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Living Room

What to know about keeping your living room in tiptop shape, from achievable decor tips to how and where to buy furniture.

A Pinterest-perfect sofa that's comfortable, too

On our hunt for a new sofa, my partner and I had a few requirements: It had to be comfortable enough for binge-watching (not too soft nor too firm), roomy enough for group hangs, and it had to look good.

Smart TVs 101: Everything you need to know

Unlike conventional television sets, smart TVs let users stream internet content, check social media, and more. Here are the pros and cons you need to know.

7 tips for the perfect paint job

Perhaps nothing changes the nature of a room more than a new coat of paint. But before you take up the brush or roller, check out these tips from the style makers featured in our House Calls column.

How to design the perfect living room

Living rooms are just that: The rooms where we live. "It’s where we now do everything," says Portland-based designer Lynne Parker. Here are her nine tips and tricks for making your home's most-used room the best room.

A guide to interior lighting

The owner of lighting design shop Cedar & Moss shares her foolproof tips for navigating the lighting market to find the perfect fixtures for any space.

What's wrong with putting a TV above the fireplace?

The "TV over fireplace" move is everywhere, yet plenty of people are quick to denounce it.