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First-Time Homebuying

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The Detroit Land Bank and its many controversies, explained

Since its creation in 2011, the quasi-public authority has continually faced criticism.

We want to hear your homebuying story

Curbed is seeking the stories of first-time homebuyers across the country.

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8 first-time homebuyer programs for the Boston area

Wary of the high barriers to housing entry? Try these local, state, and federal programs to try to get around challenges such as high down payments and closing costs.

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How to find the right homebuying assistance program in Chicago

Buying a house is expensive—these state and city programs could help.

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How to find affordable housing in Austin

We’ve compiled a list of affordable housing programs, from ones that target low-income earners and families to individuals with middle-class incomes.

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New York City’s affordable HDFC co-ops, explained

Everything you need to know about HDFC apartments in New York City, including income requirements and how to find affordable co-ops.

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How to find affordable housing in the Boston area

Looking for breaks in Cambridge, Somerville, Boston proper, and elsewhere? We have intel on applying for subsidized and set-aside units in one of the most expensive housing markets in the U.S.

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7 first-time homebuyer programs in NYC

Having trouble coming up with a down payment? These programs will help.

8 ways to stalk the home of your dreams online

Here are a few tips on how to scour the web to uncover everything you need to know about a property and its owner—all before making an offer.

How to buy a home when you still have student loan debt

Millennials looking to purchase their first house are faced with a challenge unique to their generation: sizable student loans.

How to get a mortgage when you’re self-employed

Yes, it’s possible, but you’ll have to do more paperwork than the average homebuyer. Here’s your strategy to put your best foot forward to the bank.

Considering a fixer-upper? Here’s what you need to know

Working on a fixer-upper may sound like fun, but the overhaul process can quickly overwhelm.

Should you buy a home in 2020?

Homebuying is no longer just about making a sound investment. Increasingly, it’s about the right way to put down roots.

The pros and cons of homeownership in 2020

Homeownership used to be part of the American dream. Now it’s both a dream and a nightmare.

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Should you buy a home in Detroit in 2020?

We surveyed a broad group of housing experts—realtors, developers, urban planners, and housing activists—to hash out what it means to buy in Detroit right now.

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Should you buy a home in SF in 2020?

With soaring home prices and an influx of well-to-do buyers throwing cash at sellers, it’s hard for any low- to middle-class buyer to compete in a city that was once prized for its "all are welcome" attitude.

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Should you buy a home in Chicago in 2020?

We surveyed a broad group of housing experts—real estate agents, residential developers, and housing policymakers—to hash out what it means to buy in Chicago right now.

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Should you buy a home in Boston in 2020?

The Boston region is one of the most expensive housing markets in the U.S. Does it make sense to buy a home?

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Should you buy a home in LA in 2020?

The decision to buy a home in a region in the throes of a housing crisis is much more than a financial one. And it’s not one that can be answered with a simple "yes" or "no."

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Should you buy a home in Austin in 2020?

When it comes to Austin homebuying, it’s easy to worry that you’ve waited too long or that the market has peaked. But has it? Six experts weigh in.

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Should you buy a home in NYC in 2020?

For many NYC residents, buying a home seems like a pipe dream. But if you’re contemplating becoming a homeowner, here’s what to consider this year.

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Should you buy a home in Atlanta in 2020?

After roughly a decade of economic upswing, it’s not clear whether it’s a smart move to buy property in Atlanta. Nine experts weigh in.

What to expect from your home inspection

Before you place a bid on your dream home, here are a few things to know about home inspections—and why they’re so important.

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Where to look for lawns in Boston

Certain neighborhoods in the city—including West Roxbury and Roslindale—lend themselves to the bucolic expanses.

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Everything you need to know about Boston triple-deckers

From key features to costs to financing options to the pros and cons of owning the famous housing type—it’s all here.

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A guide to NYC’s major apartment-finding websites

Looking for a new apartment? Bookmark these sites (or download these apps) to stay on top of what’s new to the market.

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The best apps for buying a home in Austin

Looking for a home but don’t know where to start? Let these apps and websites guide you.

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The best apps and websites for buying a home in SF

If you’ve got money to burn, try these sites to find a new home.

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The 5 best homebuying apps for the Boston region

Given the region’s high prices and its diverse housing stock, even starting a homebuying search can be a headache. These sites ease you in.

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Where to look when you’re looking for a loft in Boston

Certain neighborhoods in the city—including the Leather District and the southern slice of Dorchester—lend themselves to the cavernous housing type.

Home inspections 101: What to look out for

Big ticket problems, like shoddy electrical wiring or an unstable foundation, can affect the livability of a home. Here are 13 things that warrant extra attention during your home inspection.

How to pick a neighborhood to call home

Follow this expert advice to assess a new neighborhood’s value and livability.

10 things to watch out for the first time you view a home

Spot the good, bad, and expensive before making an offer.

Is a condo or co-op right for you?

Ask yourself these questions before placing offer on a new home.

Is a homeowners' association right for you?

HOAs can provide security and amenities, but they’ll likely dictate things like house color and landscaping. Understanding the intricacies—and fees—involved with living in a planned community is important.

5 tips on finding a buyer’s broker

Buying a home can be difficult, stressful, and unpredictable. But there’s relief in sight, and that comes in the form of a good real estate agent.

What you need to know before buying homeowners insurance

Not all insurance policies are created equal. We went to the experts to answer all your questions about homeowners insurance.

8 questions to ask before buying your first home

To help first-time homebuyers figure out if they're ready to buy, we queried real estate experts to compile the key questions every potential homeowner should ask before sealing the deal—the most important one may surprise you.

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11 great Chicago starter homes for sale right now

These Chicago pads are perfect for first-time home buyers.