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Interior Design Tips

Interior Design Tips

Advice on everything from finding affordable art to picking the perfect shade of blue paint.

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Where to buy plants online

Your best bets for houseplants that can be shipped directly to your door.

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16 easy, affordable ways to upgrade your rental

Frustrated with a bland apartment? We’ve rounded up 16 landlord-friendly ways to make a rental feel more like home.

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Pro tips to improve your home’s lighting—without an electrician

Designers share their strategies to buy or DIY your way to a calmer, more flattering lighting scheme.

Holiday hosting ideas to steal from 10 gorgeous homes

Tables and pepper mills, and everything in between—there’s something for every flavor.

How to up your candle game this holiday season

We share our best candle tips and product picks just in time for holiday prep.

Glorious indoor plants you can buy online now

Companies like The Sill, Bloomscape, and even Amazon will deliver all the ferns and monstera you could desire directly to your door.

Where to buy midcentury furniture, according to Curbed readers

Whether you own an original midcentury gem or just aspire to, one of the easiest ways to incorporate the style into your everyday life is with furniture.

7 expert tips for thrifting furniture and home goods

Thrift stores are overflowing thanks to Marie Kondo, which means it’s the perfect time to scavenge for some gems. Here’s how to make the most of your trip.

How to choose the best paint color for any room in your house

Choosing the right wall color will make or break your room, and given the thousands of paints on the market, it can be a daunting task. We asked two color experts for help.

How to design your perfect kitchen

Architect Cindy Black has redesigned more than 200 kitchens—here are her nine must-dos for creating the ideal kitchen, plus her tips for creating an intimate dining room.

Moving in together: How to find common ground when decorating

Whether you are married or just have roommates, transforming your space into a dream oasis requires compromise.

13 of the best blue paints for your home

Traditionally, blue has represented trust, peace, and loyalty. But when it comes to interiors, blue can bring both drama and flexibility to a room.

12 pink hues that aren’t for babies

These days, the rosy hue is all grown up. We take a look at its sophisticated side.

11 of the best gray paints for your home

Interior designers and architects share their favorite gray paints and explain why the not-so-gloomy color works well in any room.

Beyond paint: A guide to wall finishes

Bored with paint? Good news: There’s a whole world of wall finishes to explore, from wallpaper to plaster and more. A wall finishing pro offers advice on the best options and why DIYing is not always the best idea.

A guide to paint sheens, from glossy to matte

After much debate you’ve finally settled on a paint color. Now, the merchant wants to know what sheen you want and there are so many choices. We asked artist Mary McMurray to help us sift through the options.

How to choose the perfect kitchen cabinets

There’s a lot to consider when it comes to selecting kitchen cabinets. We turned to interior designer Keita Turner for advice on everything from cabinet construction to how to make open shelving look good.

A guide to the best home painting supplies

To help DIY painters do things right, Joel Hamberg, a 40-year veteran of the industry, put together a foolproof shopping list of the essential painting supplies.

10 white paint ideas for your next project

When it comes to wall color selection, you would think white was the simple choice. We turned to the subjects of our House Calls column to garner ideas for choosing the right white.

7 tips for the perfect paint job

Perhaps nothing changes the nature of a room more than a new coat of paint. But before you take up the brush or roller, check out these tips from the style makers featured in our House Calls column.

Nursery design 101: Tips for creating a kid's room

Aaron Christensen has been creating fun and immersive interiors for children for 20 years. Here are his top five tips for designing a creative space that works for both you and your kid.

How to design the perfect bedroom

"The bedroom is the last secret place of refuge and peace in a home," says interior designer Emilie Munroe. Here, she outlines the seven steps to creating the bedroom of your dreams.

How to design the perfect living room

Living rooms are just that: The rooms where we live. "It’s where we now do everything," says Portland-based designer Lynne Parker. Here are her nine tips and tricks for making your home's most-used room the best room.

DIY interior design: Is it a good idea?

Taking the DIY approach to interior design projects can be creative and rewarding, as well as riddled with potential pitfalls. Here are seven questions to help you decide if DIY is right for you.

The 8 most important principles of interior design

To find interior design nirvana, experts always follow these eight underlying principles. Space planning is key, and less really is often more.

Explaining the abstract aspects of interior design

There’s more to designing a room than picking out furniture. Interior designer Andee Hess explains how design is like psychology, the importance of creating a visual language, and why setting the right mood is key.