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Home Gardening

Home Gardening

What you need to know about your outdoor space, from designing an urban garden to furnishing a backyard.

How to pick the best outdoor furniture at any budget

We break down the different types of outdoor furniture—like teak, aluminum, and wicker—and share over a dozen picks at various price points.

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Where to buy plants online

Your best bets for houseplants that can be shipped directly to your door.

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The city dweller’s guide to gardening

We’ve compiled the best advice and products for urban dwellers in tight spaces spaces.

How to shop for plants online

The internet can’t replace a nursery, but it can make plant shopping much easier. Here are some tips to get you started.

How to buy quality outdoor furniture

The outdoor furniture market is booming. These tips will help you navigate the scene.

How to grow a garden: Three important factors to consider before you plant

You need to spend some time thinking about your dirt, and figure out just how committed you can be to a watering routine.

How to design a small urban garden in six steps

The creator of a lush 66-square-foot garden shares her tips and ideas for small green spaces.

Outdoor lighting: A beginner’s guide

To help you get started, we asked two experts for tips and advice on choosing outdoor lighting products for your home.

How to create your own drought-tolerant garden

We talked to landscape architects who work their magic in southern California’s dry climes

How to install a green roof on a private home

Creating a green roof is like "putting together an intricate jigsaw." Here, a New York architect and green roof pro walks through the process of designing and installing a lush living rooftop.

How to design the ultimate backyard retreat

When faced with a bare and unappealing yard or patio, it can be hard to see the potential for creating a dynamic and inviting outdoor room, but these seven tips will help you turn your backyard into an oasis.

How and why to shop at your local garden center

When shopping for plants, or just looking for some garden inspiration, your first stop should be your local nursery—here are four reasons why.

Where to start when designing your garden

Lauren Hall-Behrens, landscape designer and founder of Lilyvilla Gardens in Portland, Oregon, outlines nine guiding principles to follow when designing your garden.

Urban gardening: Tips and products for the space-starved

To help those with little to no outdoor space get started on growing this season, here are some new products for small-space/hydroponic growing, as well as advice from pro gardeners who specialize in city environments.