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Historic Preservation

The fascinating story of CIA headquarters’s oldest building

The CIA recently shared a gem of a tale about two remarkable women and one historic house on its 225-acre property.

Architecture on the air: The story of Open University’s televised classroom

A new exhibition looks at a pioneering, mixed-media college course exploring modern architecture.

Frank Lloyd Wright building expected to be demolished

Would be the first complete, viable, and intact Wright-designed building to meet the wrecking ball in more than 40 years

Historic Egyptian-style flax mill sold a day before auction

The gorgeous 1836 flax mill, once the largest room in the world, has been acquired by U.K. developer CEG.

Tax reform: Here are the housing measures Congress must reconcile

The historic tax credit, low-income housing tax credit, and the mortgage interest deduction are among the differences in the two bills

How historic preservation rebuilt a Pittsburgh neighborhood

Brick house by brick house, the award-winning effort to restore Hamnett Place offers a roadmap for creating affordable housing.

WeWork is moving into London’s revamped PoMo icon One Poultry

WeWork will soon move into the candy-striped, submarine-inspired building, which will have 110,000 square feet of office space.

African-American Cultural Heritage Action Fund launched to increase diversity in historic preservation

Protecting and preserving ‘the vital story of African-Americans and their enormous contributions to the idea of America.’

Tax reform: Here’s what the Senate bill means for housing

The bill retains the mortgage-interest deduction and private-activity bonds that fund low-income housing.

V&A museum saves portion of Brutalist icon under demolition

London’s V&A announced that it has acquired a three-story section of iconic Brutalist housing complex, Robin Hood Gardens, currently under demolition.

9 projects that reimagine old buildings, from factories to firehouses

To see how different spaces are being repurposed in cities across the U.S., we’ve rounded up 9 creative adaptive reuse projects.

Historic tax credit, engine for urban renewal, eliminated in tax reform plan

"Getting rid of it now threatens the economic revival that is evident in America’s cities and towns"

AIA urges the U.S. to continue support for UNESCO in statement

A statement from the organization underscores the importance of UNESCO’s preservation efforts.

A forgotten architect’s contributions to Gary, Indiana’s past

William Wilson Cooke designed many landmarks of the city’s African-American middle class.

25 heritage sites in need of protection around the world

This year’s list runs the gamut from aging architectural marvels to heritage sites threatened by continued armed conflict.

Brutalist landmark in Vancouver set to be demolished for luxury apartment towers

The 1970s Empire Landmark Hotel, known for incredible views, is the latest casualty of the city’s hot real estate market.

Architecture-destroying extremist fined $3.2M in groundbreaking case

The fine ordered by the International Criminal Court is the first of its kind, setting a precedent for "crimes against architecture".

Confederate monuments about hate, not heritage, say scholars

White nationalists have now "attached themselves like albatrosses" to the Confederate monument issue.

Louis Kahn’s fantastical floating concert hall in danger of demolition

Without a buyer, the architect’s singular steel ship soon headed for scrapyard

A look at Asmara, Africa’s unknown city of modernist architecture

This architectural gem of a city, Eritrea's capital, was recently named a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Forgotten hotels: 10 gorgeous resorts lost to history

Classic hotels that showcase amazing architecture

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The best house museums in the U.S., mapped

From Gilded Age mansions to daring Modernist experiments, these are residential masterpieces that resonate

How Buffalo turned architectural heritage into an engine for reinvention

Visitors can marvel at architectural gems, see ace adaptive reuse, and drink beer brewed inside a grain silo

Solving Salk’s mystery

How scientists lifted the shadow from Louis Kahn's most famous building.

Offbeat Modernist gem in Vermont may be demolished

Peter Eisenman’s House II lets owners “live inside an experiment”: that may be the problem

Diners, the original prefab success story

These streamlined eateries offer nostalgia, a cheap meal, and prefabricated construction at its best

How a beer brand is getting into historic preservation

Heineken’s Cities Project wants to help restore 10 sites in cities across the U.S.

11 preservation success stories from the National Trust

The annual endangered list has spurred action and helped threatened historic properties thrive

A salvager’s decades-long dream to build a museum of architectural artifacts

Soldier, salvager, and now curator, Larry Giles wants to open a museum in St. Louis to honor the history of the buildings arts

Pride and Prejudice home in English countryside hits market for $11.7 million

If you’ve ever watched Pride and Prejudice (the original BBC TV series, not the movie with Keira Knightley) and wished you could live that life, here’s your chance.

7 must-watch TV shows for old house lovers

From rehabilitating neglected country houses in England to a vintage Martha Stewart special set in rural Connecticut, these shows are perfect for a rainy day—or any day.

Architects Delano & Aldrich: refined classicism for New York's moneyed set

From cushy private clubs to sprawling mansions, they defined luxury

Historic paints: Why they’re different and why it matters

Changing the color of a room today is a rather simple process—but it wasn’t always that way.

Who should star in a Jane Jacobs biopic?

With a new documentary out, we got thinking: What would a celebrity-studded Jane Jacobs movie look like?

Richard Neutra-designed national park complex gets restored

The landmark Painted Desert Community Complex, located along Route 66, will receive a multi-year, multimillion-dollar facelift

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New civil rights monuments across the U.S., mapped

Monuments, parks, and historic homes that expound upon and explain vital chapters of our nation’s history

Vegas Modernism off the Strip, mapped

Bars, churches, theaters, and a vintage motel-turned-neon palace showcase more of Sin City’s architectural heritage

Midcentury Las Vegas’ under-appreciated architect Hugh Taylor gets a second look

The work of an everyman designer who shaped the desert city’s residential architecture is under appraisal

Photos: The faded glory of India’s modernist utopian city

A new book explores the architectural gems of Chandigarh today, after decades of adaptation and decay