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How to build a play fort, according to Ikea

The furniture retailer has shared assembly instructions for six kinds of forts using basic furnishings.

Ikea’s newest collection wants to spruce up your indoor garden

Most of the lush line is made from handwoven natural fibers.

The best Ikea products to buy, according to Curbed editors

It can be hard to find true gems in Ikea’s massive catalog and stores, so we surveyed our savvy staffers about their favorite Ikea treasures.

Ikea is building a city store with lots of trees and no parking 

A new store under construction in Vienna could be a glimpse of what urban shoppers can expect from the retailer.

Ikea’s upcoming collection wants to help you spring clean in style

The Borstad line has an old time-y feel that evokes a "you could find this in your grandma’s basement" kind of charm.

Ikea outfits the ultimate small space: a Mars research station

The furniture retailer recently visited the Mars Desert Research Station, a cylindrical habitat out in the Utah desert where scientists simulate what it might be like to live on the Red Planet someday.

Your Ikea furniture is about to get a whole lot prettier

Pretty Pegs has Bauhaus-inspired add-ons for Ikea cabinets, couches, and more.

Ikea’s Virgil Abloh collaboration is almost here—and it will be tricky to shop

Designed around the excitement of furnishing your first home, the millennial-friendly Markerad line will only be available in stores.

Ikea is back with new furniture for your pets

The expanded Lurvig line includes an update to the cozy cat cube that slots into Ikea’s Kallax system and a pet-sized version of the Klippan sofa loved by humans.

Ikea gears up for a cozy winter with new holiday collection

The retailer just announced Värmer, a new line of winter and holiday-themed goods meant for cozy days spent with friends and family.

Ikea is designing prefab homes for people with dementia

An offshoot of the company’s work in affordable housing, the flatpack homes include a few design tweaks that help dementia patients live independently for longer.

Ikea and Sonos launch speakers that double as lamps and shelves

Is it a lamp? Is it a speaker? It’s both. The Symfonisk line of speakers are designed to blend into the home in a very literal way.

Ikea couches turned into clever new font

Soffa Sans is the "world’s comfiest font", born from an online tool that allows customers to create their ideal Ikea sofa.

Ikea wants to send you on a free two-week trip to Denmark to research happiness

Does a hygge-filled life truly make you happier? Ikea wants to find out.

Ikea and Olafur Eliasson team up to make solar energy stylish

Currently in prototype mode, Sammanlänkad is a portable solar battery that can double as a light.

Ikea’s Space10 lab reimagines city life as a high-design commune

Space10 and Copenhagen firm Effekt Architects envision an urban future that’s modular, sustainable, and communal.

Ikea recreated famous TV living rooms and it’s brilliant

For a small price, you too could have Marge Simpson’s living room.

Ikea is releasing a rainbow version of its iconic shopping bag for Pride Month

They’ll sell for $3.99 each, with all proceeds going to educational programs for LGBTQ+ youth and families.

Ikea’s first city-center store in the U.S. set to open in NYC

With a focus on serving urban residents, Ikea is set to debut their first small-format, city-center store in the U.S.

Ikea’s new Tänkvärd line is all about self-care

The retailer just announced Tänkvärd, a line dedicated to natural materials and calming designs.

These clever homes for wildlife are built from old Ikea furniture

The Wildhomes for Wildlife project celebrates the opening of Ikea’s "most sustainable store."

Ikea releases 3D-printable furniture hacks for people with disabilities

ThisAbles is a series of product add-ons that make existing Ikea furniture more accessible for people with disabilities.

Ikea’s Space10 lab housing concept embraces renewable energy

A tiny wooden village prototypes how the blockchain could someday change the way we pay for energy.

Ikea unveils colorful collaboration with designers across Africa

The Överallt line of furniture, accessories, and textiles will hit stores this May.

Ikea is launching air-purifying curtains next year

Expected to arrive in stores next year, Gunrid uses a light-activated solution to kill odors and pollutants.

How to spot quality furniture at Ikea

Here are a handful of expert tips and tricks for buying high-quality pieces at Ikea. Spoiler: You have to look beyond the particle board.

Ikea plans to test a furniture rental program

The company is planning a furniture leasing pilot program in Switzerland, starting with business customers who are keen to pay less for rentable parts like chairs and desks.

Ikea is launching a customizable modular bed 

It’s the next step in Ikea’s open-source "platform for living".

Ikea is launching affordable smart blinds this April

Two years after releasing smart lightbulbs, Ikea is back with motorized blinds that rise and lower with the touch of a button.

Ikea’s first city-center store in the U.S. to open in Manhattan

In a massive restructuring, Ikea is investing in better online offerings and more city-center stores.

Ikea teases a new indoor farming collaboration with Tom Dixon

They’ll work on a series of indoor farming products that will encourage a sustainable lifestyle by making "homes the new farmland."

Ikea is developing furniture for gamers

Early prototypes show a simple white chair that looks like a lovechild of the Aeron and an artist’s stool.

Ikea’s new line of toys is perfectly off-kilter

Ikea’s newest collection is another notch in its maximalist belt. This time, though, instead of wild candlesticks and strange vases, it’s all about toys.

Ikea goes maximalist with new collection

The Föremål collection, a collaboration with Swedish ceramic and glass artist Per B Sundberg launching in September, is what you could describe as intentionally gaudy.

Ikea’s first store in India offers delivery by solar-powered rickshaws

At least 20 percent of the Hyderabad store’s delivery fleet will be electric rickshaws that run off of solar power harvested from rooftop solar panels.

Ikea ‘hacks’ its iconic designs in new line

The color-popping collab with Dutch design duo Scholten & Baijings remixes iconic pieces like the Klippan love seat and the Poäng chair.

Ikea is launching a vintage collection to celebrate its 75th anniversary

Over the next few months, Ikea will begin rolling out furniture from every decade since its inception.

Ikea is experimenting with small-format stores in cities

The new strategy kicks off with a small-scale Ikea store opening this fall in central London.

Ikea’s new line was handmade by Jordanian women and Syrian refugees

Tilltalande is a line of woven home goods that includes a rug, seat cushion, and graphic pillows.