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Frank Lloyd Wright Week

For Frank Lloyd Wright's 150th birthday, Curbed is celebrating the life and work of the legendary American architect who brought us the Prairie School movement. Join us in exploring all things Wright this week.

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Exploring Frank Lloyd Wright's Oak Park

Whether self-guided or as part of a tour, there’s no better place to witness Wright’s evolution as an architect.

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The history of the Guggenheim Museum’s iconic New York City building

As the Guggenheim Museum prepares for its 60th anniversary, learn about its iconic NYC building, designed by Frank Lloyd Wright.

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Frank Lloyd Wright exhibit opens at District Architecture Center

Focused on Wright’s interior designs, the free exhibit runs through September 6

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Frank Lloyd Wright’s NYC-area houses, mapped

Wright may not have loved New York City, but you’ll find plenty of his homes just outside the five boroughs.


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Tour Frank Lloyd Wright’s Hollyhock House, restored to its 1920s beauty

The architect’s first LA project has been named a UNESCO World Heritage site.

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Frank Lloyd Wright's 5 closest homes to Seattle, mapped

He doesn’t have a huge presence in the Pacific Northwest—but there are a few homes around.

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Frank Lloyd Wright in 45 essential works

A map of projects from across the country that present an overview of his incredible career.

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Rent-a-Wright: A look at 8 Chicago-area Prairie School event spaces

While Chicago has no shortage of picturesque event venues, the Windy City also features several rentable spaces designed or influenced by the legendary architect.

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5 Frank Lloyd Wright-inspired homes for sale across South Florida, mapped

As many architectural fanatics are aware, Thursday marked the 150th birthday of Frank Lloyd Wright. The legendary architect might’ve passed away in 1959 but his organic architectural philosophy lives on...

Frank Lloyd Wright’s lost inflatable architecture

His idea for a plastic dome showcased his desire to make architecture affordable

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5 Frank Lloyd Wright-inspired homes for sale around Philly

From a fixer-upper to a ranch-style home, all of these homes claim to be inspired by the work of Frank Lloyd Wright.

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Frank Lloyd Wright’s one Massachusetts work is a modest house in Amherst

June 8 is the 150th anniversary of the birth of the famed architect, who designed more than 1,000 properties, hundreds of which came to fruition. Only one, though, went up in our fair commonwealth.

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How Louis Sullivan's organic architecture inspired Frank Lloyd Wright's Prairie School

Frank Lloyd Wright’s years working under Sullivan helped to shape the young architect’s design ethos.

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A brief history of Frank Lloyd Wright’s little-known ‘Ardmore Experiment’

The four homes are one of the few Wright-designed homes on the outskirts of Philly.

Frank Lloyd Wright’s forgotten Hollywood sandcastle

I lived next door to Wright’s least-famous textile-block house—and it shaped my career

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Usonia now

Is this experimental Frank Lloyd Wright community now just another Westchester suburb?

On the road with Frank Lloyd Wright

The architect’s annual pilgrimages between Wisconsin and Arizona combined his passions: cars, architecture, and the American landscape

A Frank Lloyd Wright family tree

Wright had notoriously complex relationships with his students and disciples. Here, we map the web of his architectural influence.

Meet Marion Mahony Griffin, Frank Lloyd Wright’s best frenemy

The two architects are forever intertwined

An illustrated guide to Frank Lloyd Wright

Get to know the architect’s signature buildings

Becoming Frank Lloyd Wright

Finding the origins of the architect’s famous work

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Restoration done Wright: A look inside Unity Temple

Regarded as one of Frank Lloyd Wright’s most important works, Oak Park’s Unity Temple prepares to reopen this week.

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Frank Lloyd Wright homes for sale around Chicago

If you’re looking for a house designed by Frank Lloyd Wright, you have some options.

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Welcome to Curbed’s first-ever Frank Lloyd Wright Week, starting now!

We’re celebrating the 150th birthday of the legendary architect in a big way.

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Frank Lloyd Wright house becomes architect's family home in Lake Forest

In Lake Forest, Illinois, an architect discovers a Frank Lloyd Wright home—and takes on the project of a lifetime.

Tour Frank Lloyd Wright’s final residential design, the Riverrock House

The original plans and site are still for sale