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A House is a machine for memory: Restoring Eileen Gray’s E.1027

Celebrating six trailblazing Bauhaus women

As the Bauhaus turns 100, we turn the spotlight on the school’s extraordinary women, whose experiences are still instructive today.

Meet Marion Mahony Griffin, Frank Lloyd Wright’s best frenemy

The two architects are forever intertwined

Women in Design

Furniture and industrial designers, architects, landscape architects, urban planners, textile designers, critics and more: Here are the women shaping the built environment, their professions, and their industries.

25 must-read books about cities written by women

An essential collection of perspectives on urban topics—where women have much to contribute.

Our best reads on trailblazing women designers

Here are the women shaping the built environment, their professions, and their industries.

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Mapping Julia Morgan’s Bay Area masterpieces

Revered as one of the greatest female architects in history, Morgan’s oeuvre will inspire any architect trying to break into the male-dominated field.

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Versace-inspired Fort Lauderdale home asks $27.5M

The seller of the seven-bedroom Fort Lauderdale home also designed Casa Casuarina (the Versace Mansion) in Miami Beach.

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Natalie de Blois and the rise of postwar corporate modernism

An appreciation of the trailblazing architect behind some of Park Avenue’s most iconic buildings

30 must-follow female architects and designers on Instagram

Amazing women architects and designers are all around us. One place to find them—and with it, a window into how they experience and practice design—is on Instagram.

The women designers who made Herman Miller furniture shine

Sizzling graphics, bright colors, and bold juxtapositions

400 Forward wants to train the next generation of black women architects

400 Forward—a Knight Arts Challenge grant winner—seeks to find and coach future designers in Detroit.

Zaha Hadid: A complete list of unbuilt designs

Unbuilt, unrealized, and in-progress designs from the late architect's unfolding legacy

Two landscape architecture icons to know now

Cornelia Oberlander, 95, and Harriet Pattison, 88, began their careers when there were few women in design.

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SF buildings and spaces designed by female architects

San Francisco has a myriad of notable projects designed by women, including the Heart Building facade and the new Asian Art Museum.

Sharon Davis designs buildings that look good and do great

Since starting her eponymous architecture firm in 2007, Davis has designed buildings that support women's rights and true sustainability, while overcoming vulnerabilities.

Through design, Nadine Maleh finds solutions for NYC’s poor

Through innovative adaptive reuse, Nadine Maleh builds for diverse low-income and homeless populations in New York City.

Imagining Jane Jacobs

Years after her most famous urban battles, Jane Jacobs lives on in popular culture, in graphic novels, documentaries, a Twitter feed, and even an opera. What does our imaginary Jane look like?

Celebrating Jane Jacobs

In honor of Jane Jacobs’s 100th birthday, explore her life and legacy, from the battles over NYC’s LOMEX to Jacobs’s later years in Toronto to the Robert Moses-Jane Jacobs opera. Then take our quiz to see how your neighborhood meets Jacobs’s criteria for a successful city.

How Jane Jacobs Has Changed Architecture and Urban Planning

Today’s architects and urban planners use, misuse, and reinterpret the ideas of Jane Jacobs.

Where Are the Women Architects? New Book Looks at Profession’s Gender Gap

Where Are the Women Architects? asks why female designers have struggled to gain a foothold in the profession.

Zaha Hadid, Visionary Architect Who Helped Design the Future

From a series of daring drawings to exceptional buildings, Zaha Hadid has constantly pushed boundaries and sought to


A Look at Zaha Hadid's Greatest Hits

The late Pritzker-winning architect leaves behind an incredible body of work. Here's a closer look in photos.

Meet Mary Colter, the architect who conjured the romance of the American West

Prolific Midcentury Brazilian Architect Lina Bo Bardi is Having a Moment

These Five Anonymous Women Helped Build New York City

How Julia Morgan Gave California Women Space for Leisure