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Editor's Notes

Editor's Notes

Curbed's editor-in-chief Kelsey Keith shares her latest observations, intel, advice, and shopping recommendations.

Farewell—for now

Curbed EIC Kelsey Keith shares her final Editor’s Notes.

Decor inspo from ‘Goodnight Moon’

The children’s classic is currently in heavy rotation at my house.

Falling down design rabbit holes

And finding digital distractions.

Finding comfort and entertainment at home

Now that I’m back online for a good portion of the day, I’m looking for ways to decompress in my time off.

Reupholstered and it feels so good

What it’s really like to get a sofa covered on a budget.

The candle quagmire

I’ve sniffed out some tough truths about burning smell-goods at home.

Vacation (thrifting) all I ever wanted

Thrift store recommendations in D.C., Chicago, and Maine, plus tips for shopping secondhand home goods.

Secondhand is my first choice

Estate sales, flea markets, and the art of haggling.

Making it up as I go along

How an $1,100 milking stool inspired a DIY paint job.

This Texan’s Marfa recs

Curbed’s interim EIC Mercedes Kraus travels to Far West Texas, her favorite region of her home state.

My best of 2019 (yes, already!)

Picking my favorites on Curbed is like picking one’s favorite ice cream flavor: How can you really decide when they’re all SO good?

My personal holiday shopping list

What I like to bestow (enforce…) on my nearest and dearest.

Pro tips for designing kids’ rooms

There’s a little something for everybody here.

Adventures in DIY

Curbed editor-in-chief Kelsey Keith fills you in on her latest DIY project: a custom dresser for under $300.

Distracted by a building, the Kelsey Keith story

Ogle architectural wonders around the world with me.

Pro tips for reupholstering a sofa

How much fabric should you budget? And is reupholstering really worth it?

Moodboarding my office

Help me choose between three (!) moodboards.

My wallpaper cheat sheet

Complete with a special guest appearance from my mom.

My all-time favorite sofas

Plus, an event you won’t want to miss!

Help me pick a coffee table

And unscented candles. And random home goods.

From NYC to DC, 14 years of apartments

Curbed editor-in-chief Kelsey Keith reminisces about every New York apartment (and neighborhood) she’s called home.

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Curbed’s 2019 forecast

Editor-in-chief Kelsey Keith reflects on covering architecture, design, and local news in the current climate.

It’s the ideas that matter, not the classification of them

The inaugural monthly column from Curbed’s editor-in-chief turns an eye to ethos versus aesthetics, and the legacy of Postmodernism following the loss of Robert Venturi.