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Book a ‘Game of Thrones’-inspired suite at this Midtown hotel

The Refinery Hotel’s "Lannister’s Lair" includes fur throws and ‘Game of Thrones’-inspired dishes

Own a Game of Thrones castle for $650K

You might recognize the stoney estate as the backdrop of the infamous Red Wedding.

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How ’90s movies redefined the real Los Angeles

The 1980s churned out crowd-pleasing fantasies. Then came the 1990s and movies like "Boyz N the Hood."

‘Game of Thrones’ set designer reveals the show's architectural inspirations

Deborah Riley, the show's production designer, discusses the real places that inspired the look of Dragonstone and more.

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‘Game of Thrones’ fans can let it bleed at SXSW

Hit HBO show partners with American Red Cross for blood drive, immersive experience with characters and scenes before final season

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When This Old House was new

The show, which turns 40 this week, starred a Victorian home "struggling back from the brink." Gentrification played a key part in its success.

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D.C. designates Georgetown ‘Exorcist’ steps and adjacent car barn building as historic landmark

The Historic Preservation Review Board approved the nomination of the site last week

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‘Broad City’: NYC filming locations for Comedy Central’s hilarious hit

Abbi and Ilana’s high jinks take them all over New York City—see where their shenanigans take place.

New PBS doc The Swamp explores how Florida land rush reshaped the state

The story of how Americans conquered, colonized, and eventually preserved, the Everglades.

Midcentury design spotlighted in new doc series on evolving American style 

The series surveys how the country’s evolving style through the decades has been informed by political, social, and economic climates of the time.

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Paramount Ranch, destroyed in Woolsey Fire, will be rebuilt

The Western movie set might be up and running again in two years.

Architecture and Design Film Festival to kick off 10th year with heavy-hitting lineup

The Architecture & Design Film Festival kicks off in New York City on October 16 with films on Mies, Piano, and more.

How two movies portray Oakland’s rapid change

With the city as a muse and backdrop, Sorry to Bother You and Blindspotting look at the way neighborhoods change—and why.

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The Brady Bunch house is up for grabs for $1.9M

No, there won’t be an open house.

10 Streets that Changed America

From Broadway Avenue to Wilshire Boulevard, a new PBS show examines how street life defines our city life.

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Grace Kelly’s childhood home gets restored

The home was brought back to its original glory

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‘Trading Spaces’ and finding an unlikely queer icon in Hildi Santo-Tomas

The cast featured several eccentric designers in its rotation, but there was one whose reputation as a provocateur towered above the rest. Her name was Hildi Santo-Tomas.

I watched ‘Fixer Upper’ for the first time and this is what I thought

As an editor at a website about all things related to the home, I had never watched a single episode of Fixer Upper. So with the show coming to a close, what better time than now?

7 times Trading Spaces made homeowners cry

The iconic show will get a reboot in April 2018, so we looked back at seven times designers made homeowners cry tears of joy—and sorrow.

Peek into the dazzling sets from new Wes Anderson film ‘Isle of Dogs’

From the glittering cityscape to a rusting animal testing facility, all of the sets were handcrafted especially for the film.

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How ‘A Wrinkle in Time’s’ LA locations reflect the film’s inclusive spirit

Ava DuVernay brought the book to life in historically underrepresented South LA neighborhoods

101 movies about cities  

Curbed asked film critics and our fellow editors to chime in on their favorite movies about cities.

Dieter Rams documentary teases 3 new trailers

Gary Hustwit’s anticipated documentary on industrialist designer Dieter Rams is finally getting a release-date later this year, but until then, the filmmaker has released a series of teasers.

Space is the Place: The architecture of Afrofuturism

Why Black Panther—and science fiction seen through a black cultural lens—has a lot to say about architecture, urbanism, and cities.

The origin story of the ‘Black Panther’ throne

Pop culture’s new favorite chair has one of the most mysterious origin stories.

Wakanda is where every urbanist wants to live

"Black Panther" spurred conversation among architecture and cities buffs on Twitter.

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That HGTV smart home in South Austin is on the market again

The modern farmhouse in Zilker originally went to a prizewinner in 2015 and is now asking $1.19M

‘Planet Earth’ episode shows the dark side of urbanization

"Cities" illustrates how human habitats are increasingly incompatible with the species that lived there first.

We need to talk about that ‘Black Mirror’ episode with the architect

A negligent autonomous pizza van becomes a metaphor for smart cities everywhere.

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How John Marshall High School became a Hollywood star

A slew of iconic films were filmed at John Marshall High School, from Pretty in Pink to Grease.

‘Call Me By Your Name’ takes place in a 17th-century Italian villa

Italian film director Luca Guadagnino is known for swoony films and their equally gorgeous sets.

How a TV show recreated Baghdad on a Texas army base

How productions designers for The Long Road Home staged a famous battle of the Iraq War at Fort Hood

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Inside Park Slope’s Pavilion theater amid its conversion to a swanky Nitehawk Cinema

The Park Slope outpost of Nitehawk will feature 650 seats between 7 theaters.

7 director-inspired bedrooms for the design-savvy movie lover

From horror to anime to fantasy, these concepts show that the sky’s the limit when it comes to creating the set of the movie version of your dream life.

1967 VW van gets a 'Back To The Future' makeover

Asking $89,000, this 1967 Volkswagen Kombi has been restored to honor the classic DeLorean from the Back To The Future movies.

The spellbinding houses of ‘Hocus Pocus’

Whether it’s the wandering eye of Winifred Sanderson’s book or the impromptu musical number, everybody has a favorite bit of ‘Hocus Pocus.’ For us, it’s the houses.

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Soak up the splendor of Jayne Mansfield’s ‘Pink Palace’

In honor of a new Jayne Mansfield documentary, soak up the splendor of the ‘Hollywood Babylon’ covergirl’s over-the-top mansion.

Blade Runner 2049: Sci-fi’s neo-noir cityscape gets an update

Dennis Gassner explains how he visualized an update on one of film’s most famous urban landscapes

‘Mr. Robot’ designer on using sets to evoke a world in chaos

"Mr. Robot" picks up where the last season left off, with the world of Elliot Alderson in further disarray, and the machinations of fsociety and the Dark Army coming into focus.