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The ultimate ‘Chinatown’ filming location map of Los Angeles

The essential Los Angeles film was released 45 years ago today.

The marvelous history of Mrs. Maisel’s apartment

A real estate pro takes a closer look at the layout and true cost of that glorious pad on Manhattan’s Upper West Side.

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The ultimate ‘Back to the Future’ filming locations map

The classic time travel movie was shot all around Los Angeles.

‘Parasite’ modern mansion recreated in the Sims

A Sims player by the name of Simkoong Architect has crafted an impressively faithful digital recreation of the fictional location.

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‘Once Upon a Time in Hollywood’: Mapping Tarantino’s LA fairytale

The director recreated 1960s Los Angeles in spectacular detail.

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15 'Friday Night Lights' filming locations, because football

While the television series Friday Night Lights went dark a few years ago, the passion for high school football in Texas continues to burn brightly. We mapped some of the show's locations in the spirit of the season.

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Lose Yourself in this map of ‘8 Mile’ filming locations

Revisit all the memorable Detroit spots where Eminem filmed for the iconic movie.

Goodbye Syd Mead: A conversation with the artist who illustrated the urban future

In 2015, we spoke with the visionary designer behind the look of Blade Runner and other sci-fi classics who passed away this morning.

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18 famous films shot in Detroit, mapped

While Detroit is not the most filmed location in the world, it does make an appearance in a myriad of movies.

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13 of the best noir films set in Los Angeles

Laced with corruption in the 1940s and ’50s, LA became the birthplace for the literary and cinematic style.

What the decade’s top movies and TV shows say about our cities

We’ve curated a list of settings from film and television that helped paint the aesthetic and visual tone of the 2010s, and perhaps help, in some way, to explain the decade.

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The definitive guide to ‘Home Alone 2’ filming locations in NYC

The Christmas classic was filmed all over Manhattan

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Everyone has their own ‘Home Alone 2’

What role do movies play in helping us understand a version of New York that is no longer with us?

What would Mister Rogers say about our neighborhoods today?

Tom Hanks is Fred Rogers in ‘It’s a Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood.’

Edward Norton on New York City’s ‘secret sin’ and the complicated legacy of Robert Moses

Alexandra Lange and the actor/director discuss his new film, "Motherless Brooklyn," through the lens of urban planning geekdom.

Harry Potter’s childhood home is now renting rooms on Airbnb

The wizard’s fictional childhood home has plenty of English charm—and history.

How radical Chilean artists used architecture to find utopia

Ciudad Abierta, or the "Open City," was about reconnecting with the landscape through poetic design.

State Rooms for Shitty Behavior

No amount of decor can cover the truth in Succession: It’s not the furniture, it’s the humiliation.

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New Orleans’s ultimate horror movie filming locations map

From "Interview with the Vampire" to "American Horror Story"

Netflix’s ‘Abstract: The Art of Design’ returns for Season 2 this week

The new season’s subjects include Danish-Icelandic artist Olafur Eliasson, bio-architect Neri Oxman, and Ian Spalter, former head of design at Instagram.

The ‘Downton Abbey’ castle is opening up to superfans for a one-night stay

Two lucky guests will get a tour of the grounds and a private chamber.

True crime meets home renovation in new TV show

Murder House Flip is—terrifyingly—exactly what it sounds like.

How to design your home like it’s on ‘Terrace House’

We stan the Japanese reality TV show bringing sleek, modern aesthetics to co-living millennials.

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Need one last summer getaway? Binge Netflix’s ‘Instant Hotel’

This addicting reality series streaming on Netflix is like one big adventure around Australia.

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How ‘High Maintenance’ captures the challenges of finding community in the city

The Guy’s trips through the city feature a parade of New Yorkers seeking calm and community.

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The TV show that makes over-the-top architecture a spectator sport

Available on Netflix, ‘The World’s Most Extraordinary Homes’ is a TV show that manages to be both relatable and awe-inspiring.

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‘BoJack Horseman’ is the only show that really gets my city

Unlike other shows set in LA, the Netflix series feels like it was made for people who actually live here.

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5 reasons why ‘Queer Eye’ is the best design show right now

Queer Eye shows the transformative power design can have for people, and it shows it in a way that’s intentional, thoughtful, enriching, inclusive, and beautiful.

‘Orange Is the New Black’ production designer on recreating ICE facilities for final season

"You can read it in the paper, but to see it dramatized, it makes it more real and relatable to people."

What ‘Where’d You Go, Bernadette?’ meant to me as a woman in architecture

The catharsis of watching Cate Blanchett star in the movie version of the best-selling book.

Lego’s new ‘Friends’ set lets you build your own Central Perk

In celebration of the TV show’s 25th anniversary, Lego is selling a 1,070-piece set that lets fans reconstruct the iconic Central Park coffee shop with all the details accounted for.

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5 TV shows design lovers should watch right now

We’ve rounded up five design-minded shows that will delight, inspire, and inform.

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A tour of ‘Last Black Man in San Francisco’ locations with filmmaker Joe Talbot

Several were already bulldozed before the movie was released.

Gorgeous restaurant is a not-so-subtle homage to Wes Anderson’s sets

New York-based studio Asthetíque designed the two-story Moscow restaurant as a series of visual vignettes, each with its own distinct take on Anderson’s twee-meets-surrealism style.

Watch ’70s Frank Gehry teach kids to build a city

A very young version of the future Pritzker winner turns the classroom into Kid City.

How Chernobyl’s meticulous sets envelop viewers in late Soviet design

HBO’s hit about the 1986 disaster is "more realistic than anything Russians would have ever made about themselves."

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With ‘Bad Guy,’ Billie Eilish shines a spotlight on the Valley’s Balboa Highlands

The midcentury modern neighborhood built by Joseph Eichler has a starring role.

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Law & Order’s New York was never real

New York City is a constant character in the long-running series, but it’s a simulacrum of the real thing.

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‘Bosch’ is a modern noir that showcases an unadorned LA

The Amazon series is inextricably linked with the city.