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Las Vegas

Las Vegas now

In the wake of a housing crisis and a wave of urban experimentation, a changed Las Vegas is emerging.

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A public art tour of Las Vegas

Greater Las Vegas grew thanks to highways, and those desert roads have shaped its public art aesthetic. This map is a Vegas public art loop.


Keeping Las Vegas moving

Las Vegas moves the equivalent of a Super Bowl’s worth of people every weekend into and out of the 4.2 mile-long Strip. For most of its existence, Vegas’s transportation infrastructure simply struggled to keep up. But as the city continues to grow, it has had to change its ways.

Starchitecture in Sin City

Works by globally renowned architects—you know, starchitects—might seem to fit in well with Vegas’s need for novelty, but starchitecture has been closed, dismantled, or just generally dwarfed by Vegas’s endless construction. Can high-profile architecture survive in Las Vegas?

A new approach to housing Las Vegas’s homeless

In the last few years, Las Vegas has consistently ranked in the top 10 among large U.S. cities in per-capita homelessness rates. City officials are turning to creative solutions.

Las Vegas goes green

In the sprawling, fast-growing desert city of Las Vegas, where a dancing water fountain is a big tourist draw, "green" is more suggestive of dollar bills than of a governing philosophy. But the city known for excess is learning to manage its resources.

Las Vegas now powers all government buildings with renewable energy

When it comes to Sin City, there’s at least one thing that’s now guilt-free: energy use. Las Vegas officials recently announced that 100 percent of city-run systems are powered by nearby solar farms, solar panels on city buildings, and hydroelectric generators.

Michael Jackson's Las Vegas 'Thriller Villa' Hits the Market For $9.5 Million

The King of Pop's final residence is for sale.

Is America’s Next Great Urban Park on the Las Vegas Strip?

This new four-acre greenspace, which opened in April, offers a very public symbol of a changing Sin City.

What $1,000/Month Rent Gets You Around the U.S.

Welcome to Curbed Comparisons, a column that explores what one can rent for a set dollar amount in various cities across the U.S. This week, we head to Orlando, Las Vegas, St. Louis and more to see what one grand can rent today.

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