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Renovated 1920s house is an ode to windows—and plywood

When overhauling this 1920s brick house in Washington D.C., Boston firm NADAAA put lighting front and center.

This “Cloud House” is a temple to the rain cycle

Built from old barn materials reclaimed from an abandoned Amish farm, the Cloud house is topped by one notable non-farm-sourced addition: a fluffy fake cloud.

Midcentury-inspired California home is an indoor-outdoor dream

Taking cues from midcentury design, the single-story residence incorporates signature characteristics from the era.

Inside a renovated ‘30s home with stunning San Francisco Bay views 

All of the main changes were intended to create an open, modern living space that highlights the panoramic view of the city and beyond.

This eco-friendly house in France cost under $200K to build

It was also conceived as an ‘experimental greenhouse’ with its pitched roof and relatively spacious interiors.

Modern furniture reinvents this traditional Venetian apartment

Casa Flora, a holiday rental with a boutique hotel feel, showcases furniture from 20 different Italian furniture companies.

This modern round house was designed with dogs in mind 

Designed for a couple and their Alaskan malamute dogs, this compact home focuses on subtle gestures to enable close contact between humans and pets.

Mirrored rooftop home serves 'treehouse' vibes

It’s like a futuristic spacecraft, dropped on top of a historic building in a small Dutch town.

Curvaceous modern home curls around old olive tree

An abundance of glass windows makes the tree visible from nearly every room.

Shipping containers repurposed for off-grid home in South Africa

Sustainable design with modern style

Loft-like modern home near Paris is bright and cozy

This asymmetrical, monolithic home makes a grand statement on the exterior, but on the inside, the loft-like spaces focus on privacy and the daily activities of the family.

Net-zero California wine country home is all indoor-outdoor living

San Francisco-based and woman-owned firm Turnbull Griffin Haesloop Architects is well known for its sustainable and sight-sensitive—not to mention stunning—design.

Pine cabin offers refuge for architect and his family in Norway

The architect created a compact modern refuge that defers to its stunning natural surroundings, including views of a nearby lake.

Photos: a Frank Lloyd Wright-inspired mirror-clad house in California

Artist Doug Aitken’s "Mirage"—a low, mirror-clad house inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright’s residences—is in the Coachella Valley’s Desert X outdoor art show.

Gabled Seattle waterfront home luxuriates in its minimalism

Inside, the Junsei House’s open floorplan is lushly finished with weathered plywood wall panels and broad windows that wash the interiors with sunlight.

Modern rainforest home lives large under a tent roof

Rising in a rainforest near Australia’s Sunshine Coast, this new family retreat didn’t just don a big tent for looks alone. Indeed, the striking cover creates an expanded living space that offers the best of indoor-outdoor living on a compact site.

The English country house goes mod in this handsome timber home

This gorgeous timber-frame home in southeast England expands our notions of the pastoral retreat, and took just 11 months to build.

Thin steel-frame walls give this narrow home a lighter touch

Vietnam is home to plenty of innovative vertical residences, including this freshly renovated property with steel-bar walls that serve both as a supportive framework and decorative element.

Spiraling Tokyo modern home has no doors inside

Boxy modern homes seem a dime a dozen in Japan, but this new project completed in Tokyo makes an unusual proposition for the interior. Can you tell from the exterior?

Carpenter builds himself a cozy timber home in Quebec

In the icy Eastern Townships of Quebec, Canada, snowy winters demand that all abodes be cozy and warm. For one local carpenter seeking a first home, that meant building a winter-worthy sanctuary with his own two hands.

Dark timber house offers refuge for homeowner with sleep disorder

Commissioned by a couple in Melbourne, Australia—one of whom suffers from a serious sleep condition—the home is the work of local firm Black Line One X Architecture Studio (also known as BLOXAS).

