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Frank Lloyd Wright

Frank Lloyd Wright’s Final Design, Auctioned Last Year for $1.7M, Now Asks $8M. Huh?

The curving home personifies Wright’s late-career design. But what prompted the huge price increase? 

Frank Lloyd Wright Usonian (Built With Red Tidewater Cypress) Asks $425K in Wisconsin

This Usonian two hours north of Madison, Wisconsin, features Wright trademarks like a long horizontal roof and clerestory windows.

Frank Lloyd Wright House With Cathedral-Like Living Room Asks $2.3M

A Wright-designed Usonian just hit the market in Lake Forest, about 45 minutes north of Chicago.

Frank Lloyd Wright-inspired home on private island now wants $10M

The posthumously-built Wright design features a cantilevered section that juts out 28 feet over the lake.

Striking Frank Lloyd Wright home now wants $2.75M

Designed by Frank Lloyd Wright in 1951, the house first hit the market in 2018 for $3.4 million, but it’s now for sale at a discount.

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12 Frank Lloyd Wright homes you can rent right now

From a Wisconsin cabin to a stunning Hawaiian house, we’ve rounded up 12 homes designed by Frank Lloyd Wright for your next vacation.

Frank Lloyd Wright’s final home sells for $1.7M at auction

Emerging from the side of a mountain and framing a 180-degree-view of the landscape, the home features a series of concentric circles and geometric cut-out windows.

New Frank Lloyd Wright bio looks beyond ego, seeking architect’s ’humanity’

Paul Hendrickson’s "Plagued by Fire" offers storytelling befitting of the self-mythologizing architecture icon.

Nab this Frank Lloyd Wright Usonian in an upcoming auction

Once described by Wright as a "little gem," the three-bedroom, three-bath home in Kansas City will be sold at a no-reserve auction.

8 Frank Lloyd Wright designs named World Heritage Sites, rare honor for modern architecture

Rare designation honors work of American architect and its "outstanding universal value" to all humanity.

Affordable housing by Frank Lloyd Wright? HUD may make it happen

The architect’s famous Price Tower in Oklahoma may get affordable apartments thanks to a federal grant.

Perfectly preserved Frank Lloyd Wright Usonian near NYC asks $1.2M

Located about 35 minutes from Manhattan by train, this unique hexagonal home by Wright features no right angles and patterned clerestory windows.

Prairie-style home by Frank Lloyd Wright apprentice asks $3M near New York City

Located about an hour west of Manhattan, this sprawling brick home features terrazzo floors, soaring ceilings, and Wright-designed furniture.

Artists turn Frank Lloyd Wright buildings into gorgeous screen-printed posters

The artworks, created in the style of 1930s Works Progress Administration travel posters, are part of a pop-up exhibition at Taliesin West.

Updated Frank Lloyd Wright Usonian asks $2.9M in Texas

One of only three Wright-designed homes in the Lone Star state, the 1955 Usonian boasts a contemporary 6,300-square-foot addition.

Rare Frank Lloyd Wright concrete house hits market for $1.2M

Designed in the Usonian Automatic style, the four-bedroom home was meant to be do-it-yourself construction.

A Frank Lloyd Wright resort in Pennsylvania adds a new home

At Polymath Park, visitors can spend a night staying in the architect’s homes, including the newly reconstructed Lindholm House.

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Frank Lloyd Wright in 45 essential works

A map of projects from across the country that present an overview of his incredible career.

Frank Lloyd Wright, the latest lifestyle home brand

New licensing push by Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation an effort to get more of architect’s relevant work into contemporary homes

1892 home by Frank Lloyd Wright wants $1.2M

Despite remodels over the years, the house still features plenty of Wright influence, including original fireplaces and light fixtures.

Buy your own Frank Lloyd Wright house for $695K

One of only three Wright homes built in Cincinnati, the Usonian house was designed to resemble a ship.

8 Frank Lloyd Wright buildings nominated to be World Heritage Sites

Among the buildings nominated are the Hollyhock House in LA, the Guggenheim in New York City, and, of course, Fallingwater.

Frank Lloyd Wright Usonian can be yours for $1.6M

The Kansas City home boasts clerestory windows, an open floor plan, and vast stone terraces.

Lost Frank Lloyd Wright buildings reimagined in new renderings

Spanish architect David Romero envisions never-built Wright designs, including one that looks strikingly similar to the Guggenheim.

Frank Lloyd Wright’s Barton House completes $2 million restoration

The house, built in 1903 in Buffalo, N.Y., is a shining example of Wright’s expertise in domestic architecture.

Spiraling Frank Lloyd Wright house can be yours for $12.9M

The David and Gladys Wright House is an early example of Wright’s late-career style, which realized its apex in the curving Guggenheim Museum.

Little-known Frank Lloyd Wright house hits the market for $1.2M

The Haddock House was originally designed by Wright in 1939 for a school teacher in Wisconsin. But it wasn’t built until 1979—in Michigan.

3 amazing Frank Lloyd Wright houses for sale right now

Here are three fantastic Wright creations that are still waiting to be snatched up.

Gorgeous Frank Lloyd Wright home wants $3.4M in Minneapolis

The Frieda and Henry J. Neils House in Minneapolis was designed in 1949 for a stone and architectural materials distributor and his wife.

Cranbrook acquires Frank Lloyd Wright’s Smith House

The school will offer tours from May to November.

Photographing Frank Lloyd Wright, a lensman sets out to capture every project

Andrew Pielage dreams of shooting all 531 Wright buildings still standing.

New Frank Lloyd Wright lesson plans to bring architecture into the classroom

Using Wright’s life and work to connect science and creativity in the classroom

Frank Lloyd Wright building expected to be demolished

Would be the first complete, viable, and intact Wright-designed building to meet the wrecking ball in more than 40 years

Frank Lloyd Wright’s Eppstein House is now available to rent

Marika Broere and Tony Hillebrandt painstakingly restored the three-bedroom in Galesburg, Michigan.

Frank Lloyd Wright's final home going back on the market for $3.25M

The circular Norman Lykes Home, Frank Lloyd Wright’s final residential design, is back on the market in Phoenix for a lower asking price of $3.25 million.

Frank Lloyd Wright home with mushroom roof asks $1.5M

Built in 1948, the Sol Friedman House boasts a unique floorplan of two intersecting circles topped by mushroom-like roofs.

Frank Lloyd Wright’s Penfield house is back on the market for $1.3M

Frank Lloyd Wright’s Louis Penfield House is back on the market with a significant price drop since the last time we saw it list back in 2014.

Frank Lloyd Wright-inspired homes on private island back on the market for $15M

Wright had originally designed a 5,000-square-foot residence in 1950, but when the owner realized he couldn’t afford the project, the architect was forced to build a smaller cottage instead.


New book lets you fold paper models of Frank Lloyd Wright masterpieces

While few can build full-scale replicas of Fallingwater, almost anyone with an X-Acto knife can now construct paper models of Wright’s most iconic buildings.