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Interior design tips

Expert advice for designing every room in your home.

8 tips for buying antique furniture

One of our favorite places to furniture shop is at an antiques store or an auction house—but how can you tell trash from a treasure?

6 important things to consider when buying furniture

Ergonomics, size, and construction are a few of the key things to keep in mind when buying furniture.

Refresh your home with The Small Fix newsletter

Introducing The Small Fix, a four-week newsletter challenge with actually achievable projects to make your home look more polished.

Shop 'hygge': Curbed's guide to cozy home decor

Instead of fighting cabin fever this winter, do as the Danish do and embrace the concept of "hygge."

36 wood pallet projects you can DIY for cheap

Examples of innovative pallet furniture that show how recycled pallets can become chic decor.

The best furniture for tiny apartments

See our picks for space-saving furniture that doesn’t skimp on style, with pieces for the living room, kitchen, bedroom, and beyond.

How to design your perfect kitchen

Architect Cindy Black has redesigned more than 200 kitchens—here are her nine must-dos for creating the ideal kitchen, plus her tips for creating an intimate dining room.

So you want a kitchen island? Here’s what to consider first

A kitchen island isn’t exactly an one-size-fits-all solution. Here’s what you should consider when planning for one.

8 easy remodeling ideas to revamp your kitchen

Looking to spruce up your kitchen? Try these expert-recommended updates.

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Rittenhouse Square home attributed to Frank Furness asks $1.75M

There’s a bath in a bay window, too

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Unique Old City loft with major industrial vibes, asks $500K

Interesting, industrial design elements run throughout the one-bed place.

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The Touraine’s new sleepover suite is a minimalist’s dream

The creative director says it was inspired by Japanese bathing culture

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Midcentury Modern stunner by Robert McElroy lists for $650K

The five-bed home is tucked into the hill

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Contemporary Old City home in converted cigar box factory lists for $3.3M

It even has four-car parking

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Contemporary Queen Village home with lofty ceilings lists for $570K

Colorful home with three stories and two beds

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Lofty Brewerytown home with catwalk asks $438K

There’s a large private deck, too

Buying art for beginners: 6 things to consider

Industry insiders give us their best tips for purchasing a perfect piece of art for your space.

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Versace-inspired Fort Lauderdale home asks $27.5M

The seller of the seven-bedroom Fort Lauderdale home also designed Casa Casuarina (the Versace Mansion) in Miami Beach.

5 wall decor ideas perfect for renters and DIY lovers

If your idea of a well-appointed home is anything but an empty wall, then good news: The market is brimming with options to dress things up.

This tiny apartment was designed for two people, 51 cats

Chinese firm FANAF Architects transformed the 330-square-foot living space for a reality TV show.

Micro apartment for family of 3 doubles as ceramics gallery

Design firm Sim-plex turned the 324-square-foot space into an efficient home with plenty of built-ins.

The hunt for vintage wallpaper: Where to find and how to decorate with it

If you’re in the market to buy antique wallpaper, be prepared to search high and low.

Moving in together: How to find common ground when decorating

Whether you are married or just have roommates, transforming your space into a dream oasis requires compromise.

Making your home sound as good as it looks

The field of acoustics leaves most people baffled, but a simple understanding of common sound problems can lead to easy DIY fixes.

Beyond paint: A guide to wall finishes

Bored with paint? Good news: There’s a whole world of wall finishes to explore, from wallpaper to plaster and more. A wall finishing pro offers advice on the best options and why DIYing is not always the best idea.

How to choose the perfect kitchen cabinets

There’s a lot to consider when it comes to selecting kitchen cabinets. We turned to interior designer Keita Turner for advice on everything from cabinet construction to how to make open shelving look good.

7 tips for the perfect paint job

Perhaps nothing changes the nature of a room more than a new coat of paint. But before you take up the brush or roller, check out these tips from the style makers featured in our House Calls column.

Nursery design 101: Tips for creating a kid's room

Aaron Christensen has been creating fun and immersive interiors for children for 20 years. Here are his top five tips for designing a creative space that works for both you and your kid.

How to design the perfect bedroom

"The bedroom is the last secret place of refuge and peace in a home," says interior designer Emilie Munroe. Here, she outlines the seven steps to creating the bedroom of your dreams.

How to design the perfect living room

Living rooms are just that: The rooms where we live. "It’s where we now do everything," says Portland-based designer Lynne Parker. Here are her nine tips and tricks for making your home's most-used room the best room.

DIY interior design: Is it a good idea?

Taking the DIY approach to interior design projects can be creative and rewarding, as well as riddled with potential pitfalls. Here are seven questions to help you decide if DIY is right for you.

The 8 most important principles of interior design

To find interior design nirvana, experts always follow these eight underlying principles. Space planning is key, and less really is often more.

Explaining the abstract aspects of interior design

There’s more to designing a room than picking out furniture. Interior designer Andee Hess explains how design is like psychology, the importance of creating a visual language, and why setting the right mood is key.