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This simple prefab library was built in seven days

The project, headed up by Dot Architects, is part of the WikiHouse open source architecture platform, which makes building plans available to the public to download for free.

‘Co-living’ in an abandoned mall? This startup is making it happen

Vivahouse wants to create affordable housing stock by building modular prefab rooms that can be rapidly installed inside another building.

Yves Béhar debuts a line of prefab homes

The line of customizable homes is designed to alleviate urban housing shortages and take advantage of California’s encouragement of accessory dwelling units (ADUs).

5 cool prefab homes you can order right now

They come in all shapes and sizes and show just how sophisticated the prefab house has become.

These tiny prefab cabins let you live anywhere in the world

The cabins are aimed at "urban nomads," an upwardly mobile, city-hopping young professional whose concept of home has spurred a movement of flexible, stylish, hotel-like living arrangements.

Amazon invests in prefab startup focused on smart home tech

Could this investment in California-based Plant Prefab be a new avenue for Alexa expansion?

Striking prefab restaurant built entirely from bamboo

This restaurant in Dong Hoi, Vietnam, features a soaring vaulted ceiling reminiscent of an ornate cathedral.

These tiny prefab cabins are the definition of sleek Scandinavian style

The cabins, which range from a 161-square-foot studio to a 430-square-foot, two-bedroom house, can be tweaked to include specific features like a sauna or bespoke furniture.

Modern prefab house was constructed in a month

The 2,200-square-foot house, designed as a beacon of environmental friendliness, was built entirely from recyclable materials.

Drop this dreamy prefab cabin wherever you like

The Mono is a 106-square-foot structure that has enough room for a bed, sofa, and desk.

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How to build a prefab smart home from scratch

In the debut episode of our new video series chronicling the buildout of a prefab smart home, we visit a prefab factory in Austin, Texas, to see where it all begins.

New prefab home can be yours for under $100K

This new accessory dwelling unit from LivingHomes can act as a spare room in the backyard—or stand on its own as a tiny home.

Prefab modern lake house is powered by the sun

From the outside, House MW has the markings of a pared back modern farmhouse. On the inside, it looks like a sleek Scandinavian getaway.

This modular prefab home is powered by the sun

Petit Place is a kit of wooden elements that can assemble into a massive variety of sizes ranging from 270 square feet to 10,000 square feet.

Prefab cabin comes with a deck almost as big as the house

Who says you need a big house to live the indoor-outdoor dream?

Bright red prefab home could pass for a modern barn

Two prefab modules have parts of their mass subtracted to create a double-height entryway and covered terrace.

This prefab cabin was helicoptered into place

Dubldom reengineered one of its standard modules so it could be constructed in the difficult mountain terrain.

Tiny prefab cabin makes indoor-outdoor living a breeze

The tiny cabin measures only 194 square feet, but features an efficient and flexible interior that includes a small kitchen, two sleeping lofts and a seating area that doubles as a bed, and a bathroom.

Startup enlists famous architects to design affordable(ish) urban prefabs

Cube Haus has tapped design firms like David Adjaye Associates and Carl Turner Architects to design modular homes that can be manufactured offsite with materials like cross-laminated timber.

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Node delivers modern, sustainable, modular prefab homes

These prefabs can stay small—or expand as needed

5 cool off-grid prefabs to celebrate this Earth Day

Whether designed to resemble cabins or mirrored to disappear into the landscape, these eco-friendly dwellings are sure to offer something for everyone.

Modern chalet is built from a bunch of tiny prefab modules

The modular Revier Mountain Lodge features 96 room, which have been stacked on top of each other like blocks.

Prefab tiny cabin is built for retreating to nature

The original Artist Bothy proved to be so popular that the founders are now selling the spare, off-grid shelter to the public for around $55,000 each. cs

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1950 Lustron house finds preservationist owner

This prefab steel home from 1950 found a new owner with deep Detroit roots and a preservation background.

Tiny prefab mobile home was built from salvaged materials

Salvaged materials like plywood, as well as corrugated fiberglass and steel, and locally grown unseasoned timber kept construction costs low.

Prefab houseboat design can be customized, assembled in two days 

Modul Go is a construction kit-inspired floating home concept designed to be ultra customizable.

Mirrored prefab cabins create a scenic modern hotel

A selfie-worthy hotel uses mirrored glass to achieve a timeless optical illusion.

Mirrored off-grid prefab can be a tiny home, office, or sauna

Prototype construction is already underway and the design is expected to go on sale in 2019.

These prefab solar- and wind-powered tiny dwellings are ready to order 

Slovakian company Ecocapsule is finally starting to deliver on its first finished units.

Modern prefab home is all steel and wood

The sleek structure was constructed in a workshop and assembled on site.

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Palm Springs is building a new park for pioneering prefab Aluminaire House

The house is considered one of the "the pivotal works of modern architecture in America."

Prefab floating hotel offers private minimalist retreat

The slatted screens not only mimic the form of surrounding reeds and water grasses, but also provide a sense of privacy for guests.

5 most impressive prefab homes from 2017 

From a dwelling designed by algorithms to a pop-out house, here are five standout designs that show what prefab can do in 2017.

Minimal prefab home was assembled in just 5 hours

The modern home features a facade of wood slats, recessed windows, and a floating staircase.

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Live in a 1950 Lustron steel home, yours for $120K

This Oak Park two bedroom, prefab Lustron steel home is being sold for the first time.

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Tiny prefab home company Kasita moves beyond Austin

Homegrown designer of high-tech, high-design units to expand sales to California and Nevada

Tiny prefab ‘A-frame’ home sets up in 6 hours

Designed by Italian architect Renato Vidal, the versatile M.A.DI. house can be used for residential, hospitality, and disaster-relief purposes and is highly customizable.


These energy-efficient prefab homes withstand the toughest storms

Deltec has built over 5,000 resilient homes in areas hit by some of history’s strongest storms

This prefab home for the homeless was designed by architecture students

First-year graduate students at the Yale School of Architecture are tasked with designing and building a home for the homeless in New Haven.