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Period Dramas

8 tips for buying antique furniture

One of our favorite places to furniture shop is at an antiques store or an auction house—but how can you tell trash from a treasure?

How a fashion designer transformed an 18th-century home into a dreamy inn 

After nearly 10 years at the helm of menswear design for J.Crew, Frank Muytjens left the brand in 2017. His next adventure? Creating a boutique in in the Berkshires.

Boardwalk Empire: Atlantic City and Coney Island

Not only the place for summertime amusement, the boardwalk arose out of practical—and political—purposes.

Tomb raiders: The clubhouses of Yale’s secret societies

From Skull and Bone to Scroll and Key and Berzelius, these clubhouses—referred to as tombs—are some of the most mysterious and intriguing buildings in New Haven.

14 of our favorite things from the Rockefeller online auction

From 17th-century Japanese porcelain to mahogany furniture, now’s your chance to live like a Rockefeller.

The hunt for vintage wallpaper: Where to find and how to decorate with it

If you’re in the market to buy antique wallpaper, be prepared to search high and low.

Restoring a historic house: 8 tips and tricks before getting started

Restoring a historic house can be one of the most exciting—and overwhelming—experiences. We spoke with interior designer Steven Gambrel about his must-know tips for taking on any project.

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The best David Adler houses on the market right now

Chicago-based architect David Adler had a career that spanned the first half of the 20th century. Here are some of his dreamiest designs up for grabs right now.

9 mansions that look even better in the snow

While many 18th-and-19th-century mansions were built as summer retreats, we think they look best after a fresh dusting of snow.

Why did Gilded Age mansions lose their luster?

When—and why—did these symbols of prestige become too much to maintain as private residences?

Aboard Titanic: Inside the luxurious ocean liners of the early 20th century

For a brief period of time, giant transatlantic liners dominated the Atlantic ocean, offering new levels of luxury. Here’s why.

3 historic Philadelphia townhouses you should buy

A clever solution to rising populations in the 18th century, trinity houses have become a charming symbol of Philly’s architectural heritage—and a few of them are for sale right now.

Decorating for Christmas at America’s largest Gilded Age mansion

"The tapestry gallery, lined with multiple 14-foot-tall trees, features a lot of branches and gilded turkey features."

Beyond fireplaces: How old houses were heated

It didn’t take long for people to realize fireplaces were inefficient. So, how did houses stay warm?

3 historic stone houses for sale right now

About 90 miles north of New York City is the stunning enclave of Ulster County, home to ruggedly bucolic landscapes—and some of the most stunning stone houses.

The spellbinding houses of ‘Hocus Pocus’

Whether it’s the wandering eye of Winifred Sanderson’s book or the impromptu musical number, everybody has a favorite bit of ‘Hocus Pocus.’ For us, it’s the houses.

3 saltbox colonial houses you can buy right now

Supposedly designed to avoid a tax imposed by Queen Anne, the saltbox is one of the coziest types of house—with some of the best fireplaces.

3 brick mansions by Mott Schmidt for sale right now

Once the opulence of the Gilded Age fell out of favor, the restrained elegance of Mott Schmidt’s work gained widespread popularity.

The whimsical world of garden follies

Popular in 18th century English gardens, follies took many forms—but all were meant to entertain, delight, and impress.

A guide to popular window types

From casement to sash to Palladian, this is your ultimate cheat-sheet for fans of fenestration.

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6 Gilded Age masterpieces by McKim Mead & White for sale right now

There’s perhaps no firm more closely associated with the Gilded Age than McKim, Mead, & White.

3 old houses for sale with gorgeous fireplaces

It’s getting to be that time of the year when you’ll want nothing more than to sit by a fireplace.

How to research your historic house in 7 easy steps

Researching your historic home is an exciting process—follow these basic steps to start digging into the past of the place you call home.

3 Gilded Age mansions for sale right now

There may be no more opulent time for architecture than the Gilded Age—and these mansions, from Newport to New York City, prove it.

How a small town escaped destruction by New York City

The town of Katonah stood directly in the way of New York City’s water system. To save the town, the residents picked up their houses and moved them with the help of horses.

3 historic houses on Cape Cod for sale right now

Not only is Cape Cod a quintessential summer escape—it’s also home to some of the oldest architecture on the East Coast.

How houses were cooled before air conditioning

Before the advent of modern air conditioning, people relied on architectural tips and tricks to keep themselves cool.

Inside the high-profile Gilded Age resort you’ve never heard of

A generation before the grand mansions of Newport were built, another town—Elberon, on the north coast of New Jersey—was having its moment of prosperity.

Revolutionary Homes: Three houses for sale that played a role in America’s past 

Not every artifact from U.S. history is behind glass in a museum.

Historic homes 101: What exactly is a summer kitchen?

Largely found in upstate New York and the Midwest, summer kitchens were used in the late-18th and early-19th centuries to separate kitchen activities from the rest of the house during the warmer months.

By the sea: Historic waterfront houses for sale right now

We’re ready to escape the city and head to the beach! Here are a few of our favorite old houses for sale right now—and all are on the waterfront.

What the smart home of 1895 was like

It seems like every day, a new piece of smart home tech is released—but these innovations are situated in a centuries-old tradition of making our lives at home easier.

3 lighthouses you can buy right now

Just in time for summer, these lighthouses—some working, some in need of a serious renovation—are primed to be gorgeous waterfront refuges.

7 movies to watch if you love old houses

From Grey Gardens to Pride & Prejudice and Clue, these movies simply wouldn’t be the same without the grand mansions in which they take place.

3 gorgeous farmhouses in New England on the market right now

The beginning of the 19th century saw an innovative type of farmhouse crop up in New England—one where you didn’t have to go outside to feed your horse.

7 must-watch TV shows for old house lovers

From rehabilitating neglected country houses in England to a vintage Martha Stewart special set in rural Connecticut, these shows are perfect for a rainy day—or any day.

3 shotgun houses in New Orleans you should buy right now

It’s almost impossible to go to New Orleans and not see a shotgun house. Colorful and typically narrow, these houses are all up for grabs.

Historic paints: Why they’re different and why it matters

Changing the color of a room today is a rather simple process—but it wasn’t always that way.

3 historic Shingle-style houses that are ready for summer

Popularized in the 1870s, the Shingle style excelled in seaside communities thanks to its open floorplan and informal personality. Here are a few on the market right now.