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Furniture Week

Furniture Week

A celebration of sofas, side tables, and everything in between, with intel on where to shop and the best pieces to buy, no matter your budget.

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Scandinavian design and furniture company chooses Austin for its first showroom

A new Scandinavian commercial interior design company focused on workplace wellness will open a showroom—the company’s first—in a renovated warehouse on East Sixth Street in Austin.

Ask Flipped: What kind of weird chair is this?

I found this crazy chair, and it’s super long and soft.

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Tips for designing and decorating your interior space

Expert advice for designing every room in your home.

The 8 most important principles of interior design

To find interior design nirvana, experts always follow these eight underlying principles. Space planning is key, and less really is often more.

10 stylish beds under $1,000

We’ve sleuthed the 10 best king- and queen-sized beds in a variety of styles, ranging from simple platforms and tufted headboards, to steel-frames and sturdy all-wood options that cost under $1,000 and start as low as $200.

How LA's outdoor furniture creates a more livable city

Street furniture can be a transformative part of an urban experience. Thanks to some smart approaches to the way our streets are being redesigned, cities are slowly moving beyond the "have a seat, but not for too long" mentality.

9 cool online stores for home decor and high design

From handcrafted artisanal chairs to sleek ceramic objects 3D printed on-demand, the wares in these online stores are worth a look.

What's your spirit decor? Take our quiz to find out!

Shake our design experts' Magic 8 Ball to determine what interior design style most suits your personality.

10 earthy pieces fit for a modern adobe

Earth tones are your friend, as are durable materials that won’t look faded when exposed to the elements. You eschew tropical plants for cacti and high-pile textiles for flatweaves and raw hides.

10 essentials for a high-tech home

Incorporating scrappy DIY tactics to hack together your surroundings, you can envision a future that’s part tech and part homemade.

10 minimalist buys for Scandinavian-inspired decor

You hate clutter, believe in the didactic power of good design, and subscribe to several independent magazines that you may have Instagrammed in a stacked vignette.

10 fashionable home essentials perfect for trendsetters

You stay on top of trends and don’t have any sacred cows once you’re over them (buh-bye, white subway tile). That means you’re flexible, and like to adapt your environment to suit what feels new and now.

10 essentials for Milanese glam decor

Your background may be well-heeled haute bourgeoisie, but your eye favors cutting-edge fashion.

10 heirloom-quality pieces for the modern home

You mix handcrafted, heirloom-quality pieces like sideboards and secretaries with clean lines and Shaker-inspired woodwork, and toe the line between decorative and functional.

8 high impact rugs for less than $500

Rugs are notoriously expensive, but it is possible to get big impact for a low price. All eight of the styles here are under $500, including area rugs as big as 8’ by 10’.

The road to Ikea

The world’s largest furniture retailer was born in Almhult, Sweden, where a new museum celebrates the Ikea brand.

10 wacky work surfaces inspired by the standing desk trend

Look at what the standing desk has wrought.

2016's most noteworthy furniture trends

We've tallied the biggest colors, textures, materials, and overall trends shaping the furniture industry for 2016. Here's what to look out for.

Furniture from new Chinese startup may soon be available in the U.S.

Demand for high-quality, design-forward, western-style furniture is increasing in China, where the growth of the urban middle class continues to explode. Because of the country’s massive manufacturing capabilities and consumer base, its fledgling brands are able to operate—and grow—at an unprecedented pace.

A Detroit upstart wants to change how we furnish our homes

Millennials are said to be the moving generation and, as it turns out, neither traditional furniture—nor DIY, blown-up-Lego furniture—matches their needs.

The best lamps for less than $150

Big or small, lamps don’t have to be costly to look good and do their job. Case in point, everything you’ll find here is under $150—with options starting at $25—fit for bedrooms, living rooms, dens, and desks.

Quiz: Which iconic chair are you?

Whether at home, at the office, or in the car, it’s undeniable that we spend a good chunk of our lives sitting down. So we put together a quiz to see which chair best fits you.

The 7 best Etsy furniture shops

Etsy can be a boon for furniture shoppers, especially those who define their home decor aesthetic with words like "midcentury," "reclaimed," or "rustic-industrial." Here are 7 fab places to start.

Beautifully restored George Nelson home includes original furniture for $450K

This dream house by architect and American Modernist George Nelson in Kalamazoo, Michigan was originally designed in 1955 for family friends James and Sally Kirkpatrick, who was college roommates with George’s wife Frances.

Tom Sachs reminds us all: Always Be Knolling

Because "always be arranging like objects in parallel or 90-degree angles" is too much of a mouthful.

8 coffee tables for less than $300

These eight coffee tables will set you back less than $300 each. Options in wood, steel, and glass are all in play, including classic shapes in new colors, and styles with an extra shelf.

Welcome to Furniture Week!

All week long, Curbed is bringing you tips for where to get the most furniture bang for your buck, as well as the stories of companies and craftspeople changing the way we design, manufacture, sell, and buy furnishings.