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Let’s Snoop Around Diane Keaton’s California ‘Farmhouse’

During the pandemic, Diane Keaton — like other celebrities — started broadcasting short, three-minute Instagram videos from her very nice California home.

This L.A. Ceramicist Embraces the Strange

Raina Lee cooks up custom glazes inspired by 8-bit colors and vibrant things that nearly make your eyes bleed.

How the NYC Design Scene Is Adapting to a Covid-19 World

New York’s designers are finding creative ways to share their work.

Here’s 90 minutes of people talking about chairs

Currently available to stream for free, ‘Chair Times’ traces the history of chairs, spotlighting 125 objects from Vitra Design Museum’s vast collection.

Free coloring book from West Elm highlights work of local artists 

These pages feature scenes like a dreamy porched house, plants and critters, and all sorts of abstract patterns.

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The color psychology behind a relaxing and soothing home

"Now is not the time for grays," says Pantone color expert Laurie Pressman.

Home, soothing home

What science, color psychology, and interior designers tell us about creating a comforting space.

New Frank Lloyd Wright ‘virtual classroom’ offers design-minded lessons and activities

The six-week program for K–12 will cover topics like color, shape, and drawing.

Design in the age of pandemics

Throughout history, how we design and inhabit physical space has been a primary defense against epidemics.

The DIY Donald Judd furniture guide

Hobbyists show you how to use the minimalist artist as a reference point.

Architect gives Persian rugs a modern update using digital software

Designed with parametric modeling software, the new rugs achieve a similar visual complexity as the traditional art form.

Charred cork furniture collection is a chic take on the humble material

High on style, low in waste, Tom Dixon’s latest collection is made from cork that’s been charred to a black-ish brown.

Older Americans are aging in place. Are their homes ready?

A new Pratt exhibition explores the opportunities for design to make our later years more fulfilling.

Isamu Noguchi’s fascinating quest to design the perfect ashtray

The midcentury artist’s failed attempt to create a universal tabletop accessory tells a deep story about how he perceived the power of sculpture.

The Italian radicals who imagined utopia

They fought consumerism, inequality, and sexism through furniture and design.

Playhouse flippers

Parents are creating strikingly realistic—and shockingly stylish—toy houses for toddlers.

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Has minimalism gone too far?

Misunderstood as an aspirational home design aesthetic, minimalism is due for a reappraisal, according to a new book.

This whimsical rug is like a visual puzzle on your floor

Designer Jaime Hayon created an optical illusion in rug form—can you see all nine faces?

Chef builds a glorious midcentury modern gingerbread house

The gingerbread house comes with all the requisite details: low-slung profile, butterfly roof, and a breeze block carport—all made from sweets.

How the 2010s changed interior design

A design journalist reflects on the decor trends that defined the last decade.

A gorgeous lampshade made from cabbage leaves

The organic lamp, called "Veggie Lights," features a delicate layer of cabbage leaves that top a thin gold stem and sturdy, cylindrical base.

15 brilliant new books on design and cities

From Herman Miller’s 600-page history to Rebecca Solnit’s three-city atlas set, these picks are perfect to wrap up for a loved one or keep you company on a long winter’s night.

Clever bus stop features rotating pods to shield passengers from the wind

The cocoon-like shelters were informed by research that found people prefer to stand or lean rather than sit while waiting for the bus in the cold.

Moody modern house raises the bar for kit homes

We think we’d want to live in this "experiential showroom"—and that’s the point.

These modern prefab homes were designed for adding housing density

The pair of gabled homes were built on a single lot by architecture students at the University of Kansas.

Bauhaus takes center stage in Google’s vast new online exhibition

If you’re not Bauhaus’d out yet, Google has a treat for you.

Paul Rudolph’s Walker Guest House is heading to auction

The midcentury design is famous for its panel shade system, devised to give residents more privacy and protection from harsh weather.

Designer ornament auction provides unusual visual feast

Starting today, you can bid on fun and unconventional tree hangings from 50 independent designers.

Richard Sapper’s famed table clock gets a new life

Sapper’s clever design has fascinated design lovers for years, and now Italian time keeping company Lorenz is bringing it back.

Dutch farmhouse designed to resemble a small village

Mecanoo designed Villa Vaught with traditional Dutch farmsteads in mind

Modern Palm Springs prefab can be bought and replicated

Turkel Design’s Axiom Desert House is part research project, part livable home.

This refinished barn is the ultimate modern farmhouse

The architects transformed a crumbling barn into a magazine-ready home.

A modern, multi-level treehouse in the middle of a Mexican forest

WEYES studio designed "the house in the forest" as a series of interconnected volumes.

Minimalist summer retreat houses a multigenerational family

In this family vacation home, a series of gable roofed forms allow each generation its own small slice of privacy.

A rural fitness center is pure design muscle

Custom fabrication turns this Humboldt, Kansas, gym into a destination.

Vietnam home blends breeze blocks with brick

The second and third floors are wrapped in a white curtain wall that’s perforated with circles and shapes.

A moody concrete home plays with light and shadows

The house takes on a perfectly melancholy atmosphere thanks to low-slung ceilings and a judicious use of windows that let in a soft, ethereal glow.

Hay is bringing a cool designer yarn lamp to the masses

The Bonbon lamp by Ana Kraš features colorful yarn wrapped around a steel frame.

Modern ‘cocoon house’ makes vibrant use of skylights

The tinted skylights run above the main hallway and cast a warm rainbow of colors along the way.