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$55 million California mansion is perversely incredible

To say that this place is gilded is putting it lightly.

Could Very Big Houses be the new Tiny Homes?

A new trend is sweeping the nation.

China’s most expensive home costs $154 million

If you’re paying that much for a house, you better believe it comes with a mist-covered pond.

This Maryland mansion is just too much

Take it easy, this mansion.

Legendary Cannes Chateau on Market For the First Time in 56 Years

Besides movie stars and luxurious hotels, Cannes also has an incredible chateau fresh on the market—and it may be one of the greatest properties ever on offer in the French Riviera.

Surprise: Texas' Least Sellable Mansion Has Still Not Sold

It has not lowered its $3.5 million asking price.

Queen Elizabeth's Grandparents' House Is on the Market For £30 Million

It's what you might expect from a place formerly owned by the Earl and Countess of Strathmore.

There Is Quite a Lot of Stone in This $2.4M Colorado Mansion

What's the most stone you've ever seen on the inside of a mansion? This house is probably now up there.

Deion Sanders' Former Mansion Asks $12.75M, Includes Indoor Football Field

It's the ultimate athlete mansion with an entertainment wing that includes a bowling alley, theater, pool table, actual pool, basketball court, sauna, barber shop, and indoor football field

This Incredibly Fun Oregon Mansion Has a Helipad and a Very Strange Garage

The house is on the market for $10.5 million, for the rustic, log cabin-loving, helicopter-owning millionaire.

Please Do Not Spill Wine in This Extremely White Colorado Mansion

It's on the market for $3.35 million

Okay, What Is This Room?

It appears to be some sort dancing...area

Check Out the Chandeliers in This $3.4M Virginia Mansion

It used to be a Female Orphan Asylum