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Presenting the Top 5 Curbed Ski Maps of 2014

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Well Curbediverse, 2014 is coming to a close and what a year it's been. Let's take a trip down memory lane and look at the top five maps from the year. Sure, we're constantly updating our map of the 38 Essential Ski Town Hotels, and in the process of cultivating the ultimate dining guide maps for ski towns everywhere, but what else did we map out in good ol' 2-0-1-4? From where to get the best Bloody Mary to where to take a swim in ski country, our best maps will have you livin' the ski life in no time.

5. Lakes to Hot Springs: Mapping Where to Swim in Ski Towns
No matter the season, swimming is always a welcome addition to a ski country vacation. In the summer, a high-alpine lake will have you grinning ear to ear and in the winter, nothing caps off a top-ten ski day like a soak in a natural hot springs. We rounded up 17 gorgeous places to swim, over here.

4. Hangover Helper: The Best Ski Town Bloody Mary's
Bloody Mary's are the ultimate hair-of-the-dog beverage after a late night at altitude, so Curbed Ski knew that this story would be big. Whether it's Dusty's Bar and BBQ in Whistler or a delicious concoction at Sun Valley's River Run Day Lodge, this list has you covered.

Photo from Montanya Distillers

3. UPDATED: The Best Ski Town Distilleries, June '14
It's no wonder that the Curbed Ski readership likes to drink; skiing and boozing go together like milk and cookies. But every time we update our Best Ski Town Distillery list, it goes viral. There must be something magical about perfectly crafted whiskeys, rums, and vodka at 9,000 feet. Or maybe it just helps take the burn out of your legs after a powder day. Either way, head over here for the full lineup.

The view from Donner Ski Ranch; photo by Ludio

2. Mapping the 12 Best Community Ski Hills in the West
Everyone knows the Vails and the Whistlers of the world, but let's be honest, there are millions of skiers who spend more time on their local ski hill than they ever will on a $129 per-day mountain. That's why our first-ever map of the Best Community Ski Hills in the West is so important; it brings attention to the breeder ski areas that are integral to the survival and success of skiing.

Photo from Kochevars Saloon

1. Hey Ski Bums, Here Are the 29 Best Dive Bars in Ski Country
Thousands upon thousands of Curbed Ski readers tuned in to discover our map of the 29 Best Dive Bars in Ski Country, making it our number one map of 2014. Don't expect furs and valet service at these establishments, but if shot skis, PBRs, and a helluva good time is what you're looking for, look no further than these high-altitude dives.

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