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Minimalist lofts built atop converted button factory

The adaptive reuse project merges housing with renovated artist studios.

Luxe London apartment is a feast for the eyes

The two-story penthouse shows off a gorgeous, eclectic style that feels traditional and modern at once.

Minimalist backyard addition is an ode to neutrals

The space is swathed in pale oak and bookended by walls of white-washed brick, giving it a meditative effect.

Sleek London building is a marvel of modern masonry

The Interlock, a new mixed-use building in London, features a facade of 5,000 precision-designed bricks.

’70s Brutalist office building now home of the Standard hotel in London

Not every Brutalist gem gets a happy ending, but the Camden Town Hall Annexe in Kings Cross London is a pleasant exception.

London Underground’s iconic seating textiles get a modern makeover

Textile studio Kirkby Design reimagined seven classic prints from the London Underground’s seating history.

Not in my bat’s yard

By turning community spaces into habitats for a protected species, bat boxes throw a wrench—arguably a small one—into the development process.

London Underground will harness waste heat to warm homes

The city just announced that it would begin harnessing waste heat from its Northern line to warm up offices, community centers, and homes in the borough of Islington.

Designer proposes modern rolling bridge cranked by hand

Cranks on one side of the river turns the bridge on rails, creating a clever mechanical system that doesn’t need motors or electricity to move.

Come for the pizza, stay for the ’gram at this pink Formica eatery

Humble Pizza is modeled after London’s Formica cafes of the 1950s.

Rocky Serpentine Pavilion by Junya Ishigami set to open in London

The billowing rock canopy has been brought to life—albeit with a few fabrication concessions along the way.

London’s ‘Color Palace’ is the jolt of energy architecture needs

The installation celebrates vibrant Nigerian textiles and experimental engineering.

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The 21 best things to do in London if you love design

After you’ve visited Tower Bridge and ogled Big Ben, here are the less obvious architecture and design hotspots you shouldn’t miss.

2019 Serpentine Pavilion designer is Junya Ishigami

Ishigami’s vision is a dark sloping canopy, like a "hill made out of rocks."

London’s famed Brutalist parking garage to be demolished

Welbeck Car Park is the next Brutalist gem to go.

All-black home addition hides playful shapes and colors

The small structure, which includes a bathroom, kitchen, and storage, is a perfect little cube of a space, dressed up with fun geometries and colors.

‘Co-living’ in an abandoned mall? This startup is making it happen

Vivahouse wants to create affordable housing stock by building modular prefab rooms that can be rapidly installed inside another building.

Sculptural steel home built into a 19th-century railway bridge wants $1.4M

This billowing three story home is built under a London viaduct and uses steel to protect from exterior noise.

Frida Escobedo’s Serpentine Pavilion is a subtle exploration of time and space

With lattice walls made of dark cement roof tiles, the structure seems almost hermetic from a distance. Once inside, the clever use of light, water, and angles reveals a dynamic architectural experience.

Cool Tetris-style apartment complex pops up in London

Not your average new build

Here’s where Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will live

The royal couple has been living in a small cottage at Kensington Palace, but they’re reportedly eyeing bigger digs for married life.

Whimsical school design blends nature with learning

Recess takes on a whole new meaning in this school outside of London.

Catch a whiff of polluted cities in these geodesic domes

In Pollution Pods, artist Michael Pinksy recreated the atmospheres of five cities and encapsulated them in transparent pods in the courtyard of London’s Somerset House.

Creative coliving from London designers recreates a ‘city in a building’

The sibling duo Noiascape believes artful design can elevate urban living

Christo’s newest floating sculpture is now under construction in London

Called The Mastaba, the piece will be built from 7,506 multi-colored barrels stacked into a massive trapezoidal pyramid.

Impeccably restored Georgian townhouse wants $2M in London

All the paints were hand-mixed by historical paint expert Pedro da Costa Felgueiras, who also oversaw the home’s restoration and interior design.

Colorful mobile kitchen pops up for refugees in London

The entire setup is bookended by a pair of rolling carts, which hold basic tools for preparing, cooking, and cleaning up the meals.

Kind soul creates tiny hedgehog crossings all over London

Michel Birkenwald drills passages through walls and makes other urban adjustments to make life easier for hedgehogs.

Skinny house just 91 inches across asks $1.4M

In 2013, local firm Alma-Nac added an extra room to each floor and increased the livable area by more than a third to 1,058 square feet.

205-square-foot micro apartment contains everything you need

The tiny flat includes all the amenities one would require, including a kitchen, bathroom, and sleeping loft, as well as extras like a lounge area and ample storage.

Victorian townhouse renovation opens dining room to the garden

The redesign from London-based firm LLI Design also added back a number of period-appropriate elements.

Here’s what that new U.S. embassy in London looks like

The 12-story transparent glass cube was designed by Philadelphia-based firm KieranTimberlake.

Cool London extension was designed for enjoying rainy weather

The "Sun Rain Room," a project 12 years in the making, is the perfect place to reflect.

Francis Kéré’s Serpentine Pavilion heading to Malaysia

The tree-inspired structure will soon be permanently installed in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Tiny cork-covered studio makes a perfect backyard escape

Cork Study is a 140-square-foot structure built as a shared workspace for a musician and a seamstress in north London.

Victorian house gets a touch of whimsy with triangular extension

The 269-square-foot space may boast an unconventional shape, but the configuration was borne out of necessity.

London mayor wants to ban new parking construction

The next phase in Sadiq Khan’s plans to revamp transport and cut reliance on cars.

Fantastical London townhouse is nautical meets postmodern

Described as a "mystery vessel," the home is filled with nautical references from its prow-like curved facade to a glassy crow’s nest.

London’s iconic buses now running on coffee

A startup has supplied the buses with a coffee-based biofuel made from discarded grounds.