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$7M Upper East Side condo has spooky-yet-whimsical vibe

It’s Elvira-meets-Dr. Seuss in this dark and whimsical Upper East Side condo, now on the market for $6.9M. Leather-padded walls, anyone?

Smartwatch chargers are the next household items to levitate

Soon, everything we own will be hovering a few inches from its magnetic dock.

We would like to apply to be the ‘Night Czar’ of London

Dear Mayor Sadiq Khan...

Disposable bedsheets for college kids are now a thing

So are bedsheets made out of silver. It’s a big week for ridiculous sheets.

Riley Curry’s playhouse is incredible

Steph Curry’s daughter has a playhouse that’s more luxurious than most New York City apartments

Portable air conditioner predictably raises a ton of money on Kickstarter

Yup, this all seems about right.

Michael Heizer is the manliest artist in history, apparently

Just reading this profile will put hair on your chest.

Ceiling murals and bathroom statues abound in this Texas mansion

A classic of the Over The Top Texas Mansion school of architecture and design.

This mansion is perfect if you like being emotionless in the desert

This is one cold, cold house.

Here it is: The Shed of the Year

It seems like only yesterday that they were crowning last year’s shed.

This Las Vegas house has the best nuclear bunker of all time

How many nuclear bunkers could accurately be described as fun?

Ask Flipped: Help! There’s a fire in my decorative wall cutout

How do I put it out? And what if it melts all these marshmallows I have sitting around?

Naked Donald Trump statues appear in five major cities

How nice for those cities.

Which Mars neighborhood do you want to live in?

Better chose now, before they start to gentrify.

There is a luxury hotel in Antarctica

No more having to stay in those run-down Antarctican motels when we visit.

Update: zero people have contributed to the Indiegogo to buy Tom Ford’s ranch

Guys, what’s going on? Don’t you want to pay $97,000 for a one-week hotel stay?

Anyone looking for an Ontario house with a nice nuclear bunker?

Survive the apocalypse in style.

Sculptural frame makes real objects move in slow motion

Finally, a picture frame that allows you to control time.

Kris Jenner is reading a book about “Le Courvoisier”

It’s a mistake that anyone could make, if they’d just watched The Ladies Man.

Some guy is trying to crowdfund $75M to buy Tom Ford’s ranch

If this is a joke, it’s an extremely dry one.

Nobody Wants to Buy the Mansion from Scarface

Eclectic Vermont castle is perfect for the modern Merlin

For the modern non-wizard...maybe not quite as much.

Get a load of Tom Ford’s $75 million Tadao Ando-designed ranch

This property is incredible.

Surprise: IKEA furniture does not get easier to assemble when you take LSD

But, actual surprise: it’s not impossible.

Want to see the Hawaiian estate Justin Bieber is renting?

We bet you do.

This Kickstarter lets you grow a chair out of grass

The chair blends seamlessly with the ground.

Luis Barragán’s ashes were turned into a diamond and his family is not happy

It's a classic case of architect-turned-into-diamond-family-dispute.

Historic British tower asks $1.4 million

Great for any witches looking to imprison fairy tale princesses.

Could this be the world’s worst apartment?

If it’s not, we don’t want to find out what is.

Emoji Soaps probably look pretty scary after a couple of uses

Have you ever felt like torturing some emojis?

Ask Flipped: Just out of curiosity, how do you remove blood stains?

Just a totally hypothetical question about a specific type of blood stain.

Redwood, glass, and marble mansion in San Diego asks a mere $85M

What a deal!

People are actually going to be buried on the moon

This is apparently a thing that people really want.

This small storage container has raised $17k and counting on Kickstarter

People have apparently been waiting for the invention of a very small box.

Ikea Australia is open to letting Kanye create

Or, at least, whoever runs their Facebook account is into the idea.

$55 million California mansion is perversely incredible

To say that this place is gilded is putting it lightly.

Kanye West wants to design for Ikea, invent wall-mounted TVs

Ikea, allow Kånjë to create!

What if all the major cities were Tokyo-ized?

There would be a lot more signage, for one thing.

Ask Flipped: My house in infested with ants that refuse to pay rent

How do I get these ants to chip in their fair share?