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First Person

The politics of home

Homeownership has always been political for black Americans. An offhand comment from my teenage son reminded me that decor decisions can be political, too.

When DIY becomes D(on’t)IY

DIY should feel empowering, but it’s become another thing I expect myself to do just because I can.

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What Lou taught me: Growing up in Kahn’s Fisher House

Nina Fisher shares her childhood memories of living in the Kahn-designed house in Pennsylvania.

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LACMA should scrap its watered-down redesign

Two Curbed critics chat about the plan to completely rebuild one of LA’s most popular museums.

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Selling my father’s things

Without the objects he lived with, his house was no longer my home.

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The LA Marathon is the most life-affirming way to fall in love with Los Angeles

You don’t even have to run to enjoy it.

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As my neighborhood changed, my home remained stuck

We didn’t hang any photos or art at first. I kept to the essentials as we waited to see how our lives would change shape after IVF.

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Chasing Paul Williams, the West’s First Certified Black Architect

"I wasn’t sure what to look for when I walked into Williams’s buildings, so I searched for clues about the man himself."

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February was the biggest month ever for pothole repair requests in LA

Want a pothole filled? Report it to 311.

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The roommates who taught me to love being alive

Their maximalist decor expressed everything I wanted to learn from them.

I bought a house—and then moved into a van

I could be a homeowner with freedom. A van dweller with stability. It was just crazy enough to thrill me, and just practical enough to prove possible.

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The LA party manifesto

Work brought me from New York to Los Angeles, but a weekly party helped me create a life here.

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Moving off campus and into reality

Being denied dorm life means sharing close quarters—but it’s helping me grow up

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If San Francisco is so great, why is everyone I love leaving?

We are witnessing two migrations: One is a continuation of the California dream. The other no one talks about, though it affects nearly everyone I know.

Bright lights, small city

Moving to a new city in my 40s was less about making mistakes I could learn from and more about making choices I believed in.

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Aretha Franklin’s epic, praise-filled commemoration

A Detroiter reflects on the Queen’s visitation and homegoing in Detroit.

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This is the best way to honor Jonathan Gold’s legacy

On August 26, the city will celebrate the late food critic yet has still not legalized the vendors he championed.

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My landlord offered me $35K to move out

Across Los Angeles, property owners are trying to entice tenants to leave.

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Quentin Tarantino is filming on Hollywood Boulevard, and it feels like a ’60s time machine

The production of Once Upon a Time in Hollywood recreated the old theaters and storefronts with astonishing detail.

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Living alone and liking it

More women in the U.S. live alone than ever before, but advice geared toward solo-living women has a long history.

Living on the edge

What it’s like to live on the flank of an active volcano—and why so many of us choose to stay there.

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Moving into a studio apartment with my girlfriend only improved our relationship

It not only saved us money—Seattle rent prices are no joke—it brought us closer together.

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Why I left New York and returned to LA

In NY I was never alone—except for when I escaped to the Ann Taylor dressing room.

My year with folding chairs

In AA meetings, a writer gets personal with the ubiquitous metal folding chair.

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This is what homelessness looks like for my mom

She drives a Mercedes SUV. She just also happened to live in it.

I watched ‘Fixer Upper’ for the first time and this is what I thought

As an editor at a website about all things related to the home, I had never watched a single episode of Fixer Upper. So with the show coming to a close, what better time than now?

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Inside Texas’s largest furniture store

Everything here is almost entirely disposable—and that’s the point.

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‘Tiny House Hunters’ and the shrinking American dream

"It is painfully transparent that people with tiny house budgets often have McMansion dreams"

Houston after Harvey

The country’s largest city without zoning laws is at a development crossroads

This smart electric bike made my commute effortless

The Copenhagen Wheel turns any bike into an electric bike thanks to a high-tech, battery-powered motor.

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I lived out an LA nightmare by commuting from East Hollywood to Santa Monica

It’s a drive that tests your Los Angeles navigation skills and your patience.

My 20-mile walk around Portland

`Walking is how I’ve come to understand not only cities, but my place within them`

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Riding Angels Flight 20 years ago

For me, the 1996 reopening was special.

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We're first-time home buyers in LA. Which of these 5 houses did we buy?

We looked at properties in South LA and the Valley priced below $500,000. Cast your vote for the house you think we bought.

How I found the 350-square-foot studio apartment I didn’t know I wanted

After a fire, a writer decides—with help and luck—to trade rental life for homeownership.

Our fridges, ourselves

After moving in with an expat, writer Jessica Furseth learns how much of what we do, think, and prefer in our homes is culture, not nature.

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What it’s like to buy a house in LA

A Los Angeles native solicits expert advice and details what it’s like to find a home on a budget of $480,000.

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Buying a house in LA: How I managed to put just 4 percent down

Looking for some insight into real-life buying options? We saved about $25,000 and were approved for a FHA loan of $480,000.

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Buying a house in LA: How I saved for a down payment

My husband and I are in escrow on a house right now. Here’s how much we saved, plus some advice from experts.