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The beloved digital frames that preserve 40,000 photos on my walls

A pair of early-2000s digital photo frames evolves with my home and keeps all my memories alive.

LG is getting into the indoor gardening game

LG wants to help you grow leafy greens with an indoor gardening system that attaches to the side of a fridge.

Braun’s iconic speakers get a modern update

Braun is back with an update to its iconic LE series of speakers thanks to a reboot from Pure Audio.

As smart home market booms, builders see plug-and-play tech as a standard feature

Brilliant, a smart home controller, is helping builders make high-tech a standard option for new homes

Smart planter has a screen that displays your plant’s ‘feelings’

For anyone who’s ever wondered, "How does my plant really feel?" finding the answer could get a whole lot easier with the Lua smart planter concept.

The smart plug that could make you love home tech is on sale for Prime Day

I never considered myself one for smart-home technology—until I discovered the magic of a Wi-Fi-enabled plug that can be switched on or off from anywhere.

High-tech mattress lets you set the temperature for your side of the bed

It’s connected to a mini computer called the "hub" that captures and uses sleep data to adapt to your sleep preferences.

Casper now sells a smart nightlight

Casper Glow connects to your phone so you can program it to dim in sync with your sleep cycle.

How to save on utility bills

Reduce your carbon footprint and increase your savings with these tips from the pros.

LG’s new rollable TV disappears in an instant

The "TV of tomorrow" has finally arrived—and it will go on sale later this year.

The war on Christmas lights

Lasers and projectors are ending the old-fashioned tradition of stringing up lights.

Google Home, Amazon Echo, Apple HomePod: Everything you need to know

Smart home hubs are taking over—here’s what you need to know to find the right one for you.

This high-tech Airstream takes tiny living on the road

And to Burning Man

Sonos and Hay limited-edition colorful speakers finally releasing

The Sonos One smart speaker has been reimagined in a new range of on-trend colors inspired by—and matching—Hay’s palette.

Amazon invests in prefab startup focused on smart home tech

Could this investment in California-based Plant Prefab be a new avenue for Alexa expansion?

New startup gives the HVAC system a smart upgrade

Alea Air uses sensor-laden vents to track and adjust temperature, monitor air quality, and anticipate a homeowner’s temperature preferences.

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Designing a smart home for seamless entertainment

The dream entertainment setup of the future would bring all of our audio and video content, spread across multiple apps and devices, onto one simple intuitive interface.

Hand-thrown clay speakers marry craftsmanship and sustainability

The speakers are made from 80 percent biodegradable materials, an impressive feat in an industry known for creating large amounts of e-waste.

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How to secure a smart home

Connected devices bring convenience—but also vulnerability. In this week’s episode, we find out how to make our house as secure as possible.

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This West Village pad comes with its own robotic furniture system

Meet Ori, a new furniture system that can transform studio apartment living.

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Inside a prefab house tricked out with smart home tech

In episode 3 of Home of the Future, we pack our prefab house with a host of smart devices controlling temperature, sound, lighting, and more.

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Prefab smart home is solar powered by design

For our Home of the Future, solar power is integrated from the very beginning.

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How to build a prefab smart home from scratch

In the debut episode of our new video series chronicling the buildout of a prefab smart home, we visit a prefab factory in Austin, Texas, to see where it all begins.


Watch us build the Home of the Future

This new video series chronicles the buildout of a prefab home in Austin, Texas—designed with cutting-edge technology, sustainability, and innovation in mind.

Meet the sun-chasing robot with a plant on its back

This unique, um, creature is tasked with looking after the succulent on its back.

Ikea, Sonos collab’s first prototype speakers are here

Some prototypes come with brackets so they could fit better with home furnishings.

This robotic furniture system could be coming to an apartment building near you

Ori, controlled by a physical module, mobile app, or voice commands, turns studio apartments into so much more. The system is now available to developers in Boston, New York City, and Washington, D.C.

Are Amazon home robots coming?  

According to Bloomberg, e-commerce giant’s home robot could roll out as early as 2019.

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Will Pillow, an app to manage Airbnb, ease the rental process?

Condo project, Smart Brickell, inks the first deal in Miami to manage Airbnb rentals via Pillow’s platform.

Here’s what the first Tesla solar roofs look like in the wild

Customers are sharing photos of the solar tiles being installed—and how well they perform.

Philips Hue is bringing its smart light bulbs outdoors with new line

Launching this summer, Philip Hue’s new outdoor lights can be controlled via an app or voice assistant just like its indoor versions.

Inside the obsessive world of the home tech early adopter

Technology has raised the bar for how perfect our homes can be.

Dyson’s powerful new cordless vacuum brings an end to plug-in models

The newest Cyclone series stick vacuum comes with a power upgrade offering maximum suction.

Ikea teases a line of party-ready portable speakers and LED lights

The collection, a collaboration with Swedish company Teenage Engineering, is slated to launch in February 2019.

7 ways to use smart home tech in an apartment rental

A San Francisco couple shows how to turn your home into a smart one—in a relatively painless and potentially kind of fun way.

The Winter Olympics’ first winner? Robots

A fleet of robots has been deployed across the Olympic venues, providing a range of services from vacuum cleaning to translation.

Apple's HomePod is finally going on sale on February 9

The smart speaker and home tech hub comes with the Siri assistant and works with HomeKit-compatible devices.

Wimbledon tennis balls upcycled into cool portable speakers

Each wireless speaker retains the shell of the original tennis ball as a protective skin that also absorbs vibration.

Herman Miller furniture goes smart with an app and sensors

Herman Miller has joined the office tech surveillance movement by unveiling Live OS, a line of fancy Yves Béhar-designed furniture sensors connected to the cloud.