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Best smart lighting products for beginners

Smart lighting is an easy way to start building a smart home, and here are the best products for doing just that.

The smart home trends you need to know for 2018

The smart home was once again everywhere at this year’s CES. Here’s what you need to know.

New startup updates split-flap displays for the modern home

Good news analog departure board lovers: A startup is working on bringing delightful split-flap displays right into your home.

New device offers parents tool to monitor kids' internet activity

Using an app, parents can grant or deny access to individual websites, suspend connectivity during various times of the day, and even monitor smart home devices to prevent hacking.

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CES 2018: All news and updates

Stay tuned to Curbed as we walk the show to uncover the coolest, weirdest, or otherwise need-to-know news and products.

CES 2018: What to expect for smart home tech

Before the big show begins, here’s a rundown of what we’re expecting to see, from sleep tech to more connected home news.

This housing startup designed homes that grow with their owners

Module’s adjustable housing system offers a right-size solution for urban infill.

New Sonos smart speaker comes with Alexa voice control

Wireless speaker maker Sonos has finally stepped into the era of all things voice-controlled.

Amazon Black Friday 2017: the best deals on the Echo, Kindle, and more

Amazon’s Black Friday deals are underway, offering savings on the new Echo, Fire TV, and more.

Sonos’s new London store has tiny houses and a bit of Memphis

The wireless speaker company is opening its first European store in London’s Seven Dials neighborhood, merging high-def sound merges with high design.

Google announces Home Max and Mini, new smart speakers

These Google Home developments offer competition to Amazon and Sonos, each of which has recently announced something shiny and new in the last week.

Smart planter waters itself and teaches you how to garden

The battery-operated planter comes with an app that alerts to necessary tasks such as adding nutrients, pruning, and harvesting.

Amazon just introduced a bunch of new smart home devices

The company just announced a slew of new products, including a $99 redesigned Echo and a smart alarm clock.

Walmart wants to put your groceries in the fridge for you

Partnering with August Home, Walmart will begin testing an "in-fridge delivery" service that not only does grocery shopping for customers but also puts the food away for them if no one is home.

August Home refreshes smart lock range with three new products

This latest round of smart locks from August introduces "DoorSense," a feature that lets users make sure their door is truly locked properly.

Anthropologie launches augmented reality feature for its smartphone app

Hot on the heels of Ikea announcing its augmented reality app, Anthropologie has launched AR technology in an update to its existing iOS app.

Samsung collabs with designers to expand Frame TV customization options

Dutch duo Scholten & Baijings and French designer Inga Sempé have contributed new artworks and frame options.

Panasonic unveils a moving fridge and a wash-and-fold machine

Presented under the category "Better Living Tomorrow," these products are meant to represent a "lifestyle enriched with Internet of Things, artificial intelligence and robotics technologies."

High-tech umbrella follows the sun to give you shade

Home tech aficionados here’s your next big product: A solar-powered, 7-square-foot umbrella that rotates and tilts as the sun moves across the sky.

New motion sensor kit makes gesture control simple, fun 

The latest releases from Kano, maker of DIY gadgets, offer a taste of gesture control magic—made friendly to kids and adults alike.

8 home tech gadgets for your furry friend

Though your pets likely don’t care how technologically advanced their toys are, this pet tech may make life easier for their humans.

Ikea smart lighting compatibility with Amazon Alexa, Google Home, Apple HomeKit coming this fall

The smart lighting’s compatibility with Amazon Echo, Google Home, and Apple HomeKit is another step in the direction of smart homes for the masses.

What’s making our homes and cities more green? Better batteries

Plummeting battery costs make sustainable residential and commercial power a much better deal

The wireless speaker that made my apartment feel like home

Listening to whatever music whenever I wanted was a game-changer, and made my apartment feel more like my home than it had before.

The smart salt shaker you didn’t ask for is here

This smart salt shaker plays music and changes color. And it’s now taking preorders on Indiegogo.

3 home tech ideas for your tiny space

"Home tech? how’s that going to help?" you say. Well, we’ll tell you.

Our fridges, ourselves

After moving in with an expat, writer Jessica Furseth learns how much of what we do, think, and prefer in our homes is culture, not nature.

Retro turntable combines vintage style, wireless flexibility

A new turntable aims to make music aficionados swoon with a high-tech features and the awesomeness—and aesthetic—of vinyl.

4 all-in-one security systems for your smart home

The dawn of the Internet of Things has made keeping an eye on your home that much easier.

Samsung's new smart home hub is an all-in-one Wi-Fi router

The company’s latest release, the Samsung Connect Home, is billed as the industry’s first smart Wi-fi system to incorporate a smart devices hub as well.

What the smart home of 1895 was like

It seems like every day, a new piece of smart home tech is released—but these innovations are situated in a centuries-old tradition of making our lives at home easier.

This tiny house comes tricked out with smart home features

You’ve read about tiny homes. You’ve read about smart homes. Now, Oregon’s Covo Tiny House Co has mashed them together in the Covo Mio.

This smart home security camera tells you exactly who’s there and what they’re doing

Lighthouse is a smartphone-connected camera outfitted with 3D sensors for identifying faces and activity, as well as voice-controlled search.

These renter-friendly solar panel blinds are pretty clever

The blinds can be installed on either the inside or outside of the home, and the installation process is supposed to be easy enough for a customers to do it themselves.

Innovative wallpaper transforms ugly wires into art

Using conductive inks and small strips of metal, this wallpaper creates circuitry that is both beautiful and functional.

Danish-designed wireless speaker doubles as a piece of art

The new Speakarts speaker hailing from Denmark turns the speaker surface into a customizable canvas.

David Adjaye’s take on the home speaker is sculptural and concrete

Created for New York audio brand Master & Dynamic, the architect’s design uses a concrete composite that allowed him to take the home speaker to sculptural new heights.

Robot lawn mowers are like Roombas for grass

Cordless electric robot mowers autonomously travel around your yard with a set of sharp spinning blades.

Design's tech-forward future is already here

As Milan’s Design Week diverges from its origins as a furniture fair, transforming into a full-fledged platform for innovation, technological advancements increasingly play an important role.