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Phallus-shaped Australian house was apparently designed like that on purpose

That makes it...better?

Could Very Big Houses be the new Tiny Homes?

A new trend is sweeping the nation.

$900K English home is a genuine luxury hobbit hole

We hope hobbits like swimming.

4 historical sites we should protect in addition to the moon

Why stop at the site of the moon landing?

Rio Olympic Committee is probably worse than your landlord

Even the world's best athletes have to deal with crappy landlords.

This is probably the most boat-themed house ever

Insofar as it is actually a boat.

Do you want your drinking cups to levitate?

Now there’s a way. But also, why?

Ask Flipped: What kind of weird chair is this?

I found this crazy chair, and it’s super long and soft.

Top 5 buildings designed by architecture school grad Melania Trump

Melania told us she designed all these buildings, and we’re inclined to believe her.

10 wacky work surfaces inspired by the standing desk trend

Look at what the standing desk has wrought.

New Zealand just crowdfunded a new national park

Meanwhile, in the United States...

Tom Sachs reminds us all: Always Be Knolling

Because "always be arranging like objects in parallel or 90-degree angles" is too much of a mouthful.

Johnny Depp lists French village for $55M because it didn’t sell for $26M

It’s a classic real estate tactic: when your property doesn’t sell, just double the price.

You need to see this Oklahoma house built ‘in the shape of a fishing reel’

It’s on the market for $6 million, and was built for the founder of a fishing reel company.

At least the Four Seasons pool is getting some use before the restaurant closes

Landlord Aby Rosen is not happy.

Silence of the Lambs house finally sells

It went for $195,00, about two thirds of the original asking price.

Here are all the Star Wars Land images Disney has released so far

Each one is more fantastical than the last.

China’s ban on ‘weird architecture’ is not going particularly well

It seems unlikely that this toilet-shaped building is in compliance with the new rules.

Dubai’s artificial hotel rainforest will look like this

It’s going to include life-size dinosaurs, of course.

Let’s all just watch a drone fly around European castles

We deserve it.

There is an semi-abandoned replica of Paris in China and it’s incredible

The project might not have gone as planned, but it makes a great backdrop for a music video.

How to build your own backyard pool

A summer of fun awaits!

This is the perfect furniture for sitting in the ocean

Really ties the ocean together.

A woodsy A-frame for the modern wicked witch

Because witches shouldn’t have to live in curving, stone cottages.

Noah’s Ark is open for business

The project has already sparked controversy.

Ask Flipped: Can I build a treehouse in a shrub?

Is there such a thing as a shrubhouse?

You can buy an entire Colorado ghost town on Craigslist for $350k

The town was abandoned in the 1970s after a grisly murder.

Furniture makers have invented a way to sit on stuff that looks like other stuff

Want to sit on an ear of corn? Now’s your chance.

China’s most expensive home costs $154 million

If you’re paying that much for a house, you better believe it comes with a mist-covered pond.

Ask Flipped: How should I store my book?

I recently got a book. What do I do with it?

Game of Thrones, Season 6, Episode 10: Decor Recap

For sale: one Sept of Baelor, slightly damaged.

Independence Day 2 has us wondering who hates architecture more: aliens, asteroids, or ghosts?

In honor of Independence Day 2, we explore who has the worst track record of destroying architecture in movies.

Nothing is creepier than a dishwashing dog robot

Let’s torture it by making it slip on banana peels repeatedly.

Ask Flipped: If I get my son a Murphy Bed will he turn into a 1930s slapstick comedian?

I’m worried this type of bed will encourage too many pratfalls

Let us all one day have as much fun as the listing agent for this house did

"Then, wait. You hear it, an audible gasp! It's the immense fireplace!"

The Idaho Castle Is on the market for $769,000

Whoever named this castle did an A+ job.

This sassy bear elevator is our new favorite elevator

The lifting of the paw really makes it.

Floating house with retractable legs is designed for the floods to come

The conceptual renderings imagine a bleak future with awesome houses.

Smart baby monitor will make your kid go to sleep

It uses light, ambient noises, and lullabies.