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The ground floor of this Japanese home is a public library

Bookshelves line the bright white walls and a smooth concrete bench curves into a reading circle.

Japanese home has a giant hole in the living room—by design

The elliptical mezzanine creates an unusual space to retreat.

Giant staircase takes center stage in this Japanese house

Intended to house two families, the design employs the hulking staircase as a way to subtly connect residents on the ground floor and the upper floors.

An airy indoor-outdoor home built around plants

Its unusual layout accommodates some stubborn hedges on an irregular site.

Moody Japanese house keeps things simple

Bunker-like on the outside, airy on the inside, the home centers around a sunlit courtyard.

Renovated Japanese house features translucent facade

A "deformed roof" house in Hokkaido gets a quirky makeover.

Wild Japanese home spreads over 16 different levels

There are no traditional stairs in the house, just wooden blocks that help the owners move from one platform to the next.

Bjarke Ingels Architects and Toyota imagine a wild new smart city in Japan

The planned urban living experiment will be erected at the foothills of Mount Fuji.

Muji’s new prefab home supports aging in place

The Yō no Ie House comprises a single floor that stretches into an open 800-square-foot, one-bedroom layout.

Tent-like Japanese house is designed to welcome neighbors

The Hara House’s irregular shape makes room for a large porch for chit-chatting and events.

Modern house in Japan is all about privacy—and a car

The central living space features a glass wall connected to the garage, granting unobstructed views of the family’s white car.

Moody all-black house hides a calm courtyard

The monolithic house unfolds into a C-shaped layout that wraps around a timber-decked outdoor space.

Minimalist sushi restaurant in Japan makes gorgeous use of wood

The 250-square-foot spot has been transformed into a bunker of wood and warmth for the ultimate minimalist dining experience.

New Kengo Kuma-designed museum makes beautiful use of wood

The Odunpazari Modern Museum in northwest Turkey looks like a high-design Jenga set.

How to design your home like it’s on ‘Terrace House’

We stan the Japanese reality TV show bringing sleek, modern aesthetics to co-living millennials.

No-frills Japanese house is an ode to concrete

An architect’s all-concrete home for himself creates a perfectly quiet mood for working or relaxing.

Japanese house embraces understated indoor-outdoor living

The facade might come off a bit fortress-like while inside, it’s bright with white walls and open space.

Marvelous ‘megaliths’ rise from ruins in new teamLab show

The Japanese art collective uses projection mapping to create otherworldly experiences.

Concrete house appears to float over its base

The Peninsula House in coastal Japan centers around a dramatic cantilever.

Tiny home in Japan shows how little space we really need

This house by architect Takeshi Hosaka is a cleverly efficient use of 200 square feet.

Like natural light? This concrete home isn’t for you

The "windows" allow just enough light into the house to cast little slivers of sunlight across the stark interior.

Muji hotel in Tokyo is now taking reservations

Guests can expect plenty of the pared-back aesthetic Muji is known for, including rooms decked out in Muji furniture and accessories.

Modern Japanese house is serious courtyard goals

The 1,700-square-foot home is able to expertly merge indoor and outdoor living thanks to its unusual layout.

Modern Japanese house in the woods looks like fallen leaves

The "Four Leaves" weekend villa is a deep breath in the form of a building.

Designart Tokyo, in second-annual event, shows promise

The fair, which ran in the Japanese capital earlier this fall, highlighted local design—without a critical element.

Modern Japanese house has a climbable roof

The architects designed the house with a 24-degree slope that allows its owners to climb up the roof directly from the ground.

These Japanese homes were designed to encourage neighbor interaction

All of the units have a living room with glass doors that slide open onto a wooden deck facing a communal courtyard.

Modern Japanese house tucks in three leafy courtyards

The compact house dedicates a significant portion of the site to indoor courtyards that make the home feel like it’s part of a mini arboretum.

Japanese architect redefines ‘open plan’ with daring narrow house

Instead of expanding outwards, Japanese architect Katsutoshi Sasaki designed his personal residence in to stretch upwards.

This house in Tokyo brings the street inside—literally

The couple for whom this home was built wanted a space that would diminish the boundaries between their public and private lives.

Japanese mountain tunnel becomes art in spectacular architectural installation

MAD renovated the tunnel for the 2018 Echigo-Tsumari Triennale art festival, turning it into a series of eye-catching lookouts and installations that are in and of themselves pieces of art.

Spacious Tokyo home rises on narrow site

From the street, the house appears as a sliver of wood sandwiched between two other homes. But follow a stone walkway, and the house begins to twist at subtle angles, curving into a slim L shape.

World’s most Instagrammable art exhibition just opened in Tokyo

The museum is exhibiting 50 hyper-colored digital works, which immerse visitors in wild and whimsical worlds that respond to touch, sound, and movement.

Tokyo’s iconic Hotel Okura to reopen in 2019 after renovations

The iconic Hotel Okura, whose renovations were met with at outcry from the architecture and design community, will reopen in September 2019.

Cool Japanese house is half home, half greenhouse

The two-story glass and wood solarium jutting off the back of the house helps keep the owner’s plants alive.

Look inside Japan’s new Hello Kitty bullet train

This week, the West Japan Railway Co. is rolling out a new Hello Kitty-themed bullet train that will speed through Japan at up to 200 mph.

Studio Ghibli, maker of ‘Spirited Away’, reveals plans for amusement park

Studio Ghibli, the Japanese animation studio best known for films like Spirited Away and My Neighbor Totoro, just released renderings of its new theme park slated to open in 2022.

Modern Japanese lake house comes with a twist

The timber house is outfitted with platforms that totally upend the idea of how a home should be structured.

This Tokyo apartment building is a concrete jungle

Designed by Akihisa Hirata, Tree-ness House rises on a narrow site in Tokyo’s Otsuka district, reaching upward and outward toward by way of protruding volumes, staircases, and terraces.