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Renovation Diary

Curbed gets down to the studs in our hallmark series, Renovation Diary, where we follow a homeowner's remodeling journey from dream to reality. This multi-part series explores every facet of a home renovation project, from inspiration board to budget planning to real estate hunt to demolition to the big reveal.

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Renovation Diary, backyard edition: Part 1

Embracing the luxury of personal outdoor space in New York City—on a real-world budget


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See how a Ridgewood townhouse went from drab to dream home

Check out this video for home renovation tips and tricks from a new New York homeowner.

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Part 8: Inside our newly renovated Ridgewood townhouse

"Among homebuyers and renovators, we know we are the lucky ones."

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Part 7: Crafting our open kitchen from scratch

"Demolition week was cathartic."

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Renovation Diary: Restoring a fixer-upper in California wine country

City people Mark Goff and Phillip Engel couldn't resist the extreme fixer-upper they found in California wine country

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Part 6: The bumpy road to our dream bathroom

"After more time spent on faucet websites than I thought humanly possible, I realized the solution was obvious."

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Part 5: Making room for our home’s hiding places

"What made glossy interior photos appealing, I came to realize, was what you didn’t see."

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Part 4: Learning to live in a construction zone

The soundtrack is drilling and thwacking in the early morning and, by the end of the day, the whirr of the Shop-Vac.

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Part 3: Building our dream home required some compromise

"It was a little bit over budget, but we were too deliriously happy about the open kitchen to mind."

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Part 2: Assembling a home renovation dream team

"Who cared about tiny turquoise bathrooms and having kitchen counters as long as the lights stayed on and the toilet flushed?"

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Part 1: Falling for the dream of owning in New York City

Curbed’s Renovation Diary series is back! This year, a first-time homebuyer chronicles all the nitty-gritty of buying and remodeling a house in Ridgewood.


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Curbed’s Renovation Diary is coming to Ridgewood, Queens

In this year’s installment of Curbed’s Renovation Diary series, a first-time home buyer goes from demolition to dream home in Queens.

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Renovation Diary: Restoring a Brooklyn Brownstone

An 1870s Victorian farmhouse finally shines

After years of preparation, hard work, and sheer determination, Mark Goff and Philip Engel are (nearly) finished renovating their dreamy 1870s Victorian farmhouse.

An 1870s Victorian gets a needed facelift

In this installment of our 2016 Renovation Diary, th homeowners focus on the curb appeal of their 1870s Victorian in Healdsburg, California.

How we carved a modern master bathroom from a former bedroom

In the fourth installment of our 2016 Renovation Diary series, Mark Goff and Phillip Engel have their DIY smarts challenged by ceiling tile in a master bathroom.

Creating a modern kitchen fit for a historic home

In the third installment of our 2016 Renovation Diary series, homeowners Mark Goff and Phillip Engel work to make a contemporary kitchen that complements their home's historic bones.

Stripping an 1870s home down to its bones—and building it back up

This week, in the second installment of our 2016 Renovation Diary, the pair describes the joy and the frustration of bringing the decrepit home back to life, a process Goff fully details in his blog, 227NorthStreet.

Bringing a decrepit 1870s Victorian back to life

City people Mark Goff and Phillip Engel couldn't resist the extreme fixer-upper they found in California wine country. As our Renovation Diary series begins, the couple dive right in to their life-changing home renovation project.

Part VIII: At Last, Moving In to the Renovated Brownstone

A tour of Brent Allen Buck's newly renovated Brooklyn brownstone

Part VII: The Brownstone Facade Gets a Facelift

What does it take to restore a historic facade?

Part VI: Polishing the Brownstone Interior

They strived to simplify the ornamental details, while maintaining the spirit of the original home

Part V: Making a Kitchen From Scratch With Period Details and a Dash of Minimalism

The thought of creating a warm, functional kitchen was a driving force behind the renovation

Part IV: Systems Management, or, Rewiring from Top to Bottom

The driving idea behind the brownstone renovation was to design it so that it could one day be net-zero energy

Part III: Bringing a Brownstone Back From the Brink

Dead birds, water damage, and demolition

Part II: Designing a Modern Home Inside a Traditional Brooklyn Brownstone

The goal of the design was to allow a conversation between traditional details and contemporary design

Part I: The Hunt is on for a Renovation Project in Brownstone Brooklyn

From Fort Greene gem to a decrepit Prospect Heights browntsone