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Riverfront house on stilts is ready to float above flood water 

If you’re going to build a home on a flood plain, you’re going to need some stilts.

All-black modern house conceals crisp, clean interior

The four-bedroom house unfolds into 2,673 square feet of crisp white walls, modern furniture, and colorful accents.

Own a cool semicircular home featured on ‘Grand Designs’

The property was described as a "giant wooden spaceship" when it was featured on the iconic British show Grand Designs in 2014.

Own a storybook cottage with Goldilocks ties

Now on the market for $1.3 million, the English countryside cottage was once home to the author of Goldilocks and the Three Bears.

Late British architect Will Alsop’s only residential project hits the market

Alsop was known for his playful style, which becomes clear the deeper you go into this house.

Harry Potter’s childhood home is now renting rooms on Airbnb

The wizard’s fictional childhood home has plenty of English charm—and history.

The ‘Downton Abbey’ castle is opening up to superfans for a one-night stay

Two lucky guests will get a tour of the grounds and a private chamber.

Here’s your chance to live in a gothic tower

A Grade-I listed structure, Hadley Tower is now a 3,488-square-foot residence with nine floors that has been carefully restored and refurbished in recent years.

Massive modern home seen on ‘Grand Designs’ yours for $5M

A contemporary home featured on an episode of the popular British television show Grand Designs is back on the market in Horsham, West Sussex.

Groovy ’70s home offers A-frame living with a twist for $1M

Shaped like a scalene triangle, this 1976 home in the coastal village of Climping in West Sussex, England, was designed by Antonio Perella.

Brick Victorian rowhouse gets a double-vaulted extension

What makes this particular project stand out is the way in which the extension blends in with the architecture of the original terraced house.

Own a wing of a fabulously restored 18th-century English manor house

The home occupies a major wing of the Warleigh Manor, a Grade-II listed Georgian house that dates back to 1815.

Stunning 1969 home with glass conservatory can be yours for $3.6M

Built for businessman Jack Perry in 1969, the Teesdale House is the only post-war private house in original condition by Erno Goldfinger.

All you need is $11.7M to buy John Lennon’s former Surrey home

The musician bought the home in 1964 for £20,000 and lived here with his first wife Cynthia until 1968, when the couple divorced.

Modern farmhouse in English countryside can be yours for $2.2M

This sprawling house in the English countryside exemplifies just what’s so appealing about reimagined vernacular architecture.

Bright and airy ’70s home wants $650K outside London

Designed by architect Patrick O’Keefe, the residence is made up of a rectangular volume propped on a smaller one, where a study, utility room, and a garage reside.

Historic estate where ‘Great British Bake Off’ was filmed wants $6.7M

The nine-bedroom manse is set on over 51 acres, on which seasons three and four of the smash-hit reality cooking show were shot.

800,000 low-income homes in England will get free solar panels

The panels are expected to reduce energy bills by hundreds of pounds, according to Solarplicity, a British renewable energy provider.

Converted English barn becomes bright modern home, wants $646K

While the original brick facade and shingle roof remain, the interiors are whitewashed, with exposed rough-hewn beams adding a little rustic charm.

Cartoony tiny homes pop up all over English port town

Woods hoped to address questions of homeownership and wealth inequality within Folkestone, an area that has become a "second-home" destination for wealthy Londoners.

Historic English home with bright, modern updates asks just over $1M

Constructed from locally sourced Blue Lias stone, the 2,273-square-foot house combines original period details with sleek, modern interiors.

Iconic 1955 English house on the market for first time

The owner asked for a "a simple house, an ordinary house, but that this should not exclude it from being a radical house."

Pink pineapple pavilion pops up in English garden

The element of surprise was certainly one of Studio Morison’s intentions when it designed the bright pink pavilion, appropriately called "Look! Look! Look!"

Solar-powered prefab tiny house will do it all for $125K

Measuring approximately 269 square feet, Koda can be built in a day and installed the next—without a foundation—making it turnkey almost immediately.

Art Deco concert hall dazzles after renovation

British design firm Caruso St John revamped this Grad II-listed hall started working to revive the 250-capacity hall in 2012, over three phases.

Banksy takes on Brexit in latest mural

The graffiti artist’s new work shows a worker chipping away a star on the European Union flag.

Pride and Prejudice home in English countryside hits market for $11.7 million

If you’ve ever watched Pride and Prejudice (the original BBC TV series, not the movie with Keira Knightley) and wished you could live that life, here’s your chance.

Undulating modern home graces the White Cliffs of Dover

Each room with ample glazing is oriented toward a different view, from passing ships on the English Channel to the cliffs of Ness Point.

English country estate with fabulous gardens lists for $23M 

Completed in 1895, the property was the first major commission for renowned British architect Edwin Lutyens.

Own King Henry VIII’s honeymoon castle for $10.3M

Tudor interiors remain a prominent feature of the castle, as well as the extensive Tudor gardens.

Home of dystopian author J.G. Ballard is surprisingly ordinary, up for sale

Considering the bleak futures Ballard often wrote about, the residence’s charm—and the fact that it’s quite ordinary—may come as a surprise.

Buckingham Palace desperately needs $460M in repairs

A stern report has determined that Buckingham Palace, home of the royals since the 1700s, is in "urgent need of an overhaul to avoid the very real danger of catastrophic failure."

Prince Charles’s architectural playground might not be so bad

Poundbury, the Disneyland-like model village conceived by the Prince of Wales, is a mixed-use town that actually works.

This luxury treehouse with spa deck and slide is everything

Glamping meets the crafty treehouse in this luxury woodland retreat near England’s Jurassic Coast. The two-story structure features a delightfully mish-mash facade and equally tricked-out interiors.

How a parking tax can build better public transit

More and more cities are rethinking the ways cars fit into the urban fabric, with many eliminating parking spots, instituting congestion pricing, or even banning cars altogether. But in one U.K. town, an economic approach is helping to reshape the city itself.

Old timber chapel offers historic bones in the English countryside

The wood-and-brick structure sits on approximately half an acre in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (an official designation) among gardens and within views of the Downs.

Modern house by Sydney Opera House architect hits the market

Grade-II listed in 1988, the 4,500-square-foot six-bedroom was originally designed for Utzon’s friend and fellow Dane, Povl Ahm, the chairman of engineering firm Arup.

RIBA’s Stephen Lawrence Prize showcases fresh architecture built for under £1M

The prize was established in memory of the teenage aspiring architect who was murdered in 1993. It is intended to encourage fresh architecture talent and showcase projects that have a construction budget of less than £1 million.

Stay in this meticulously refurbished and furnished Georgian townhouse in London

Built in 1797 and painstakingly refurbished, the 2,851-square-foot, four-story housef eatures a wealth of original architectural details over a three-bedroom open-plan space.