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Micro Apartments

Micro apartment design shape-shifts to maximize space

The 192-square-foot living room arrangement centers around a set of furniture that folds, shifts, slides, and hides.

Sleek apartment makes stellar use of 320 square feet

A square footage of 320 doesn’t go far in an apartment. Yet, this tiny home in Budapest feels like it has distinct zones thanks to some simple space dividing tricks.

355-square-foot apartment maximizes limited urban space

Thought it may look small, the apartment manages to pack in a lot over three levels.

258-square-foot micro apartment is fashioned like a hotel

Because the owner only uses the flat to sleep, Casa 100 designed the home to be more like a hotel.

Stylish studio apartment measures just 186 square feet

Kiev-based Fateeva Design has transformed a tiny flat into a studio apartment for a student living in Odessa, Ukraine.

This tiny apartment was designed for two people, 51 cats

Chinese firm FANAF Architects transformed the 330-square-foot living space for a reality TV show.

Micro apartment for family of 3 doubles as ceramics gallery

Design firm Sim-plex turned the 324-square-foot space into an efficient home with plenty of built-ins.

161-square-foot micro apartment accommodates everything you need

Designed by local architect and designer Elie Metni and his team, the aptly named Shoe Box apartment measures just 161 square feet.

Paris micro apartment squeezes it all into 290 square feet

The efficient space is divided into three zones by way of large birchwood furniture units that integrate a variety of functions.

205-square-foot micro apartment contains everything you need

The tiny flat includes all the amenities one would require, including a kitchen, bathroom, and sleeping loft, as well as extras like a lounge area and ample storage.

Micro housing concept imagines reconfigurable rooms  

MVRDV’s (W)ego, just installed at Dutch Design Week, is an experiment in the future of urban housing.

Prefab micro apartment occupies the space of a single parking spot

Tikku is a bare-bones sustainable building constructed from cross-laminated timber (CLT) "spatial modules" that can be erected overnight.

The tiny cabin goes high design in new micro housing concept

New York design studio Bureau V and MINI LIVING’s Urban Cabin program team up on a concept cabin.

This 100-square-foot apartment is absurdly small—but somehow still works

This micro apartment in Stockholm proves that anything is possible—and that big city real estate is bananas.

Tiny apartment gets efficient, airy makeover

Once cramped with little room for relaxation, this compact pad in Taiwan now has plenty of space for living and storage.

Efficient tiny apartment follows Japanese organization method

The micro flat incorporates streamlined joinery, sliding partitions, overhead storage, deep shelving, and other space-saving techniques to create a home where everything is in its right place.

This 236-square-foot apartment comes packed with storage solutions

Designed as a short-term rental, this tiny apartment in Sydney, Australia is both stylish and functional.

Apartment conversion features sleek space-saving modules

Essentially a white container, each apartment features high ceilings and large windows that allow for the implementation of built-in units like in-wall cabinets and the afore-mentioned modules.

KonMari’d out? ‘Goodbye, Things’ is your next decluttering challenge

Fumio Sasaki, who downsized to 150 items in 215 square feet, argues for radical minimalism in his book, "Goodbye Things."

This 355-square-foot Stockholm studio has it all

Working within a compact space doesn’t mean sacrificing comfort or style. You can still have a stainless steel kitchen with an oversized exhaust hood, marble countertops, farmhouse sink, subway tiles, and, most importantly, that Smeg refrigerator of your dreams.

Clever 3-in-1 apartment offers offers flexible, affordable housing

The architects took an L-shaped 1,184-square-foot apartment in Budapest and placed the entrance at the center of the space in order to create a common access point for all three studios, which are each configured differently.

7 ‘apartment-in-a-box’ designs for tiny spaces

As micro apartments become ever more prevalent in cities around the world, architects and designers seem to have grasped firmly onto one idea: the "all-in-one" furniture solution that combines multiple functions into one module.

All-in-one furniture cube is perfect for micro apartments

Called Kammerspiel, the wooden unit is a "room-within-a-room" that incorporates many elements of a traditional apartment into a compact space in order to open up the rest of the home.

25-square-foot ‘pod’ dwellings in high demand in Hong Kong 

Renting for roughly $400-$650 a month, the first 10 pods were snatched up in just 15 days. And there are plans for 1,000 more.

Tiny house zoning regulations: What you need to know

Zoning regulations for tiny houses vary widely depending on the location, so we went to the experts to find out where it’s actually feasible to build the tiny house of your dreams and what you need to know before you do.

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Tiny living 101: Tips for tiny homes and micro apartments

140-square-foot studio fits all your essentials

The installation integrates furniture and storage elements into its design in order to maximize livable space.

Flexible micro studio transitions from office to home

The 388-square-feet studio comprises a versatile live and work space that includes a living room, work station, small kitchen, meeting area—and best of all, a secret hiding spot.

11 of the best micro apartments from around the world

All of the homes clock in under 500 square feet, with one going as dangerously small as 86 square feet.

Inside an architect’s own renovated modular studio apartment

Florence and Milan-based architect Silvia Allori has transformed a compact 1970s studio apartment into a versatile and modular home and office for herself. Using a white laminate to cover all of the walls, Allori used a strict modular structure to organize the main living area.

All-in-one storage unit creates cozy nook in adorable Australia flat

The renovation of this 388-square-foot studio apartment involved carving out dining and living areas by using multi-purpose furniture.

New robotic furniture system transforms tiny apartments

Today, designer Yves Behar of fuseproject and the MIT Media Lab unveiled Ori, a new line of furniture solutions that lets you transform a studio space into a full apartment with the push of a button. Architectural robotics, y’all.

Before & After: Drab tiny apartment becomes chic, efficient home

As urban apartments get smaller and smaller, efficient and attractive interior design can make all the difference. Check out, for example, this 236-square-foot pad in Taipei, Taiwan, which recently went through an impressive transformation.

Tiny Attic Studio Gets Efficient, Modern Revamp

This recent renovation project in Paris shows how a few simple ideas can dramatically reshape a cramped space for efficient, small living. There are a few transforming elements, of course.

86-Square-Foot Storage Closet Transformed Into Livable Paris Flat

Clocking in at just 8 square meters (that's a teeny 86 square feet), this Paris apartment, renovated by local firm Kitoko Studio, was once a bleak storage closet, and contained just a small sink and a single window.

3 Tiny Apartment Tips From A Colorful Paris Attic Studio

Ah, another day, another brilliant tiny pad from Paris. This one, featuring a design inspired by Gene Kelly's apartment in An American in Paris (1951), has a few easy takeaways we can all use.

High-Tech Millennial Lifestyle Inspires Micro Apartment Boom

A new generation of tech millennials values location over square footage, and housing unit sizes are shrinking across the country

Could Micro Dorms Be the New Norm?

One Canadian university is going to try it out

Prefab Module Makes Teeny Loft Living a Thing

A clever, space-saving design solution presents an alternative for escalating cost-of-living in San Francisco.