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Glammed-up 1920s Mission-Revival in Glendale asking $1.8M

Four bedrooms, four baths, picture windows, and lovely vistas.

Did someone order a portable pizza oven?

As gadgets that answer questions no one asked go, this one at least offers cheesy, crusty pizza.

Alvar Aalto's iconic Stool 60 gets cool-kid cred from streetwear brand Supreme

Calling all hypebeasts looking to furnish your pads: This is the collaboration you didn’t know you’ve been waiting for.

Pulley-operated elevator lets you sit to go up stairs

The Vertiwalk allows people to move between the floors of a building with only ten percent of the effort needed to climb stairs.

10 of the most lavish NFL player homes

From Adrian Peterson’s Texas estate to Tom Brady’s new NYC condo, here’s a look back at the most over-the-top homes bought, sold, and listed by NFL players in 2016.

Colorado ski resort closes because of too much snow

Cue all the truisms about having "too much of a good thing," because a Colorado ski resort has received so much snow it’s been forced to close operations.

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There’s a Mandy Moore mural in someone’s shower in Queens

Stay weird, New York.

This 1960s grocery store looks like a set straight out of a zombie movie

Built in the 1960s by Meliton and Yolanda Vigil, the 1,693-square-foot market operated for over 40 years until Yolanda’s death in 2007, adapting with the times first by selling pantry staples, then acting as a convenience store in later years.

Facebook's new home assistant uses Morgan Freeman's voice

What voice do we want responding to our orders to dim the lights? Facebook’s new AI talks back in the voice of God. Or at least someone who played him once in a movie once.

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An HGTV show is coming to D.C.

The nation’s capital doesn’t usually get film crews in the city, but, next month, a new HGTV show will make its premiere. The show, D.C. Flippers, will run its pilot episode on January 8 at 2 p.m. EST. The show will be hosted by Ati and Rob Williams.

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Finally, someone is building a model of D.C. in Minecraft

The Washington, D.C. Metro area is going virtual, thanks to one Minecraft architect, called Thor_IAD. The player revealed his efforts to recreate the region in the popular sandbox video game on the Washington, D.C. section of Reddit.

This swan ladle and tilting wine holder will never fall down

Swanky is a swan-shaped ladle that floats upright in a pot of soup, or balances on a table top.

Hey Kanye: Here's a mood board to help that room come together

Kanye West is starting his interior decorating scheme from scratch and we thought we’d help.

Kendall Jenner buys a ‘groovy’ $52,000 sofa

The "large woven nest" is made of shiny blue velvet. "As soon as I saw the couch, I fell in love," says Jenner. Who wouldn’t?

The ultimate holiday gift: A rose gold private plane

Though it’s no Hyperloop One, the pilot-and-three-passenger conveyance is one of the fastest piston aircrafts in the world.

Brangelina (RIP) is selling their enchanting French chateau

It appears that divorce proceedings are well underway for former super-star couple Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt.

A 760-acre Scottish island is the best way to spend $2.4M

Off-grid in the Summer Isles

Breaking: We are moving to Mars

See you guys there.

Ask Flipped: Why do these twin girls keep showing up in the hallway of my hotel?

And do I really have to "come play with [them]"?

$32M Texas mansion has waterpark, in-ground trampoline in backyard

It’s the mullet of mansions: business in the front, party in the back.

Remote Ohio castle now costs only $349,500

It's about as secluded as castles get.

Now Hermione Granger’s Muggle home is on the market too

Famous wizards’ pre-Hogwarts house are hitting the market left and right.

Cal Ripken Jr.’s house comes with a baseball diamond, asks $12.5 million

Ripken’s Maryland mansion is the ultimate athlete residence.

Great Wall of China gets covered in cement, does not look great

The "repairs" were made in 2014, but have only recently come to light.

Tragically unwanted basket building headed to foreclosure

The Longaberger Company Headquarters has dropped its price from $7.5M to $5M.

Do you want a virtual tour of Patrick Bateman’s American Psycho apartment?

It’s tiny bit weird if you do, but here you go.

The Dursleys’ house from Harry Potter is on the market for £475,000

Accio down payment!

Ask Flipped: Should I make a new bed every day?

Seems like a lot of work.

This $2.75M North Carolina mansion sure is... homey

Cold... so cold...

Moby on Zaha Hadid hotel: ‘sleeping in a dumpster would have been more comfortable’

Moby did not enjoy the Hotel Puerta America in Madrid.

Ask Flipped: How do I clean under my floors?

And what about what’s under that?

Mansion from TV series ‘Dallas’ asks $12.95 million

Who shot J.R.? Was it one of the six bathrooms?

People apparently want this smartphone case that sticks to stuff

"Why aren’t iPhones sticky?" is a thing that we guess some people are asking.

Jackie Kennedy’s Virginia ranch is on the market for $6 million

Jacqueline Kennedy herself designed the home.

New Mexico house camouflages into limestone surroundings, asks $565K

The house is yours for under $600,000... if you can find it.

Sorry, children: the standing desks are coming for you, too

No one is safe.

Ask Flipped: Is it tacky to put balustrades in my turrets?

I’m worried what my peasant neighbors will think of me.

Incredible: confused man converts house into old airplane

He does not understand this trend at all.

$4.9M California compound is a ‘tribute to Mother Earth’

We’re not sure how, exactly, but it is a pretty spectacular house.