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Home Ownership

Home Ownership

Expert advice on setting a budget, securing a mortgage, and finding the right home for you.

There is no housing crisis in ‘Animal Crossing’

Between unaffordable rent and a global pandemic, it’s no wonder people are turning to a video-game utopia.

What I wish I’d known before buying a foreclosed home

A first-time homeowner shares her experience buying a HUD foreclosed home, plus need-to-know tips for prospective homebuyer.

We want to hear your homebuying story

Curbed is seeking the stories of first-time homebuyers across the country.

What to expect from your home inspection

Before you place a bid on your dream home, here are a few things to know about home inspections—and why they’re so important.

Instagram is the secret weapon of savvy house hunters

A broker shares his strategic advice for how to use Instagram, Facebook, and yes, even Twitter in the homebuying process.

Home inspections 101: What to look out for

Big ticket problems, like shoddy electrical wiring or an unstable foundation, can affect the livability of a home. Here are 13 things that warrant extra attention during your home inspection.

10 things to watch out for the first time you view a home

Spot the good, bad, and expensive before making an offer.

Is a condo or co-op right for you?

Ask yourself these questions before placing offer on a new home.

Is a homeowners' association right for you?

HOAs can provide security and amenities, but they’ll likely dictate things like house color and landscaping. Understanding the intricacies—and fees—involved with living in a planned community is important.

5 tips on finding a buyer’s broker

Buying a home can be difficult, stressful, and unpredictable. But there’s relief in sight, and that comes in the form of a good real estate agent.

What you need to know before buying homeowners insurance

Not all insurance policies are created equal. We went to the experts to answer all your questions about homeowners insurance.

8 questions to ask before buying your first home

To help first-time homebuyers figure out if they're ready to buy, we queried real estate experts to compile the key questions every potential homeowner should ask before sealing the deal—the most important one may surprise you.

These startups make selling your house as easy as possible

Dubbed "iBuyers," Opendoor and Offerpad will make an offer on your house within hours.

How to negotiate the sale price of your dream home

With the right team and a few intelligent strategies, that slightly over-budget property could be yours.

5 financing options for first-time homebuyers

Finding financing for new homebuyers isn’t quite that complicated. Here are five programs first-time borrowers should know about when shopping for a home.

6 common mistakes first-time homebuyers make

Making the wrong move in a saturated housing market leads to financial remorse or house buying misery. To prevent this agony, here are six common mistakes you should avoid as a first-time buyer.

A step-by-step guide to the homebuying process

Assuming the title of homeowner is one of the most significant financial commitments you will ever make, and the process can get messy if you’re not properly prepared. Here's a breakdown of what to expect.

The basics of getting a mortgage

Creating a timeline, educating yourself about the market, and understanding your unique financial situation and budget will make the mortgage process easier.