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Frank Lloyd Wright

All About Frank

In which Curbed critic Alexandra Lange reviews a Frank Lloyd Wright archival exhibition at MoMA marking the architect’s 150th birthday

11 Frank Lloyd Wright homes you can rent right now

From a Montana cabin to a stunning Hawaiian house, we’ve rounded up 11 homes designed by Frank Lloyd Wright that are ready for guests.

Frank Lloyd Wright’s lost inflatable architecture

His idea for a plastic dome showcased his desire to make architecture affordable

Frank Lloyd Wright home donated to School of Architecture at Taliesin

The David and Gladys Wright House in Phoenix will host community events and artists in residence

Frank Lloyd Wright at 150

The Curbed guide to the most famous architect in U.S. history

Frank Lloyd Wright’s forgotten Hollywood sandcastle

I lived next door to Wright’s least-famous textile-block house—and it shaped my career

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Usonia now

Is this experimental Frank Lloyd Wright community now just another Westchester suburb?

On the road with Frank Lloyd Wright

The architect’s annual pilgrimages between Wisconsin and Arizona combined his passions: cars, architecture, and the American landscape

A Frank Lloyd Wright family tree

Wright had notoriously complex relationships with his students and disciples. Here, we map the web of his architectural influence.

Meet Marion Mahony Griffin, Frank Lloyd Wright’s best frenemy

The two architects are forever intertwined

An illustrated guide to Frank Lloyd Wright

Get to know the architect’s signature buildings

Becoming Frank Lloyd Wright

Finding the origins of the architect’s famous work

Tour Frank Lloyd Wright’s final residential design, the Riverrock House

The original plans and site are still for sale

Frank Lloyd Wright’s Guggenheim Museum gets the Lego treatment

Here’s your chance to build Frank Lloyd Wright’s Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum with your own hands—in miniature, that is.

3 Frank Lloyd Wright Usonia community homes you can buy right now

Though these homes were not designed by Wright himself, their designs were approved by the architect, who also plotted out where each of them would be built within the 100-acre enclave.

Frank Lloyd Wright-approved home in Usonian community asks $1.2M

A home in the Frank Lloyd Wright Usonia community in Pleasantville, New York, has come on the market, and it bears the distinct influences of the architect.


Tour Frank Lloyd Wright’s iconic Guggenheim museum

The Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum is one of the most iconic buildings in New York City. But before the Frank Lloyd Wright-designed circular structure opened in 1959, the museum’s art collection had a couple of homes.

Frank Lloyd Wright’s Samara, a late-career gem in Indiana

A unique collaboration with clients resulted in showcase for Wright’s residential design

This gorgeous tiny shelter was designed by a Frank Lloyd Wright architecture school grad 

For decades, students at the Frank Lloyd Wright School of Architecture have created their own simple shelters. The latest structure is a beautiful oasis in the Sonoran Desert.

Elizabeth Gordon’s International Style

The legendary 'House Beautiful' editor had a complicated relationship with Frank Lloyd Wright—and global design

Buy Frank Lloyd Wright's textile designs from 1955

The collaboration was originally developed as part of the "Taliesin Ensemble," a collection of furnishings for people who did not have the privilege of living in one of his homes.

Stately '60s brick house was inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright's Robie House

It was designed by William H. Short, whom Wright tapped to implement and oversee construction of the Guggenheim Museum in New York City.

New app brings Frank Lloyd Wright landmark to your fingertips 

All about the architect’s Marin County Civic Center, the iOS and Android app offers drone footage, 360-degree tours, blueprints, and more.

How Frank Lloyd Wright’s early furniture designs reinforced his vision

The architect’s early interior work helped develop his idea for homes as total works of art.

Photos: a Frank Lloyd Wright-inspired mirror-clad house in California

Artist Doug Aitken’s "Mirage"—a low, mirror-clad house inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright’s residences—is in the Coachella Valley’s Desert X outdoor art show.

Original Frank Lloyd Wright home owners on living with design history

A new piece in WSJ magazine tracks down the original owners of Wright-designed private residences across the U.S. Today, there are just five such homes.

Unbuilt Frank Lloyd Wright chapel comes to life in new visualizations

David Romero has added a new visualization of a Frank Lloyd Wright design lost to time to his portfolio. This time, however, instead of recreating a once-standing building, Romero brought to life a design that was never built in the first place.

Incredible Frank Lloyd Wright house with 15 acres and waterfall asks $8M

The horseshoe-shaped house measures nearly 7,000 square feet and includes seven bedrooms and eight baths.

Is the world ready for Frank Lloyd Wright’s suburban utopia?

Inside the architect’s overlooked plan for Broadacre City

9 best Frank Lloyd Wright homes for sale in 2016

For enthusiasts of Frank Lloyd Wright and his extraordinary homes, 2016 offered what felt like an embarrassment of riches on the real estate front.

Long-lost Frank Lloyd Wright interiors reimagined in colorful renderings

Architect David Romero embarked on a remembrance of sorts for two long-gone Wright works, mocking up full-color visualizations for buildings we’ve only seen in black-and-white photography.

Quirky Cali midcentury by Frank Lloyd Wright apprentice asks $2.25M

This gorgeously weird timber house by architect Lee Aaron Ward, a onetime apprentice of Frank Lloyd Wright, has hit the market, and is quite the midcentury pad.

Frank Lloyd Wright’s forgotten prefabs

The American System-Built Homes were architect’s attempt to bring better housing to the masses.

One of Frank Lloyd Wright’s last buildings slated for demolition

Designed in 1958, the Lockridge Medical Center is a rare example of the architect’s work in Montana.

Frank Lloyd Wright hexagonal home up for sale in New Jersey

It is one of three remaining homes in the Garden State designed by the architect (a fourth was moved to Arkansas in 2014).

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Map: The essential Frank Lloyd Wright

Projects from across the country—which you can still visit—that present an overview of his incredible career

Exclusive: Tour Frank Lloyd Wright’s long-lost Canadian pavilion

The Frank Lloyd Wright Revival Institute recently received the green light to rebuild this Prairie-style recreation facility.

Restoration of Frank Lloyd Wright boathouse seeks to showcase small space design

Described by some as a "man cave," the small brick structure shows Wright working on a smaller scale, creating in tune with the landscape

Exclusive: Tour Frank Lloyd Wright’s unbuilt cooperative housing project

Created for a group of autoworkers and teachers near Detroit, these unbuilt homes show the architect designing for the common man.