Adorable Aussie beach shack masters cozy, laid-back style

Australian homes tend to be good at finding that perfect balance between "stylish" and "lived-in," and the latest example to charm us off our feet is this little beach shack in Mount Martha, a seaside town in the Melbourne area.

Inside an airy modern cave home in China

The striking home takes over a barrel-vaulted recess in the earth, and comprises a combination of new spaces and a derelict existing cave revamped for contemporary living.

Beastie Boys' Mike D lives in this gorgeous Malibu modern house

In a piece he penned for the March issue of Architectural Digest, Mike "D" Diamond tells the tale of his family’s decision to decamp from L.A.’s Los Feliz neighborhood to live closer to the beach.

Architect couple’s 11-foot-wide house makes small living stylish

Dutch architects Gwendolyn Huisman and Marijn Boterman designed this narrow home for themselves. It features a black-masonry facade punctuated by two protruding, square windows and strategic perforations that let light into the interiors.

Steel-and-glass pavilion offers meditative refuge outside Madrid

The pavilion—which sits on a thickly wooded site—also has some serious architectural heft, with an angular, weathered-steel frame, glass facades, and cherrywood interiors.

These '60s prefabs shaped like UFOs are scattered around the world

Futuro Houses were elliptical-shaped prefab structures originally built in the late 1960s. About 65 remain, located throughout the U.S. and in places as far flung as Antarctica.

1940s modernist gem in Brazil gets gorgeous restoration and expansion

With pristine white surfaces accented by luxuriant wood in parts, and windows covered in a geometric grid of iron grills, the otherwise minimalist four-bedroom boasts bold details that breathe new, contemporary life into the residence.

Beach shack remodel highlights incredible ocean views

Instead of demolishing an old oceanside shack to make room for a bigger space, Victoria, Australia-based Austin Maynard Architects built a new timber box to hover above it.

An architect embraces imperfections in her home renovation

In refreshing her home, Quebec-based architectural designer Mélissa Ohnona decided not to go to the clean slate route, opting instead for something a bit more lived-in.

‘70s house gets groovy makeover in Mexico

This 120-square-meter (that’s just shy of 1,300 square feet) home in Guadalajara, Mexico, revived by local architect Juan Pablo Ochoa, is adorable.

Breezy island home opens up to gorgeous Mediterranean views 

Rising among boundless natural beauty—mountains, beaches, and the sparkling Mediterranean Sea—this new modern home constructed on the French island of Corsica had ample reason to become one with its surroundings.

Zesty modern beach house in England can be yours for $967K

This one is for lovers of accent walls and all things "pops of color." Take a look inside.

Dashing prefab home perches above California wine country

In this new project, a customized version of the weeHouse, an affordable modern prefab model from Saint Paul, Minnesota-based design firm Alchemy, has been assembled on the hills of Santa Rosa, where it commands sweeping views of the valley landscape.

This mini Victorian dream home was built with Legos

Made of approximately 3,000 pieces, the two-story Queen Anne-style home features all the charming facets of a Victorian—albeit in miniature—including a turret, wrap-around porch, and finials.

Striking modern cabin rises among Chilean mountains

This stunning mountain home near the city of San Esteban, Chile, brings modern cabin architecture to new heights. And inside, the views are spectacular.

Live your best artist life in this eclectic guesthouse in the south of France

Comprising guest rooms, an artist’s residence, and an art gallery, the 18th-century building offers four floors of eclectic architecture and decor, with walls painted in electric hues and adorned with the works of the many artists and writers that have passed through these doors over a period of 23 years.

The converted industrial loft gets cool Parisian twist

In Paris, local firm Festen Architecture and Italian studio Amibis collaborated on this 1,830 square-foot loft near the City of Light’s Place de la République.

Off-grid Passive House runs entirely on solar in Colorado

Through freezing winter nights and blistering-hot summer days, this Colorado home stays a livable 67-77 degrees Fahrenheit—without a conventional heating or cooling system. How? It all comes down to designing with Passive House standards.