supplies

To help DIY painters do things right, Joel Hamberg, a 40-year veteran of the industry, put together a foolproof shopping list of the essential painting supplies.

How to create your own drought-tolerant garden

We talked to landscape architects who work their magic in southern California’s dry climes

10 white paint ideas for your next project

When it comes to wall color selection, you would think white was the simple choice. We turned to the subjects of our House Calls column to garner ideas for choosing the right white.

7 tips for the perfect paint job

Perhaps nothing changes the nature of a room more than a new coat of paint. But before you take up the brush or roller, check out these tips from the style makers featured in our House Calls column.

7 home tech products to upgrade your space right now

With Apple’s iOS 10 and the company’s new Home app beaming onto devices the world over, we’ve rounded up 7 compatible products to smarten up your home.

Are you ready to renovate?

Daniel Thomas, CEO of Portland-based Hammer & Hand and a 20-year veteran of the construction industry, offers eight baselines to consider before you embark on a home renovation.

How to install a green roof on a private home

Creating a green roof is like "putting together an intricate jigsaw." Here, a New York architect and green roof pro walks through the process of designing and installing a lush living rooftop.

Tiny houses vs. RVs: Which one should you buy?

While both share the same basic function, there are also big differences, from the overall look and feel to more specific concerns like ease of mobility. For a quick idea of which category is more suited for your needs, take our flowchart quiz.

Nursery design 101: Tips for creating a kid's room

Aaron Christensen has been creating fun and immersive interiors for children for 20 years. Here are his top five tips for designing a creative space that works for both you and your kid.

Tiny house zoning regulations: What you need to know

Zoning regulations for tiny houses vary widely depending on the location, so we went to the experts to find out where it’s actually feasible to build the tiny house of your dreams and what you need to know before you do.

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Tiny living 101: Tips for tiny homes and micro apartments

The hunt for vintage wallpaper: where to find and how to decorate with it

Having scenic wallpaper in your house might be the definition of decor goals—but where should you look, and how should you decorate with it? We’ve asked industry experts to weigh in.