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Googie Architecture

Everything you need to know about LA's futurist architecture.

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The designer who gave Googie its flair

With Armet and Davis, Helen Liu Fong designed some of the most iconic cafes and diners in LA.

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An introduction to Googie, SoCal's signature architectural style

The bold designs captured the spirt of post-war futurism and enticed passing drivers to slow down and stop in.

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‘One of the most incredible iconic landmarks in our city’

Beverly Hills landmarks eye-catching Googie gas station designed by Gin Wong.

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The weird roadside architecture of Los Angeles

Thank car culture for these buildings shaped like giant donuts, tamales, and sail boats.

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Googie-style Norms on Pico Boulevard will close for good on Christmas Eve

LA Observed reports this morning that the Googie-style Norms diner on Pico Boulevard in Rancho Park, a neighborhood just south of Westwood, might shutter by the end of the month.