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First-Time Homebuying

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Across LA, 13 cute starter homes for sale right now

From Long Beach to Burbank, and all priced at $699,000 or less.

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A first-timer’s guide to buying a home in Philly

Local experts answer every question you’ve ever had about buying a home in Philadelphia, from down payments to making your offer stand out from the rest.

Starter Homes 'R' Us

Take a deep dive into the state of first-time homebuying in the United States: Can you actually afford to buy a house? Where should you look? And is it too late to get in the game?

Where should you buy your first home?

To help you narrow down the options of where you should buy your first home, we put together a 10-question quiz based on a recent report about the most college graduate-friendly cities.

Buyer Beware: An Onscreen Homeownership Primer

These nine movies play up the anxieties (sometimes to disastrous effect) that accompany making that first real estate purchase—or simply moving into a new house, or renovating a dilapidated one. Consider them cautionary tales.

Millennials look to the suburbs, not cities, for first homes

For years, the conventional wisdom has been that millennials prefer urban living and the culture of the big cities, but as millennials age, and more marry and consider starting families, the numbers tell a different story.

Starter homes around the world

A longer, narrower road to homeownership may be the new reality for most younger Americans, but what’s the situation like in other cities around the world? To get a taste, Curbed talked to real estate agents in half a dozen global cities.

Starter homes in the United States: By the numbers

Zillow provided Curbed with more than 20 years of market data for the top 35 largest metro areas in the country, and we took a deep dive to see how starter home prices have changed over the last two decades.

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10 great New York City starter homes

NYC may not be a place where the concept of a "starter home" feels very relevant, but there are good deals to be had for first-time buyers who may be looking for nicely-sized apartments at a good price. Here are 10 great listings.

6 common mistakes first-time homebuyers make

Making the wrong move in a saturated housing market leads to financial remorse or house buying misery. To prevent this agony, here are six common mistakes you should avoid as a first-time buyer.

Where to buy affordable home essentials, from furniture to kitchenware

A brief guide to buying quality items at retailers from Ikea to Target, West Elm, and more. Here now, where to buy key items for every room in your new home.

A step-by-step guide to the homebuying process

Assuming the title of homeowner is one of the most significant financial commitments you will ever make, and the process can get messy if you’re not properly prepared. Here's a breakdown of what to expect.

The basics of getting a mortgage

Creating a timeline, educating yourself about the market, and understanding your unique financial situation and budget will make the mortgage process easier.