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The Mystifying World of TikTok Home Tours

The infinity pools are no surprise, but TikTok also gives a platform to the ordinary

The appeal of the TikTok everyhouse

Much of what we see in these amateur videos is familiar—and that’s the best part 

Interior Design

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Now Is the Perfect Time to Redo Your Bay Windows

10 design ideas for the Victorian nook.

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Where to find the best pottery and ceramics in the Bay Area

These artists are kiln it.

A bright attic renovation full of curves and yellow

The cheerful space features curved cutouts, built-ins, and sunny accents throughout.

Minimalist lofts built atop converted button factory

The adaptive reuse project merges housing with renovated artist studios.

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The small fixes Curbed editors are making at home right now 

How Curbed editors are rearranging, repurposing, and making it work at home.

15 high-risk high-reward paint hues

When, how, and why to take a chance with color.

These Zoom backgrounds let you work from iconic pop culture homes

Choose from virtual backdrops inspired by famous rooms of Friends, Big Little Lies, and more.

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Everything’s coming up tiled

Bold and graphic tile is covering surfaces everywhere.

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15 gorgeous backdrops for your next Zoom call

Want a better video chat background? Try these options, carefully selected to look sufficiently realistic.

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These are the most beautiful interiors in San Francisco

It’s what’s on the inside that counts.

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Small apartment makes big statement with cobalt curtains

The series of striking cobalt curtains pull double duty as space divider and decor.

Luxe London apartment is a feast for the eyes

The two-story penthouse shows off a gorgeous, eclectic style that feels traditional and modern at once.

Curbed’s House Calls series is looking for a new writer

Curbed is looking for a contributing writer for our weekly home tour series, House Calls. Is it you?

To all the rooms I’ve loved before

Netflix’s newest teen romcom uses interior design to build its characters.

Historic church converted into airy coliving space

The building once served as a neighborhood church in Washington, D.C., and many of the building’s original features remain.

Home renovation puts dramatic sage green staircase center stage

The soothing steel structure cuts through the center of the house, stretching all the way up to a skylight.

Wild Japanese home spreads over 16 different levels

There are no traditional stairs in the house, just wooden blocks that help the owners move from one platform to the next.

Renovated townhouse makes a crisp statement

This revamped Victorian townhouse features a minimal but sophisticated interior that’s all about clean lines and controlled pops of color.

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Bright Paris apartment maximizes space with built-ins

A renovation split one bedroom into two and filled the living room with clever built-ins.

Perfectly ‘imperfect’ apartment exudes quiet luxury

The space features "imperfect" materials like off-textured plaster on the walls and oxidized bronze.

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Has minimalism gone too far?

Misunderstood as an aspirational home design aesthetic, minimalism is due for a reappraisal, according to a new book.

Renovated apartment looks fresh with plenty of arches and green

A deep blue-green hue is a theme throughout the home, showing up on kitchen cabinets, doors, walls, including arched recessed pockets.

Modern loft-style apartments built atop a dentist’s office

The apartments feature huge skylights inside, plus expansive floor-to-ceiling windows toward the rear.

Micro apartment design shape-shifts to maximize space

The 192-square-foot living room arrangement centers around a set of furniture that folds, shifts, slides, and hides.

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Sneak peek: Tribeza Interiors Tour 2020

The homes tour highlights one-of-a-kind design by local professionals.

Bright renovated apartment is all about yellow

How much yellow is too much yellow? According to this Beijing apartment, there’s no such thing.

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Nationally-renowned, intricate woodworking has roots in Bay Area

Scandinavian, European Arts and Crafts, and Art Nouveau movements influence Sebastopol-based Zito Schmitt Design.

Renovated apartment places multifunctional cube front and center

The 430-square-foot pad puts a bespoke spin on making the most of available space.

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Here are some of the most notable wine caves in Napa Valley

Classy places for fundraisers—crystals not included.

How the 2010s changed interior design

A design journalist reflects on the decor trends that defined the last decade.

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The 18 best design and furniture stores in the D.C. area

Where to shop when you need a new piece

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The most beautiful Bay Area libraries

Take a closer look at these bibliophilic beauties.

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You can rent this Lake Tahoe cabin decked out in Heath Ceramics style

It costs $405 per night.

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D.C.'s most beautiful interiors, mapped

It’s what’s on the inside that counts.

Former ore foundry renovated into stunning weekend home

The upstate New York home has soaring ceilings, modern furniture, and some rustic touches.

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Celebrate 100 years of Bauhaus at these two new exhibits

No, not the gloomy English rock band.

This breezy home feels like an indoor treehouse

"Floating" platforms pull double duty, functioning as an overlook to the ground floor while serving as pathways to upper-level rooms.

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Why Detroiters should check out this popup selling postmodern housewares

Ecce Pomo gives visitors a look at a style that has little history in Detroit.

This pastel wonderland is actually a school

The Blossom School is full of whimsical yet on-trend details like curved walls, terrazzo, and soft, round shapes.